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In society the nodes are people and the links could be social contacts between them. In the www the nodes are websites and the links the electronic communication paths and routers that connect us to sites.

Networks in Health and Breakdown Page Table of Contents

1) Life Networks: Robust, Fit & Hungry to Grow Nodes & Connect Hubs

2) Network Resilience: Self-Correcting Intelligence, Being 1st Being Fit

3) Advertising, Truth & Emotional Manipulation

4) Taking Responsibility Back for Your Health: Listen, Educate, Choose

5) Dynamic Networks from Cells, Biochemistry to Psychology

6) Attacking Hubs Simultaneously: Vital & Viral Strategies

7) Cascading Sequence Failure

8) Elegance of Architecture: Effectives in Bodies and Buildings

9) A Geographic Model of Network Construction Flaws

10) The Island

11) The One-Way Street

12) The Peninsula

13) The Random Network



Life Networks: Robust, Fit & Hungry to Grow Nodes & Connect Hubs

In our body-mind the nodes are the summation of the various qualia (the memories, sensations, whole body positional and neuromuscular information, parasympathetic visceral information, sensory input, thoughts, and feelings, filters, beliefs, processing habits and learning) within a specific matrix of a given state of consciousness. The links are the pathways that connect qualia. This probably includes not only neurons but other energetic physiologies.

The most well connected nodes are called hubs. They have more linkages to them as well as lower threshold linkages. In our mind they are well-worn grooves of assumptions and habitual thoughts. The greater the number of linkages, or the more high priority the connections, the more likely the node will participate in other habitual mind patterns. This follows the "rich get richer" power curve (scale-free) distribution found in most complex networks.

The fewer the links to a node the more rarely it participates in our thoughts and choices, the poorer it is at being held as a consistent state of being. We are going to appeal to some nodes that may not get their fair share of the vote when it comes to living your life longer and stronger. Our nodes of wisdom, foresight, health are often the lesser nodes in our consumer based mass market society. We want to encourage these nodes to become powerful hubs empowering your body, mind and spirit. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Network Resilience: Self-Correcting Intelligence, Being 1st Being Fit

Networks have a complex structure and show resilience to random damage. Their vulnerability is to attacks directed specifically at the well connected hub nodes. When hackers attack the web they usually pick hubs for this reason. This means that our forthright honest appeal to your wisdom, foresight, health is going to be overwhelmed in numbers and in "slick" by thousands of marketing messages that you aren't good enough, you don't look good or sexy enough, and aren't strong enough to chan ge...unless you buy product X. We encourage you to chuck those messages into the garbage from whence they came.

How do nodes become hubs? If you want a healthy hub, this is asking the same question as asking "How do I make a lesser node, my shaky health affirming commitment, become a powerful, easy, natural habit in my life?"

In any network, being first is useful. Early positive childhood habits of play, activity and love are great foundations to build on. However, that is not everyone's life. Fortunately, over the longer haul, the "fItness" of a node is more crucial. Google went from a garage startup to a penthouse with remarkable speed because they had a good product and they networked among the right players to get it financed and launched. They constantly tweak their product and make it better, more fit, and come up with cute custom fonts for their Logo and still manage to take care of their core search engine business.

Being a "fit" node means that lots of links connect to it from a lot of nodes. It says nothing about how "medically fit", "good", "moral", or "healthy" it is. A fit node within us is simply a repetitive way of being. We confuse ourselves in to thinking it is our personality. A fit node and thus be very an "unfit and unhealthy" way of being, such as rage in a rageaholic or worry in an obsessive or hurtful in the narcissistic. A fit node on the web is a website that could be selling a lot of cigarettes, and have no interest in promoting human fitness. A fit node is like a virus trying to reproduce, is selfishly promoting its own self-interested spread. In fact, creating a fit node on the web that promotes real fitness is a more "difficult sell". A few people, such as, have managed to do this.

