Spirit or Belief System Map

The East West Healing Arts Center clinic, located in Oakland, California, and in Talent, Oregon (between Medford and Ashland) is the originator of MindMapping® BioImaging® which provides you with an objective evaluation of your deep Belief systems, your "deep face", that subconsciously constructs your reality and creates your fundamental MindTraps®. We provide excellent natural medical care and nutrition counseling & coaching. Contact us by phone to find out more at 541-535-4325 or email us.

Every culture has explored the expressiveness of "face" and the overt and covert "masks" we wear to attempt to send the signal we wish to send--no matter the reality within us. The Mind-Map of your Spiritual Mask (or toxic Belief System), Maps out the unique way your very "being" was damaged as part of a botched self-programming effort you made in order to "get through" a difficult traumatic event. The event is over but the mask stays on. Every adult we have tested has it least three dysfunctional beliefs that alter their experience of reality at a basic "being" or ontological level. These masks keep us at a remove from others and the present. They leave us lacking the power of authenticity. We literally cannot "be here now" because we are peering out through an old mask, an old reaction--and we can't take it off. These masks live our life for us while we hide behind them. The BioImaging® process includes a MindMap® of this primal "operating system" that underlies all other psychology. The SpiritMap® is a complex 10 dimensional Map. To undertake a Spirit Journey and remove the masks, live in authenticity, is a difficult undertaking, made possible with the SpiritMap®.

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The SpiritMap® is also called the Belief System Map. The Spirit Map provides landmarks to help you take your deepest inner journey to correct or reprogram your "reality" map of dysfunctional beliefs you self-programmed during times of crisis. It maps the emotions, thoughts and energetic's of key internal "places" or "states of mind-body" that you repetitively re-boot, like a record stuck in a groove. You have experienced these states countless times, usually without realizing their importance. Every adult we have tested has chronologically accumulated at least three dysfunctional SpiritMaps®:

1) an acceptance of an "essential wrongness to our very being" belief, a psychological "original sin"

2) an "unworthiness" or "I'm not good enough" belief

3) "I am really alone, not really a part of the group" belief

Although the basic infrastructure to our crisis beliefs is the same the all important details we Map are unique to you.

Why is the SpiritMap® a critically important aid in dismantling your dysfunctional Belief System? What role does the Spirit or Belief System have? How do I experience it? The following section tries to point how the Spirit or Belief System lives inside us.

The Spirit or Belief System hides under a rock, unnoticed and yet like a puppet master, controlling most of the big choices and posturing you perform in life. Because it was installed as an emergency program to cover up what we think of as an unacceptable failing of our very being, it is the mask that we most want preserved and unquestioned, even though it costs us the most important parts of our life. Not everyone is willing or capable of reprogramming this dysfunctional system. In the same way not everyone is willing or capable of going on safari, even with a treasure map and guide.

The Spirit or Belief System is a sequence of habitual thoughts, feelings, energies acting as a belief about what is real, true and important. It will choose your job, and your mates. You won't, your dysfunctional program will. Which means your job and your mate will be perfect for you and a perfect place to begin your journey. The Spirit or Belief and the Chakra System programming are often both at the core of an original attraction to another person and the core for what will keep you apart. They define the dance of approach and avoidance most couples will continue unresolved until they die.

At times, maintaining your dysfunctionalSpirit or Belief System may occur as more important than anything--than your job, your mate, and it will attempt to self-sabotage you and sacrifice either one to survive if the beliefs exposure is threatened. We make a firm contract on the front-end not to take any such precipitous action--it is just the dysfunctional program creating drama.

The Spirit or Belief System Map defines your wins and your losses. It defines what seems worth fighting for. It defines what you most valued, what you could not BE, at the time of the crisis re-programming job you did on yourself. Given that most people can't even program their VCR, getting complex self programming right is a lot to ask of kids, especially during an emergency.

The pattern of the Spirit or Belief is what we made up on-the-spot to comfort ourselves when in a childhood event we perceived ourselves as BEing a failure. Not that our action was a failure but that we ourselves, as a BEing, failed. This is an ontological dilemma that forces us to quickly erect a story to rationalize our failure and to bury it. The Spirit or Belief Systems sequence of familiar thoughts is insulation from this self-judgment as a fundamental failure of BEing.

