Clinic Policies and Instructions Page

General Policies

  • We have a regularly scheduled periodic clinic sessions at our Oakland, California Clinic.
  • We see clients by appointment only.
  • In Oregon call us at 541-535-4325. If you are a Bay Area patient, during our scheduled clinic periods in Oakland please call our local phone number at 510-531-4325.
  • We try to be accommodating if you have an acute problem and to be seen on short notice or need extra appointments. Please call.


Printing Out Medical Forms to FIll Out Before Your Visit

You can save time on the initial visit by printing out and filling out the required new client forms (Click here to download New Patient Intake Form - PDF) before you come in.


Timing and Cancellation Policies

  • We do charge the full cost of appointments cancelled or broken without 24 hours advance notice. We hate to do it! Please let us know if something comes up.
  • Although we attempt to be prompt in starting appointments, we give each client the time needed to do the work they need on that day. We attempt to anticipate the amount of time this will take, but this is not always predictable.
  • Sometimes a client is late and this sets our schedule back for everybody. Please try to be prompt and respect our other clients busy schedules.
  • If you have a tight schedule let us know when you arrive please let us know immediately and we will try and accommodate your needs.
  • If possible, don't schedule anything physically or emotionally demanding after a session, particularly a bodywork or acupuncture visit.
  • Give yourself a buffer of time after your session so you won't feel rushed and can incorporate the changes we induce in the session.


Special Instructions for Particular Types of Visits

  • If you are scheduled for a test to determine your Food Quantity then you will come without having eaten the target meal. If this is your first Food Quantity visit we will be testing your nutritional macronutrient needs for Breakfast. So DON'T EAT BREAKFAST in the morning before you come over. You may want to bring a snack to eat right after the test so your blood sugar stays normal. The rule is to not eat the meal we are testing and try to eat close to your previously defined Template amounts for the preceding meal. In other words, if we are testing your Lunch Template then make sure you eat according to your breakfast template. If we are testing your Dinner Template be sure and eat the correct template defined amount of food at both breakfast AND lunch so we can get an accurate result.
  • If you are coming in for a Mineral, Vitamin and Supplement Test, then discontinue all supplements (not prescription drugs) on the day of the test.
  • If you are coming in for an Herbal Formula Test please bring in all other herbs and descriptive materials about the herbs you are already taking. Do not take any herbs or supplements on the day of this test visit.
  • All Visits and Testing: If you take drugs please bring samples of the different drugs to testing sessions in a separate bag. We may want to take one pill as a sample to work with. If you have medications in your pockets please take them out so we can see how your body responds without the drugs in your energetic field (remedy testing can be this sensitive).
  • Bodywork: If we are working on musculoskeletal problems and pain then please bring a pair of good walking shoes. Let me know beforehand if correcting this kind of problem is your treatment goal. There are certain types of bodywork that require an able bodied assistant. If I don't have an intern present during your appointment time you might want to round up a friend to come along and assist us for a brief period. Let's discuss it before your visit.
  • Bodywork OR Acupuncture (classical or needleless): Please wear very very loose tops and bottoms so we can get access to points around your body or move you into stretched positions comfortably.
  • Allergy Desensitization:
    • This refers to two types of visits, airborne and food allergy desensitization.
    • In the case of food desensitization avoid all the foods on your list for as long as possible before your desensitization visit. It is best you avoid them for several weeks, 3 days is usually the minimum time.
    • In the case of Airborne desensitization avoiding air with the offending chemical or particle is not very controllable. In this case please collect air samples from places and times that you react. Label the jar as to the collection site, dates, times. You can simply use an open wide mouthed jar(s) with an airtight lid left off for hours/days before you seal it and bring it with you to this appointment. Or you can get fancy and use cardboard, like a manila folder, and make a funnel to collect more particles. Before sealing the jar brush the sides of the funnel into the jar with tissue paper. You can leave the tissue in the jar.