At Live Longer Live Stronger we show you how the more expensive, in the short-run,organic food and more time consuming, in the beginning, "slow cooking" over the long haul will save you thousands in avoided medical costs, incalculable improvements to your quality of life, and how to make them work in our busy financially strained lives. Properly done, it a "health commitment" can become a very robust and fit node that can become a healthy hub that we can depend on. In the same way being active is a reflection of good energy and flexibility and the instinct to play. These need to be, and can be, a regular part of our lives. Seeing a prevention specialist, like ourselves, is another positive step you can make. We can be a coach to help you win the health game and Live Longer and Live Stronger. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Advertising, Truth & Emotional Manipulation

For mass marketers, useful or truthful content at their node is far less important than the emotional positive feedback associated with node's qualia, be it a website, billboard, or TV commercial. They are looking to flatter and engage the child or teenager within you to makes a good first impression. If the message has immediate good vibes for that person right then, then it will be a way in to manipulate you, the viewer.

Marketers know, statistically speaking, that agreement with preexisting notions is easier and more successful than truth is in mass marketing. As the cynic H.L. Menken once said, "Nobody ever lost a dime underestimating the taste of the American public." Trying to sell a difficult truth, one that requires some change and, heaven forbid, discipline and self denial from the buyer, is not an easy sell. It appeals to our deeper wisdom, we know it is true. But our busy lives leave little quiet to hear that quiet voice. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Taking Responsibility Back for Your Health: Listen, Educate, Choose

We ask for a commitment to health from our clients. We help educate you, teach you, thus give you, literally, the discipline, to make needed changes. If you examine your life you will find it is the goals you set that took the qualities of commitment and discipline that characterize most long-term worthwhile activities that are important to you: from sports, an expertise, musical instruments, to strong relationship. Notice that discipline, from the latin word "to teach" does not mean boring stick in the mud no fun. On the contrary. Play and sensory pleasure are part of health.

Anybody can listen to this deeper place of wisdom, but few choose to do so. Listening to your wiser self does not take a superman or superwoman, just someone who chooses to take a stand, even if it is sometimes unpopular, for themselves and then for their friends and family.

Commitment requires a relationship of trust and education requires time and money. This describes the one-on-one way we approach medicine. Unlike Industrial medicine with its mass marketing machine, we expect to earn commitment from our clients and we expect to earn your loyalty by giving you education and assisting you as you take the road less traveled towards adaptive change and real growth. We expect you will give us references and encourage your family and friends to see us, because word of mouth is major way people find their way to our doorstep. We are fighting the easy convenience flow, the you are just another faceless consumer trend, we are making a tough sell, with tough, but true, answers, with tough love.

Our biggest teacher is feedback from your own body's wisdom. Our clients are people able to listen and learn from their bigger, wiser, older self. Doing education, encouraging adaptive change, will always attract just a minority of more thoughtful people. The same holds true when encouraging adaptive change to promote wellness, prevention and perform medicine. If you think you are ready for this somewhat more demanding, but real, medicine, and not just another short-term quick sugar fix, then call us at 541-535-4325.

People may know at some level within themselves that disorganization, fast-food, being angry and unforgiving, doing no exercise, etc., will make them poor and sick in the long run, yet many people will shrug off needed adaptive change with humor, denial, or by attacking the "do-gooders" as "politically correct". Now the latter can always do with a sense of humor, but the former are certainly not acting as "rational economic units". At first blush they, and at times this includes all humans, seem to be acting in an intentionally self-sabotaging and irrational way.

However, all of us actually do have an inner logic that guides our decisions about health related choices. But to untangle and find the logic takes a bit of work. A simple example, someone who craves sugar may be actually experiencing a lowered serum glucose level. They are reaching for carbs at a physiologically appropriate time even though eating simple processed sugar will set them up for a worse roller coaster crash in a couple of hours, and possible diabetes in the long run, eating sugar does make short-term logical sense. This poor , but logical solution, is like a bowl high up in the bad choice tree that has caught a marble, to get to the lowest energy state on the ground, the best solution space, will require a longer-term customized approach. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Dynamic Networks from Cells, Biochemistry to Psychology

Living systems are dynamic networks, just as the World Wide Web is. This analogy can apply at the level of biochemistry with key hub proteins and main messengers and many minor linking chemicals, at the level of cell cyto architecture with key hub gates in the cellular membrane connected to bits and pieces of the cell, or at the level of the brain with key hub processing areas that light up during fMRI scans and many other darker mysterious areas, or psychologically with rapid internal communication and good judgments made by a fit distributed hub and dynamic linking system in the psychologically healthy. Contrast this with the psychologically damaged "island" or "random" networks discussed below.

Only recently have we begun to understand how networks grow and function well, or dysfunction and fail. In medicine this is called health or disease. On the www this is called a "hot site" or "dead drop" respectively.