Since we already long ago acceded defeat about our essential worth, goodness, or acceptability as a naked being, the Spirit or Belief System strives to win a consolation prize. So it chooses the mountains you climb or don't climb, the spouse you court or lose, the money you make or don't make. The Spirit or Belief System dresses you up, conflating you to a pretend person who you hope will be worth more than you are yourself. It is like the stronger, better, iconic super-self, the alter-ego that people create in on-line computer gaming to win battles. And although it might be a workaholic powerhouse, it is just as two-dimensional and as predictable as any super-hero.

Spirit or Belief System Map is what you do to try to win, though the mask you take on steals the "juice" of the win. It puts you on a "treadmill of trying" and you get very little lasting internal satisfaction from the successes your super-hero persona brings. It spreads a subtle depressive pall on your joys and robs the ability to feel contented and satisfied for more than an ephemeral moment.

Within your mind you go habitually go through your particular Spirit or Belief System sequence of thoughts and feelings and energetic qualities, especially whenever you are challenged. Although you pass through these ways of being countless times, this sequence is "stealth technology", it is barely noticeable. Even though the thoughts are fundamentally quite odd and disempowering, you will excuse them as "just the way I am". These odd thoughts are unquestionably accepted as truth, as the way things really are. The sequence feels like such an obvious truth it goes unremarked, it is unquestioned. We don't dare question it. We don't want to question it and we resent someone pointing out the pattern, responding with some version of, "That is just the way I am and that is just the way life is, and you can keep your crazy opinions to yourself."

The Spirit or Belief System Map is an ontological necessity. A necessary state of being. Even though everyone's obvious "truth" is different and contradictory. My way is the truth and "how about those Yankees anyway"...we will change the subject if someone persists in trying to examine our spirit map. We will divert ourselves from the difficult path of tracing our deep malprogramming. The malprogramming has a built-in defense system that protects it.

Most of the "growth work" that well-meaning people do and therapist lead will step over this "elephant in the living room" and avoid the big but so elusive problem. Trying to uproot the sequence is such an odd thought that it is like catching a greased pig and "I suddenly feel hungry" or "sleepy" or a million other things suddenly seem more important to do instead.

The belief defense system is the central mind game that great meditators relentlessly run to ground. These rare people are amazing because they don't even have a Spirit or Belief System Map to act as a map of the internal landscape so they must discern the shape of the pattern themselves.

If you progress to the point where you are really making progress to de-program, the Spirit or Belief System will hide. Or it will make itself too precious and important to give up. It will create a distracting emergency and drama to distract you from your goal. WIthout the Spirit or Belief System Map sequence overtly laid out in advance, your idiosyncratic personal and precious ways of being and seeing the world would divert you endlessly. For most of the billions of people in the world the thought of truly new path outside this belief system is never considered. The sequence itself is hard to grasp, it is elusive. When you notice a bit of this underlying operating system and try to remember it it runs through your hands like shards of a retreating dream. It is the core illusion layer of several layers of illusion that the Buddha spoke of.

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So far I have described how the mighty Spirit or Belief System occurs internally and how it effects our lives by exerting a powerful yet subtle control over our being. Now we consider the advantages the Spirit or Belief System Map can give us in reprogramming ourselves for an empowered life, Living Stronger and Living Longer.

Every hidden mystery we love has maps and clues that many of us love to unravel. When the mystery lies within us, is us, it is far harder to pursue. Yet the treasure is the ultimate treasure: The possibility of a remarkable and fulfilled life lived to its fullest breadth that makes a huge positive difference in the world.

Maps mark the treasure with an X and hint at the traps laid to capture the unwary. Spirit or Belief System Map serves the same function. In the movie the Da Vinci Code or in Raiders of the Last Arc there is a search for the Holy Grail followed an ancient story formula. It is a story typical of the rules of alchemical transformation embedded in our heritage of myths and epics from Ovid and earlier and from our childhood in fairy tales.

Indiana Jones' map was a visual map and a verbal riddle. He had to engage his mind to puzzle out the riddles. He had to draw upon his courage to challenge the perilous traps. He had to take a leap of faith and defy what his senses told him when he walked out from the ledge onto what seemed thin air. When he had met all these challenges he had to face the ultimate one. At last he made it to the room full of gem encrusted chalices, but which was the Holy Grail? To choose wrongly would be to choose death.

To choose rightly Indiana had to listen to his true heart, let his inner self guide his choice amid diverting temptations of wealth, immortality, and surface beauty. His inner self had to be his authentic self, not the masks of social convention or his inner demons. He had to make a deep decision congruent with his heart's wisdom to choose aright. He had to find his soul amid chaotic inner and outer pressures. To arrive at the room of life and death choices he had to meticulously follow the instructions to stay on the Path. Once in the room he had to find the power within him to make the right choice. The pure knight, the guardian of the Holy Grail, was the reflection of his own pure heart within.

