Rosetta Stone Institute
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Tthe Rosetta Stone Insitute® (RSI), a non-profit energetic medicine research center.

Our Mission is to:

Map the Energetic Physiology of Humans.

The first Objective is to:

Understand the role of energy in natural regeneration. Develop a novel form of Electro-Acupuncture to Stimulate True Regeneration.

Our first Goals are to:

  • Identify the acupuncture's mechanism for specific action at a distance

  • Identify the relationship between acupuncture's mechanism and electrical control of regeneration
  • Find a protocol to cure type I diabetes (juvenile diabetes or insulin-dependant diabetes) by:

    • Initiating in vivo tissue regeneration in the pancreas . Facilitating true Regeneration by sending an electrical message via the innate biocurrent communication pathways and the acupuncture system.
    • Communicating with the body to detoxify,
    • Stopping the autoimmune attack on the islet insulin producing cells in the pancreas.
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Currently the Rosetta Stone Institute is operated out of the East-West Healing Arts Center® at the Grumpy Goose Farm outside of Ashland, Oregon and is affiliated with a satellite Cell Biology/Immunology laboratory in Klamath Falls, OR. We are soon to commence a capitol fundraising effort to convert an existing large structure on the property into the RSI electrophysiology lab. Once remodeled, we will have a state-of-the-art, 4000 square foot research facility. This will serve as a home for:

  • Clinical site for RSI pilot research,
  • the RSI Electrophysiology /Electroacupuncture Laboratory
  • the RSI Biophysics Research Lab
  • the Energetics Informatics Modeling Laboratory
  • and for components of the Cell Biology Lab needed for active pilot research projects


Biocurrents in the Body, Tapping into Ancient Communication Pathways

Lets spend a minute looking at acupuncture's role in literally making us shaped the way we are, one heart, two kidneys (usually), etc. Acupuncture is a critical system in our biochemistry and development from about 2 hours after conception.

Michael Levin, Ph.D., a Harvard cell biologist, has recently replicated excellent older, but ignored, research showing biocurrents (DC electrical fields and movement of charged ions) are a primary mea

ns whereby individual cells in a complex multicellular organism know whether to become a heart or a brain cell and whether to make 1 heart or 2 and whether to put it on the left or right side of the body. Thus biocurrents are critical for determining shape, symmetry and directing the whole process of morphology--of shape development.

Given that the ability to turn on or off genes is intrinsic to the process of differentiation of stem cells, and given that healing and regeneration are closely connected to the natural ability to create and differentiate adult stem cells, finally, given that the acupuncture system is, at least in part, a component of the body's biocurrent, it is not completely surprising that the Acupuncture system talks to the Genetic system.

Also see the discusion on Acupuncture Correction of Biochemical Problems