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Living in the Band of Dynamic Health, Living Longer and Living Stronger

Our birthright based on 4.5 billion years of as successful evolutionary development is to start life with a strong hand, with health and high function.

Of course, everybody has strengths and weaknesses. The job of medicine and the job of a healthy culture is to pass on the sacred knowledge that will allow you to play to your Strengths. Sacred knowledge helps you address your unique genetic composition such that you, and your succeeding generations, will express a powerful and healthy life. Of course, tragic congenital problems and accidents happen. But for most of us the potential exists for optimum health and a high athletic performance and great stamina. At this stage the exogenous toxins that we are exposed to are detoxified and drained out in a timely manner. The endogenously produced toxins are likewise quickly neutralized and removed out of the body. Although occasional virulent bugs might bump us into a temporary state of organic pathology, we enter into the fight with a strong hand.

We have a number of preventative tests to help you identify how to live your life to Live Longer and Liver Stronger. For example, we can help to optimize your nutrition and we have developed acupuncture methods to optimize your enzymatic pathways and improve biotransformation of the chemicals of life. Now there are labs that obtain DNA from a saliva swab and do functional genetic screening test that identify areas of higher nutritional and herbal need. The East West Healing Arts Center clinic , located in Oakland, CA, and in Talent, OR (between Medford and Ashland, OR) provides you with excellent natural medical care and nutrition counseling & coaching to help you stay in Optimum Health for life.

Part of achieving Optimum health is not always following along in the wake of the newest technology. Traditional cultures culture. They lactoferment and ferment wine. Foods nourish. Most traditional cultures value community. These are parts of real culture and good living. The myth is that good food is slow or boring. Well at least they know we were paying attention to the advertisements that tried to sell that load of foolishness. Without becoming Luddites we can question the wisdom of some of the changes that the mass marketing culture is trying to sell you to make profit.

The Politic link is a lively critique of the cultural changes that are not improving our quality of life and actually threaten its existence.

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