The Spirit or Belief System Map covers some of the same critical ontological territory. Perhaps it IS part of the Holy Grail quest still alive today. Because to experience ourselves and life as it authentically is, is a sacred path. This clarity of being and perception without projections is clearly the Buddhist goal, the Taoist Way, the Hermeneutic path within Christianity, or in Judaism in the Cabbala. Whether or not this "religious" component is metaphorically true or not the Spirit or Belief System is map central to the philosophical and psychological search into the nature of Mind.

A map is not the territory. It is while you are in the territory described by the map that the opportunities for growth occur. Growth occurs by the deep decision to give things up: by expressing, recognizing what is being expressed, by accepting and unconditionally loving yourself while full faced in the uncompromising light of the truth.

There are two helpers on your spirit journey. The first is the outfitter and map maker. You leave the outfitter with the right equipment, the right allies to challenge your journey. You leave the map maker with the understandings and distinctions so as to be able to recognize dragons for what they are and to recognize the Sirens seductive songs for what they are. From there you may want to hire a guide familiar with the territory. Ideally, you want a guide who can read the map and use the allies you have provided yourself with.

The Spirit or Belief System Map is your own map and riddle for uncovering your spirit. Your own Self leaves the energetic tracings of the map that we key in on in our biofeedback testing process. The problems and the answers are all within you. We merely convert it into a visual form as a Spirit or Belief System Map.

To undertake your journey you must prepare yourself, gird yourself with allies to face the challenges. There are seven landmarks. Knowing one landmark in particular, the Healing Places (three empowering ways of being), is key. Knowing this direction through good times and bad is your most important ally. This is your personal place of heart, of deep choice. The Healing Places are the North Star to enable you to find your way in the darkness. This landmark allows you to steer towards the place of healing no matter the obstacles that you face, no matter the urgent diversions tempting you from your Path. Just as in meditation we lose focus and attention only to bring ourselves back again, so follow the Healing Place back to your Inner Self.

The other six landmarks provide the lessons needed for growth. The distinctions of the specific cyclical thoughts and feelings are the "landmark" the Map points out. These distinctions are one type of ally for your journey. The landmarks identify the masks that hide our inner Self. They are masks that the person on the spiritual quest will need to give up. It may appear that to give up these things is hard, painful,or unnecessary. These wounds will seem precious. But it is actually these illusions that create our wheel of suffering. These masks come in both positive and negative guises. One could "fight the negative ones" and call these painful places "enemies" and the "defenses of the enemy". But this oppositional dualistic (pardon the pun) approach that attempts to distance you from your previously chosen ways of being, your own masks, just strengthens them. To let go of our seemingly positive masks (ways of being that work in the world to a degree even though you are not really authentic when you wear the mask) is to take a leap of faith. After the attachment to these fixed ways of being has been released, then these can be used flexibly as learned skills in an unattached way.

Letting go of our masks is analogous to the difficulty we as humans often have admitting our own wrong-doings and giving forgiveness to those who trespass on us. It seems so difficult. Affirming that acceptance of what actually is, of what happened, while releasing our attachment to our interpretation of what it means, is the most direct route for spiritual level change. This unconditional love, acceptance, and forgiveness are your second type of powerful allies.

We will outfit you with acupuncture points, stimulated by magnets, and flower remedies to assist you in removing an illusory mask and to drain out the entrapped emotional field energetics. These are your third type of ally. Other interventions, i.e. somatics, breath, etc. can also be added. With each cycle through the masks you can discharge the entrapped, thus toxic, emotional field energetics. A vicious looming dragon of anger, grief, lovelessness, or depression can be shrunken and released like air out of a tire. Eventually, the power of the masks is drained. What is left is an empty shell of somatic and thought habits that have no force other than an habitual inertia.

For each landmark we will prescribe a high potency flower remedy . These serve diagnostically to distinguish and identify the thinking that a given mask entails. They serve therapeutically to lift the patterns of thought into the clear light of expression so that a deep decision to accept it can be made. Once accepted it can be modified, detached, and released. Flower remedies also release the toxic emotional field attachment to thoughts and energetic systems that empowers the mask. These are your forth type of ally. They are powerfully persuasive but not coercive.

