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This Orientation Page takes a deeper look at what we actually do to help you heal at the East West Healing Arts Center. The East West Healing Arts Center, located in Oakland, California, and in Talent, Oregon (between Medford and Ashland) is the originator of MindMapping®, BioImaging® and are innovators in theoretical and practical development of the next medical paradigm and practice. We provide excellent natural medical care and nutrition counseling & coaching. Contact us by phone to find out more at 541-535-4325 or email us.

We have many diagnostic tools. During your office visit we will listen to your words, test your energetics, we may send saliva samples to a lab, and examine you through the filters of different modern and traditional Chinese, naturopathic and nutritional diagnostic procedures to find out-- what's the matter.

After we know what's wrong we will then choose from a variety of different treatment options to engage your body's self-healing capacity.

On this page we also explore the fallacy of "genetic determinism" the idea that your genes determine everything from habits, interests, health, sickness and longevity. In the same way a computer's hard disk does not completely determine if you have a good or bad computer, genes, although important, don't determine everything. Bottom line, if you are reading this, your life choices, are just as important as your genes. Nurture is as important as Nature.


Orientation Page Table of Contents

1) Overview to Diagnostic & Treatment Services

2) An Example of Our Clinical Approach

3) Humans as Intelligent Self-Healing Beings vs. Man as Machine: Genes & Memes

4) Beyond Genetic Determinism: Choices to Nurture Your Best Genetics


Overview to Diagnosis & Treatment Services

Chinese Medical Energetic BioImaging® & Natural Treatments

My name is Michael Gandy, L.Ac., Clinical Director of the East West Healing Arts Center. I have been a student/practitioner of Chinese Medicine, Functional and European Biological Medicine for three decades. I work closely with Margaret Shockley, N.C., and author of Eating for Health and Pleasure. Margaret is also a former co-director of the pioneering living lightly on the urban landscape demonstration and research project, the Integral Urban House.

We spend the time needed to listen to you and understand your concerns. Over three decades of practice and original research that has culminated in the BioImaging® method, we have found and "road tested" powerful diagnostic tools that can quickly discover your underlying problem. We have a variety of treatment tools that draw upon established tradition and lineage as well as modern science. We customize our therapy to your particular needs.

In the process of helping people Live Longer and Live Stronger, we have daily experience with effectively addressing a long laundry list of symptoms and diseases that cut across many western medical disciplines. By understanding the many layers of the “health onion” and the few critical Meta-patterns that underlie many symptoms, the East-West Healing Arts Center is a one-stop shop , with breadth and depth, that brings the care of your body and mind under a single roof. Consider my three (3) specialties that leverage "Knowledge is Power":


  1. My energetic *BioImaging® technology allows me to quickly evaluate your health from the perspective of up to 27 critical body systems. I can focus on a single troublesome area of your body and quickly evaluate it to form a very complete understanding of any individual problem you have.
  2. Using testing, traditional Chinese medicine and functional medicine I can connect-the-dots of a hodge-podge of seemingly disparate problems into an accurate Big Picture of your health status. I do this by discerning the central hidden underlying patterns, i.e., the few Meta-patterns, that generate many different symptoms.


We have a broad array of natural treatment methods available so we can customize therapy to your particular needs.

  1. We specialize in capitalizing on our ability to "ask the right question". Aiming an arrow without knowing the target is ineffective, knowing where the bullseye is is critical. BioImaging® gives us real-time comprehensive and noninvasive diagnostic imaging to build a complex picture of what’s wrong. Diagnosis, unless from a recent physical trauma, is seldom a simple single cause. Real understanding of the current condition comes from a multifactoral analysis-- we see you from many points of view.
  2. In the treatment phase we address the root question that needs to be answered by a treatment. Thus our well-targeted treatments are especially effective, often resolving symptoms by the pattern group--not just one symptom at a time. Together, advanced imaging and a tailored suite of treatment options provide the ground floor of health upon which we can build a tower of longevity and prevention—helping you Live Longer and Live Stronger. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.

*This energetic imaging technology is a sophisticated biofeedback method I have developed that originated from German VEGA-TEST protocols [an Elite MD specialty in Europe].


In this section we describe the various nuts-and-bolts of different types of diagnostic and treatment methods we use with hypertext links to pages that offer more in-depth discussions about each one.

