MindMaps®: Finding Yourself Page

The East West Healing Arts Center clinic, located in Oakland, California, and in Talent, Oregon (between Medford and Ashland) is the originator of MindMapping® BioImaging® which provides you with an objective evaluation of your Interpersonal strengths and MindTraps®. We provide excellent natural medical care and nutrition counseling & coaching.Contact us by phone to find out more at 541-535-4325 or email us.

MindMaps®: Finding Yourself Page Table of Contents

1) Illusions & Filters: Where Energy, Emotion & Thought Get Entangled

2) Standing Waves: Continuity of Self & Psychosis Over Time

3) Identifying & Removing the Stuck Psychological Dysfunctional Patterns

4) Each Mind-Map Shares s Common Template: The Details are Unique to You

5) Mind Maps Highlight the Internal Landmarks Formed From Old Trauma


Illusions & Filters: Where Energy, Emotion & Thought Get Entangled

How we create and filter our reality, our perceptions and interpretations have long been a human concern. We explore several dimensions of this mystery using the Mind-Mapping® process, a subset of the BioImaging® Process. This page tries to give you a notion of what Mind-Mapping® is about. Several individual Maps are described in detail elsewhere.

When our filters skew or remove the wonder, joy, or the challenges of life we have a problem. When our filters overemphasize the sadness, fear and anger we also have a problem. These are problems almost every adult we have tested has to one degree or another. When our lives do not reflect fully who we are called to be, who we wish to be, then a distortion in one of our Mental and Emotional fields is often the root cause. MindMaps® are tools to find our who we are pretending at being, as compensation for a crucial failure of being, and where and when we were blocked from our authentic being.

Sometimes, in life, filters help us see better. Sunglasses can help us keep our eyes from being blinded by the sun. Likewise, we hurriedly put on MindFilters® when we are overwhelmed in some way. But hasty, poorly executed filters are often disempowering filters. Removing disempowering filters changes lives for the better.

One great benefit to sticking with the MindMap Journey® to it's completion, is that you will feel less stopped by yourself or by life. You can then go on to create your dreams and face the inevitable challenges, without the added burden of self-sabotaging behavior. When you feel alive and connected you are able to feel the joys and pains of life, without becoming attached. When you are clear on what you stand for wholeheartedly you can stand tall without regrets. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Standing Waves: Continuity of Self & Psychosis Over Time

If you attach one end of a rope to a wall and start flipping the other end in rhythm then the rope will move in waves. Certain rhythms will cause the wave to appear to be fixed in place. These are called "standing waves". Standing waves have some interesting properties. They have location, frequency and amplitude. They can contain consistent information indefinitely over time. I will argue that some of the consistency what we mistakenly think is our "personality" is really traumatic information caught in standing waves.

Every feeling and thought that has become stuck or "adhered" can be thought of as a semi-permanent standing wave. Each "caught in the groove" issue has a characteristic energetic 'fingerprint', a wavelength and shape. In Mind Mapping we identify the details of the fingerprints through Mapping. Your body resonates with outside waves with frequency patterns closest to the internal standing waves that carry the information of held feelings, thoughts and energy. FOr example, when we are already angry, then an extra little bit of outside annoyance can excite an excessive reaction. When stuck in fixed standing wave patterns these feeling/thought/mind-body energy waves are toxic.


Identifying & Removing the Stuck Psychological Dysfunctional Patterns

The patterns we identify include 23 possible emotions/drives. These emotions are then tied to compensating thoughts via a muscle testing technique called causal chain analysis. This is rather like the analysis of links in a complex network, the hubs and links are checked for integrity and for broken links.

I currently use a menu of about 200 archetypal thoughts represented by 200 homeopathic remedies extracted from flower essences. They provide energy patterns that have been interpreted by others into an approximate correlation of human thoughts and emotions. Each flower remedy is known to treat specific mental stresses.

The incessant standing wave erodes its way through multiple systems in the body. The pattern of ripples spread with a kind of metaphorical consistency. We test to find the specific limbic structures, neurotransmitters, acupuncture channels, Chakras, and neuromuscular patterns that form the network of the problematic pattern. The kind of activity in one system, i.e., at the level of tissues, often has a metaphorical similarity to another system eroded by the same wave, i.e., at the level of emotion. We call this common denominator the the Metaphor of Disease.

Permanent removal of a filter means breaking enough of the stuck pattern so that the holographic redundancy in the Metaphor of Disease, the standing wave connecting multiple systems, cannot reconstitute the problem again. For example, you might get a great massage that releases a lot of neck tension. But if the tension is associated with emotional upsets and an habitual way of being, the neck is just as tight again in a few days. Although this can create regular massage clients most serious practitioners would love to "fix it" permanently if they could. An interdisciplinary approach that treats multiple systems of the body, by the intervention that is most effective for each system, allows a total deprogramming of the repetitive pattern.