Paralleling our everyday language of health, any node, and, in aggregate, any network in its prime is called "fit" which means it is attractive to new links to new nodes so it can grow. Any optimum network is "robust" in that it is stable in the face of many, but not all, types of attacks. Attacks on a network can be physical or virtual or by misinformation.

One characteristic of stable networks is that they have a small number of very well connected "hubs" that make connection between any node, no matter how distant, very quick. The idea of 6 degrees of separation between you and anyone else in the world comes from this property of a few big-hubs and lots of little links.

This typical arrangement of connections between people is descriptive of many networks in human society. But even this optimized kind of network is vulnerable to several types of failure. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Attacking Hubs Simultaneously: Vital & Viral Strategies

One kind of network failure is a loss of an important "hub". When computer crackers attack the www they aim for the big well-connected hubs that make the quick 6 degrees of separation possible. The www, or a body, can tolerate the loss of millions of small poorly linked nodes with a loss of richness, but with no catastrophic structural damage. The loss of several hubs or even a single critical one, can cripple the whole www system.

In a cell the loss of a critical key "hub" protein can kill the cell, whereas the cell can absorb the loss or dysfunction of many less important "node" proteins. This analogy of course applies to any level of organization of a living body, mind, or society, or ecology. Please contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Cascading Sequence Failure

A sequential cascading failure is another type of attack that networks are vulnerable to. When the system has critical components operating at their maximum, the failure of one link can trigger a cascade of failures. An example is seen in our electrical distribution grid. Along the west coast in 1995 a single high voltage wire in the heat of summer failed. It had been operating for an extended period at 125% of maximum capacity. The insulation broke down and the wire shorted out into a nearby tree. The extra electricity had to be absorbed by neighboring wires. These were also pushed over the edge of compensation and into structural failure. This created a cascade of failures that eventually caused many generators at a hydroelectric dam to fail. Soon the entire western U.S. and two Canadian provinces were left without power. The cost of the outage was estimated at 1.5 billion dollars. The recent East coast power failure had a similar process of cascading sequence failure.

In life when we have put the pedal to the metal for too long, burned both ends, when all organ reserves are committed just to maintain status quo, then an apparently slight extra stress can create a ripple effect of failures cascading through the body. We have helped put the broken networks of many of these former hard chargers back together after their immune system or digestive system went completely haywire. Their natural tendency is to gear right back up to breakneck speed unless the psychological network issues are simultaneously addressed. Please contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Elegance of Architecture: Effectives in Bodies and Buildings

But the impact of the cascade of electrical failures was worsened by an inefficient infrastructure. I call this "inelegance of architecture". This energy inefficiency in our power network is exactly paralleled by the habits of poor health in our societies, i.e., poor foods and endemic work stress. The high rises and homes in the US are now built to depend on air conditioning to be habitable. Housing developments are built quick and cheap with no regard to the environment, toxicity, energy use, or longevity. They are not built to last, they are built to trash. Most master carpenters hate the factorization of an ancient craft. They hate the corners cut to make the house look good just long enough to sell. Modern homes are built with low ceiling height and with poorly placed windows and with little regard to site specific opportunities on the land and for solar gain. Often they are poorly designed and bigger then really needed to justify the big price tag.

Older "elegant architecture" houses built in the 1920's that I lived in Texas were more intelligent than their modern counterparts. These old 10 foot ceiling homes and double hung windows could keep a home cool in hot Texas summers. The adobe and straw bale house can do even better, though it may not be appropriate for wet climates if they are at all susceptible to fungus. Most modern tall buildings don't even have windows that can be opened. The reasons for these design decisions are related to short-term costs and liability instead of design to optimize an intelligent and livable structure for the long-term. So when the power goes out they are "incubators" roasting the inhabitants. Modern landscaping and orientation of the buildings arrogantly ignore the position of the sun and ignore intelligent use of shade on the south side for cooling in summer, despite the built-in increase in power use. Simple design changes, such as good insulation and small windows on the north side and increased winter solar access on the south for warmth, could actually reduce power needs. But the habit of inelegant architecture is entrenched.