Our diagnostic methods are eclectic, including traditional Chinese Five Phases (Element) analysis and tongue diagnosis, modern acupuncture meridian energy evaluations, and laboratory tests such as salivary endocrine tests. These methods help us to better match you up with the most effective treatments.

In addition to traditional Chinese medical diagnosis we have also developed a powerful biofeedback BioImaging® diagnostic method to determine the specifics of your particular disease/healing process. For example, we want to know which tissues or organs , i.e. which organs and tissues have what type of pathology and which functional pathways are not performing optimally. The theory behind this organ/tissue level diagnostic method was developed by a German doctor, dentist and researcher, H.H.Reckeweg, MD,DDS.

Cntact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us and we will help you re-program your body and genes for health, for living longer and living stronger.

Our diagnostic process is an integration of traditional Chinese medicine, nutrition, naturopathic inspired thinking and real-time biofeedback energetic medical evaluations -- many of which we have developed -- together with laboratory evaluations of functional medicine.

Our treatment techniques are varied and powerful. We have built upon time-tested tradition of Chinese herbal medicine and Acupuncture as our core medical tradition. We combine this powerful ancient medical approach with modern functional medicine and Naturopathic understanding to address your unique symptom complex. Often, complex confusing symptoms become a coherent understandable pattern when viewed through these traditions.

Our biofeedback methods are not limited to evaluating the physical body. Our real-time BioImaging® tests give us a broad snap-shot of the current status in your body, mind and spirit.

At the physical level we use a medical model that makes understanding any disease process much simpler. In the process of handling a high toxic load the body's organs and tissues attempt to detoxify. Up to six different tactics are used. These are an attempt recover the original healthy state most of us were conceived with. This detoxification may occur as a series of symptoms. But these symptoms are better understood as a series of attempts by tissues and organs to deal with the "toxin", be it a bacteria, virus, or endogenous (internally produced) or exogenous (externally produced) toxins, or biochemical malfunction. Thus suppressing the symptom may hinder the body's detox attempt. The Reckeweg model of six stages of organic pathology describes the disease process.

We developed a unique biofeedback-based testing method, part of the BioImaging® process, to assess which of Reckeweg's six tactics, i.e. inflammation, dysplasia, etc., each tissue in your body is using at any time. Using energetic medicine tools we have developed a powerful way of listening in on this dialogue to find where we can edit and correct it. This is a major step forward in diagnostic assessment of organic pathology. This allows an across the board non-invasive diagnostic evaluation of the state of the entire body with locations and characterizations of disease.

We also use some laboratory testing, especially functional medical tests, as another tool to help your body recover system balance. These include tests of body fluids including saliva, blood, urine, and stool. These tests overlap conventional tests in some areas. Occasionally this results in the same diagnosis as a conventional physician would make, but our focus on making clear the underlying imbalances in the system usually results in a different "Network" interpretation, as the following example makes clear. Of course, we refer to talented specialists when needed.

Once a diagnosis has been arrived at, our Tissue Correction Acupuncture method is designed to move each tissue which exhibits pathology to a healthier condition until that tissue no longer registers in our pathology testing technique. We augment this powerful tool with the use of Chinese and Western herbs, and vitamin and mineral supplementation where there are significant deficiencies.

Nutrition is critical in many cases, forming a fundamental building block to optimal health. Within our Intuitive Eating® program we have evolved a suite of interrelated nutritional evaluations, therapeutic interventions, classes, and consultations to identify and solve problems. Our goal is to make the food you eat taste like heaven, digest well, and work as good medicine, optimizing energy and body form.

Because we are not just physical or structural we have developed ground-breaking effective new ways to recognize deep repetitive and binding patterns found in our internal psycho-energetic landscape. We call this aspect of our BioImaging® work Mind-Body Mapping Methods. We have extensive expertise in characterizing our psyche with great detail. We can identify the energetic system that has a problem, then describe the traumas in specific terms: identifying the emotion, the thought and time frame when the trauma occurred. We call this process Mind-Body Mapping, including Spirit Map, Chakra Map, Emotion Map, Etheric Map, Interpersonal Map.

Sometimes the information the body needs to correct itself is provided by direct structural (muscle, tendon, fascia) correction. We use the Berry Body-Work Method and Tui Na acupressure to correct many problems that could otherwise only be addressed by surgery.

Contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us and we will help you find the right unique program for you.