We can teach you simple at-home techniques to identify when your filter is skewing your reality and the right therapeutic interventions so you can speed the liberation of your energetic attachment to habitual thoughts and feelings. The most important time to intervene is real-time, right after your button has been pushed and you are about to go down the same old cycle again.

In other words, we give you tools to use real-time in life. Are you willing to choose a different path? If so, we have worked out many of the mechanisms to allow deep and permanent change, often it just comes down to your willingness to let go and move on. Together the related thoughts, feelings and energetic disturbances that form a particular energetic field can be updated and old patterns broken. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Each Mind-Map Shares s Common Template: The Details are Unique to You

All humans share a set of common template for the kind of distortions a given field is subject to. This is the common infrastructures of pathology of our psyche. This is captured by the flow charts of the 7 psychoenergetic Mind Maps we construct for clients. Each has a common pattern of relationships but all the details of feeling, thought and energy pattern are unique to your life and give an almost infinite variety to each Mind Map.

For example, all people using a Windows OS have common backdoor structural weaknesses for entry of many different viruses or worms. Another analogy would be to familial relationships. Everyone has a template of father, mother, and grandparents, and many have brothers and sisters. Some aspects of the relationships between family members are defined by their role but the diversity of people insures each role and each family are quite different. When stresses of events and others are beyond the ability of the person to cope then sometimes that failure is met by an ill fated attempt to become someone how could cope with it. This spur of the moment self-programming of a psychoenergetic system lays a unique repetitive pattern of 1) thoughts and 2) feelings, that make up a standing wave, over the typical structure of the system. Consistency over time is achieved by tying these thoughts and feelings to our 3) energetic physiology in a three stranded knot. The knotting can be to any energetic system, i.e., the acupuncture, chakra systems or somatisization via our neuromuscular system.

Each psychological field has its own particular template. A different flow chart describes each MInd Map. For example, the Emotional field is less structured and can be fairly simple. The pathology might involve a distortion of only one emotion in relation to one thought. Or the Emotional field might be teeming with many emotions running in the background, one feeding another in a complex network. Given that each emotion has a particular physiological and neuromuscular pattern associated with it then this leads to neuromuscular and physiological confusion long after the person no longer is aware that they are still holding onto an emotion. Long-held emotions are usually no longer noticed as simple emotions. They are buried in the body and the thoughts--opinions and judgments. They are somatized into the body as patterns of tension, restricted breathing and heightened trigger patterns of release of stress hormones that only begin to make sense when all the Mind Maps have made the covert associations and thoughts explicit. When you have multiple held emotions then interference between the emotion programs causes paradoxical conflicting and confusing signals. We experience this by being stiff and uncomfortable.

In contrast, the Spirit field, which holds our deepest personal and cultural hidden assumptions, is strictly structured. The core hidden beliefs that secretly direct and confound our lives, involves 5 emotions each with a "coping" thought pattern and its own energetic and neuromuscular pattern. 2 are the core belief. 3 act as a defense system to protect what should be a sacred belief. 2 more are part of a "trap door" to escape/collapse the belief system. However, in every adult we have tested this core position of a dysfunctional belief is held, not by a sacred or religious belief, but by a traumatic spur-of-the-moment bad attempt at self-programming. To let this toxic belief escape, to let go of this disempowering Belief system, requires a Spirit journey.

The Spirit Map helps you find your way safely home on your inner journey. Once you are home you can look for the sacred core that is your Spirit Calling. Invite the wisest guides Life provides. Together you can build a core belief that has all the wisdom, beauty and compassion you can open to.


Mind Maps Highlight the Internal Landmarks Formed From Old Trauma

Mind Maps are mirrors into the internal terrain of consciousness, its ups and downs and vicious circles. The Map we create is a tool. It is one kind of guide in dark and partially unknown internal territory. The specific Mind Map we choose to make is the one most directly related to the current psychological pain or missing in one's life. Using energetic testing it can be identified specifically.

The process sounds esoteric but it is simply a type of 'lie detector test' (we prefer 'truth detector'). The method we use is a particular type of muscle testing that measures muscle strength changes when an external standing field, representing a thought or emotion, is put in contact with the clients body. It is not based on asking questions verbally. The method gives us a neuromuscular Yes/No (binary) answer from your intuitive body wisdom. Treatment is through Mapping Acupuncture, neuromuscular repatterning, and flower remedies.

We have trained several therapist to understand the Mind Maps and to explore how to use this information in a psychotherapeutic setting. Certain clients have a network/phase structure that makes dismantling the ego-structure filters problematic without a counselor. We can refer you to these therapists who understand the Mind Mapping process and infrastructure. Mind Maps have proven to be useful tools for both therapist and client. It helps us clarify the issue by distinguishing the repetitive cycles that hold us back. The Map is not the territory. The territory is who you are being in life.

Facing this material is challenging for some people. The challenge might be facing emotions or developing a daily internal discipline. Not everyone is prepared for a Spiritual path of enlightenment.

If you are ready for an internal journey to grow in your life, if this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.