The fifth ally is the relationships distinguished by the map itself. The Spirit Field Map distinguishes the masks as a complex holistic interrelated pattern. Normally all aspects of the pattern might take months or years to show up. On the healing journey the more rapid progression through the different masks creates great opportunity for growth and healing in a relatively short but intense time. Indiana Jones had to solve every riddle, not just some of them, or he would fall, be spiked, crushed, etc. to death.

On the spirit journey there are two types of death. The first is the death of continuing to live a reactive (vs. responsive) life not really aware and present in the moment. This death is forgetting your way, succumbing to the habit of the masks and failing to find the life of the inner self. It is the common death. In healing, there is another kind of metaphorical death, the death of the masks, makes possible the rebirth and full expression of the life of the inner self. Each mask is like a key that fits a specific lock, a magnet that attracts a very specific metal. The spirit journey takes the traveler to each mask if they keep following the Path to the Healing Place. This gives the opportunity to accept each particular dragon in turn. If any dragon is left hiding, like a magnet it will begin to attract other components of the pattern back again one after the other. Although it is not necessary, many of us will cycle through the pattern many times at a rapid pace on our spirit journey until we have arrived at a true deep decision from the heart. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.





The first two dragons are Belief. They are fused together. They consists of two beliefs and two emotions. The spirit traveler must see these beliefs for what they are, not Truth at all. The first belief is Prior to the crisis and provides a Context for the second belief formed during, or just after, the trama. The Prior Context Belief was an experimental approach to coping with a milieu that was not yet permanent. It was this disabled way-of-being and believing that was operative when a sudden "traumatic" challenge occurred.

The second belief was taken on suddenly in reaction to this challenge. It is called a "trauma" because circumstances seemed to demand an immediate answer and the person could not provide it. It is not necessarily an overtly "traumatic event" that an outside observer would see as necessarily traumatizing. The ontological failure, the inner failure-to-be a certain seemingly necessary way gave rise to the Trauma Belief. As a secondary effect, the experimental Prior Context belief gets twisted with the Trauma belief and both are "adhered" in a way that is permanent unless a spirit journey is taken to dislodge them. These beliefs form the Axle of the wheel of suffering. Yet these beliefs are not always hideous masks. More often they are expressed in thoughts that are completely useful, yet because they are adhered to the emotional and energetic fields as FIXED patterns of REACTION, they create suffering.

The third dragon is the antithesis. It is Hell. It is the antithesis of the Healing Place and is thus called the Anti-Healing Place. This dragon takes the traveler in the polar opposite direction away from Healing Place of Possibility. This dragon is nasty to be. This dragon will deliver you to the forth dragon if you forget your Path.

The forth dragon is the Cynic, perhaps the most ugly dragon of all. It attacks and undermines your faith in your allies and encourages you to give up all Hope. It promises you the reward of feeling 'righteous' and 'better than', yet leaves you secretly feeling somehow small and petty. It whispers in your ear to attack the helpers, your spirit guide and your map maker.

The fifth dragon is Invisible. It is the absence of the light. The Absence of the Healing Place. It is Limbo. Because it is difficult to notice the absence of something it erodes possibility and sneaks away with opportunity. It is not the polar opposite of the Healing Place just a failing-to-be generating the thoughts and emotional energy to maintain connection with the true inner self behind the masks of the dragons of belief.

The six dragon is Resignation. It is a tempting comfortable old dragon, not happy mind you, but so familiar and achy, so easy to come sleep by. It is Old Man Willow's song of Death by Quitting from the Hobbit . It is the sleep of apathy and quiet despair of change, a paucity of possibility.


The Healing Place is the place to cling to in order to glimpse the inner self. It is the high tower that must be consciously and with effort ascended to see over the mountains to your original inner self. Through this tower is a trap door to two other helpful ways of being, they are the inner guidance, the redemption, to cling to to face and defeat the six dragons. The Healing Place is necessary for the work and growth that occurs in the process of the spirit journey. Yet when the dragons have been vanquished, the Healing Place is no longer a necessary height to ascend to glimpse the inner self, the traveler has found their way back home.


Most of us as adults have 3-4 disempowering belief system patterns that can be described by the Spirit Field Map process. Once the traveler has detached one pattern, usually the most recent, another, usually the previous pattern, will begin to emerge. The challenges in life will multiply because the traveler no longer takes the same tread worn way. Possibilities and unpredictability increase with each step. Enlightenment from this perspective is reclaiming the inner self of the child, yet we return to innocence with the courage, wisdom, faith and heart needed to face our many dragons.

If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.