A few maverick architects are bucking the stupid box trend and are building integrated high rises using cutting edge computer programs and site appropriate designs that are intelligently designed with the environment so they can both cut energy costs by 40% and also improve habitability dramatically. See Amory Lovins Rocky Mountain Institute. In the same way a few doctors are bucking the Industrial stupid box medical model of humans in favor of viewing humans as an intelligent design. In health we, trillions of cells in complex coordination, are networks whose response to change is intelligent and powerful. We call this Optimum health.

Nodes and links in the network can fail from external attacks: from toxic chemicals or from microorganisms, which have their own intelligent agenda. Or we lose links from inelegant architecture. These are internal choices, which cause internal stresses: from poor food choices or psychologically flawed patterns. Soon our system is less "robust" and vulnerable at the same time it is less "fit" and eventually moves from growth to decline. First we compensate, and then we lose function. Then we have structural breakdown that is termed organic pathology. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


A Geographic Model of Network Construction Flaws

When we plug in search criterion into a search engine we assume that the whole www is available. It is so huge we don't really know. But the huge number of "hits" found on our search engine gives us the feeling that it must really all be there. However, when studies are made on the network of the www it turns out there are vast areas no engine has gone before and you can't go to unless you have a treasure map to the hidden territories. A well-developed multiple hub network leaves no section unconnected.

In dis-ease there are several forms of cut-off inaccessible information: The Island, The Peninsula, The One-Way Street, and The Random Network. I will tend to use psychological examples we can all relate to, but the examples of Network problems could have been from biochemistry and physiology as well. And, of course, these psychopathologies have physiological correlates.

If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.



The Island

The autistic child is a pretty good model of an island. Advanced Alzheimer's could be also cited. Sensory information, meaning, often does not get in, and expression is unrelated to much of the environment we share out here in our consensus reality. Another version might be the case of multiple personality where an non-integrated personality is unknown to the current personality. One version of multiple personality is the Archipelago, a chain of islands.

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The One-Way Street

Some Archipelagos in multiple personalities are connected, but only one way. A more inclusive personality may be aware of other sub-personalities but they are not aware of this larger personality. This larger personality is not truly integrated because it is only thinly connected by a few links as so may act through these sub-personalities at a remove.


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The Peninsula

An Example would be in depression. Studies have shown that a depressed person has trouble recalling memories from any other than previous times of depression. There is a connection but it is narrow and limited. When one is extremely depressed their own memory makes it seem that they were always depressed because the past seems like a recursive repetition of the same gray procrastinating disconnected world. When out of the depressed period, when their network is reorganized more effectively, they can then access memories when they were not depressed.

Another example is the psychopath. They apparently have the capacity to feel emotions, and they can even empathize. But at the critical developmental time in their growing up they were unable to read the behaviors and facial expressions of those around them and never did thereafter-- and thus are typically oblivious to the feelings of others. There are very few roads in that carry the information about how others suffer. They can therefore commit incredibly evil acts.

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The Random Network

The psychological example for the random network might be those without an ego structure, they lack a "core". In network terms they lack the multiple big well-connected and efficient hubs in the domains of Belief (see SpiritMaps) and Chakra systems that can quickly connect and support the processing of information and execution at the highest levels of human organization. They are lost souls because they have a hard time finding anything, standing for anything. A random pattern at more cognitive levels would describe some forms of mental retardation.

Occasionally in moderate stage Alzheimer's the individual will suddenly express autistic savant capabilities in art, math, or music. It may be that a higher order belief organization can suppress a sophisticated sub-network. As the neurological degeneration advances this higher order network breaks down. When freed from the "already knowing" that they can't do something, they actually CAN access the "genius" sub-networks . We may all have these sub-networks and with the "head" out of the way it allows for this kind of specialized genius to emerge. In this case the breakdown and randomization of the individual personality networks release a generic super-capacity without the suppressive restrictions that have shut them off.

This begs the question of whether we can allow these sub-networks of specialized programming to emerge but guide them nonsuppressively from our own well developed multi-hubbed core? This is one research aim of the mind-mapping techniques.

Light emitted at the center of the sun takes millions of years to randomly bounce about before it emerges from the surface. From there it covers the distance of the radius of the sun in a tiny fraction of a second. If the particles in the sun communicated as a hub based network the light would make its way quickly from its hot bulky prison. A person with a randomized network just has to wait.

? which page has the star formation? Failures of liberal multi hub indecision during action and the conservative few hub/star during evaluation

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