An Example of Our Clinical Approach

An example below is given of a patient who presented with fatigue, weight gain and cold extremities. It illustrates a sophisticated energetic and scientific approach to understanding our bodies as complex 'Networks in conversation'.

A woman in her 40's trudged in to our office and sat down heavily. She was over-dressed for the warm day. She says she prefers hot drinks. Her tongue was pale and damp, her pulse was sluggish and weak. She complained of low energy, thinning hair, cold extremities and weight gain. From the lens of Chinese medicine her constitution appeared to be a Yang Deficiency Damp Spleen and Kidney Cold. We gave her a tonic formula to address this condition.

From the lens of Naturopathy and Functional Medicine we are interested in her hormones. At the East West Healing Arts Center we use a range of cutting-edge salivary tests that give the best possible picture of the state of the body's hormones. But instead of looking at a deficiency or excess result of a single chemical in isolation, we attempt to understand the causes for these results in a broader context. In particular we are concerned with her adrenals, sex hormones and thyroid levels.

In fact, her thyroid levels were low. But even if the hormone produced by her thyroid, thyroxin (T4), tests in the low range it does not necessarily mean her thyroid gland itself is malfunctioning. It may just be getting the wrong message. Absent an autoimmune attack on the thyroid, which has been associated with mass iodination of processed foods, it is rare that a thyroid gland stops working. Nonetheless, many people with healthy thyroids are given thyroid medication for life due to one of the following misunderstandings.

The low T4 was related to an excess progesterone. We know that a lowered T3 (free thyroxin) level will eventually decrease progesterone receptor sites. Low T4 might also mean a selenium deficiency and we checked her mineral status. Moreover, we wanted to understand her thyroid test in the larger context of her whole endocrine system. Sure enough, we found that her adrenals were in an early stress response with cortisol levels in excess, which suppresses thyroxin levels.

This did not tell us which of several possible cortisol-thyroid interactions were actually occurring. To give you a sense of how complex it can get, if your cortisol is chronically high there are many places in the biochemical cascade relating to your thyroid gland where cortisol can suppress thyroid function. Cortisol can decrease TSH, resulting in less thyroxin being made. Or it can decrease conversion of T4 to T3, the active form. It can increase inactive rT3 formation at the expense of active T3. Cortisol can alter bowel ecology so that less T3S and T3AC is converted to active T3 via sulfase enzymes released by the wrong gut flora. Cortisol can increase T3 receptor site resistance, and it can alter genetic expression response to T3 in the nucleus of every cell.

However, high cortisol and adrenal stress was still not a "diagnosis" for the cause of the hypothyroid state, for it begs the question: Why was the cortisol high? What kinds of stress was her body under? Emotional or physiological? If physiological, then what sort of stress? An infection? Foods? Food intolerances and allergies? High insulin levels secondary to sub-optimal food choices create hypoglycemic periods which can lead to high cortisol release. It can also lead to insulin resistance and eventually type II diabetes. In the process a female will often develop testosterone dominance, not a good thing, which temporarily increases T4 to T3 conversion, but eventually leads to thyroxin resistance. A number of "female problems" will also show up. In males this often leads to estrogen dominance, not a good thing, which increases thyroid binding hormone levels and decreases the amount of available free T3, the active form of thyroxin. Men's stamina will decrease, allergies will increase, prostates will enlarge and body fat in the belly and breast may be deposited.

In the case of our cold female client we found that a poor digestive system had led to numerous food allergies and an inflamed gut. Less than optimal food choices were driving food and sweet cravings as well as digestive disorders. We tested her foods and her digestion and helped her make changes in her diet. We used acupuncture and herbs to warm and wake up the digestive track. We re-started her hydrochloric acid production, her Stomach FIre, and dried out the dampness and improved digestion. We eventually de-sensitized her to her problematic foods through needleless acupuncture.

In a network many factors can lead to similar pictures. A simple cause and effect, one germ one disease understanding that characterizes Industrial Medicine is often insufficient to deal with root problems. If we had only supplied external thyroxin, she would have felt better, at least temporarily. But her root problem would still exist. Eventually, her perfectly good thyroid gland would stop working. Instead we looked at the web-like interconnections in her body and helped her shift all the factors that predisposed her to her original problem. She has moved to the band of optimum health.

Contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us and we will help you understand the pattern behind your symptoms.


Read Below for a More Detailed Discussion

Humans as Intelligent Self-Healing Beings vs. Man as Machine: Genes Memes

From life as Networks we now discuss the "Information Age" medical metaphor that informs our practice. This is contrasted with the old "Man as Machine" metaphor from the Industrial revolution that still informs much of mainstream medicine today. We then return to the topic of genetics as seen by the "Man as Machine" metaphor, showing how it distorts the exciting new revolution in genetics and would turn a liberating possibility for health into a fear of oneself and deterministic fatalism.

Instead of liberation by knowledge, the Mapping of the Human Genome is typically being applied as a fear-based "Genetic Determinism" or "Genetic Fatalism". "It's in my genes to get _________(fill in the disease), so that is that, it doesn't matter what I do, my genes are going to mess me up anyway. "

Instead of finding how we can live a life to optimize our unique genetic potential, to Live Longer and Live Stronger, our genes are cast as our enemy. Fear of the nasty surprises hidden in our genetic code is being spread instead of recognizing the freedom and power that is given by this emerging knowledge. I like the old country song The Gambler by Kenny Rogers. The lyrics contain the phrase "every hand is a winner, and every hand is a loser". It all depends on how you choose to play the game of poker, or the game of Genes and Life.

Machine Age Medicine developed during the Industrial revolution. The cogs of a simple machine don't spontaneously repair themselves when broken. The capacity of humans to self-heal (or self-ill) is dismissed or undervalued when humans are seen as machines. The metaphor is not completely wrong, just far from completely right.

Human bodies, including genes, can self-repair. This makes sense to modern Information Age Medicine but is counter-intuitive in the metaphor of Man as a Machine which informs the underlying assumptions of Biomedicine (here termed Industrial Medicine). Industrial Medicine, dependent on answers from outside, usually from drugs and surgery, has skewed our understanding of what the Gene revolution can mean for our health. Its hidden assumptions dating back to the 1500's limit our ability to incorporate the new knowledge of genetics in a culturally healthy way.

Our genes determine only a minority part of most illnesses outside of the major congenital mutations. For the majority of illnesses the small genetic component contributing to the problem could have been avoided or minimized if you were making choices that were appropriate for your unique genotype. This discussion challenges the Myth of Genetic Determinism from Industrial Medicine head-on and wrestles it to the ground, giving you the freedom of the possibility of a long and healthy life.

Contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us and we will help you optimize your genetic potential.


Beyond Genetic Determinism: Choices to Nurture Your Best Genetics

We are formed throughout life by what we eat, think and feel. These inputs are information in a life-long dialogue with your genes. Our genes are like memory stored on the hard disk on a computer. The files that are searched for are driven by the food we habitually eat and the feelings we've held on to for too long. These are "inputs". Each gene is a recording of a possible response, like a database of many available "applets".

Which applet that is played, which genes that are accessed, is largely decided by the energetic physiology of our being as it responds to these new "inputs". Our energetic physiology (see Energetic Medicine and Mind-Body) is like our major software programs - like Access and Excel - that we run on our computer to do work. These programs respond intelligently to new information, the challenges from the environment outside and inside.

If the information going in is right for your body, mind and spirit then the best possible genetic response can occur from your "genotype". This depends on the energetic physiology of your body running at its optimum. Acupuncture and other energy medicine techniques can help the better genotype express itself in a healthy phenotype. All genotypes have strengths and weaknesses, but if the information you feed to your body plays to your strength then the best genes you have can be expressed in the best potential outcome. The dialogue is intelligent, strong and healthy. Good information, good news, creates a great "phenotype". The phenotype is the sum of how your body looks and feels and works.

Conversely, bad information, for your unique genotype, ends badly. Although an initially balanced energetic physiology can temporarily compensate for this kind of input, eventually the "bad news" is conveyed and selects "bad genes". This means that whatever your genetic inheritance, there are many wrong paths and several good paths for your unique genotype that can lead to optimal wellness, to living stronger and longer. The wrong path tends to produce an uncomfortable dialogue and an unpleasant, eventually sick, phenotype. The hallmark of this path is stress and toxicity.

This complex dance is the rich dialogue that has created the "you" you are today. May you be healthy!

Contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us and we will help you re-program your genetics energetically and through "attitude re-adjustments" and nutrition