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Repetitive Emotional-Thinking Patterns that Prevent Being Fully Here and Now

The East West Healing Arts Center clinic, located in Oakland, California, and in Talent, Oregon (between Medford and Ashland) is the originator of the MindMapping® BioImaging® process which provides you with an objective evaluation of your psychoenergetic strengths and MindTraps®. We provide excellent natural medical care and nutrition counseling & coaching.Contact us by phone to find out more at 541-535-4325 or email us.

MindMap® & MindGames® Page Table of Contents

1) Understanding Mind-Mapping

2) Self-Programming: A Double Edged Sword

3) Mind-Body Filters & Illusions

4) Orientation to Specific Mind-Maps: EmotionMap®, SpiritMap®, CharacterMap®, EthericMap®, ChakraMap®


Understanding Mind-Mapping

The larger implications, theory, and some of the mechanics of MindMapping® are discussed at: [ MindMap ] and also more generally about energetic medicine and testing at: [ Energetic Medicine] To understand the perspective and importance each system and MindMap® (many are discussed on their own individual pages) has to us as individuals, and to the culture at large, it is necessary to have at least some knowledge of the emerging science of Networks and Complexity.

Once we have a Map of the territory within your mental space, we use energy, neurological, and energetic psychology, somatopsychic techniques and flower essences to help free you from limiting thoughts and held feelings. What you may have been resigned to as "just the way I am" or "quirks in my personality" are usually deprogrammable patterns. The patterns can be MIndMapped®. The MindMap® will describe your internal landscape with enough clarity that you can, with work, navigate around the largely unconscious filters that mediate, try to determine, and often shadow, our lives.

The different MindMaps® discussed in the linked pages are introduced briefly below. Together they describe many of the complex way we humans manage to ourselves up in Knots and Nots. Each MindMap® is designed to give a unique intelligent perspective to our lives. They are the key hubs in their respective response networks. They are the important words, the town square in their respective languages, their respective towns. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Self-Programming: A Double Edged Sword

I would speculate that nature has given us the capacity to self-program ourselves, our key hubs, as an experiment in flexibility of individual cognitive and group cultural evolution. Self-programming is a powerful tool that can allow humans great adaptability. But somewhere and somewhen we lost the wisewomen and shamans that might have passed on the sacred knowledge of self-programming down through the eons and generations. So sorry, no owners manual available, the technical support line is always busy--except at 541-535-4325 at East West Healing Arts Center.

Subsistence cultures, for too long foolishly and patronizingly dismissed as "primitive" by our own culture, in many cases developed targeted rituals that attempted to facilitate transition from child to adult, from selfish and dependent to dependent, and then to interdependence, from a potential liability to the small group, to a group asset. Anthropology has described many sophisticated and sometimes disturbing examples, experiments in a self-programming tribal curriculum. This was sacred knowledge that, if lost, imperiled their culture.

Naturally, when a dominant culture invades they often erase this sacred knowledge and substitute their own programming. Nowadays, much of the sacred knowledge for individual growth has been lost, or suppressed, and what is left is a "modern" culture that attempts to create mental-emotional idiots and cripples, only good for being easy to manipulate politically and for being good obedient consumers. So much "searching for one's identity" is a search for the developmental steps missed in our primitive self-programming culture. In our "advanced" culture the loss and saddness that leads to seeking is often manipulated by the rapacious for personal or monetary gain.

We have built our mighty civilizations of haves and have not's where we have grown more clever and more shallow, more easily manipulated, rudderless consumers without the keys to our own souls. Most of us are flailing about, lacking the guidance and experience of the sacred knowledge at the right time in our lives. This experience would have allowed us to become true self-directed adults. Instead, we pretend at adulthood, yet we are caught up in our past, obliviously or obsessively. Missing the rituals to move past our stages of childhood we become only chronologically adult. Most die of chronic disease in old age still emotionally immature. Some ancestral memory has some of us looking for the "Keeper of the Keys", the "Gate Keeper", a "Teacher", to a deeper possibility within ourselves. But the mass consumer finds only cultural heroes who are born pretty, throw balls better or those who aggressively take more than their share of the money. Contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Mind-Body Filters & Illusions

The world is a wondrous miraculous phenomenon. We each have a calling, a unique expressive offering to make in our life to ourselves, to consciousness, to our community, to our world. From the creation of the universe, to the mystery of all the energy and stuff that fills and enlivens it, including ourselves, we could become contributors to the art of living. Rarely, cultures, such as the Hopi, seem to have approached closer to this ideal, no over-romanticized Indian gloss needed or necessary.

We experience the miracle of living through "filters". These filters are hubs in networks that have a specialized programs to give us a particular insight, a particular way to glimpse complex reality. Filters include our eyes, ears, feelings, beliefs, charka, nervous system, language and our culture. We are all familiar with optical illusions that surprise us with a glimpse into the limits or assumptions built in to our visual processing. Straight lines that you would swear are curved against rows of parallel chevron shapes, concentric circles that you just know are spirals in a tunnel that visual cues indicate is leading away from you. These effects seem to depend on part on our learned ability to decode two dimensional cues of three dimensional perspective. It has been reported that some isolated subsistence cultures cannot "see" photographs. Can they "see" the three dimensional in the hints of two? Do these classes of optical illusion fool them? What illusions would these people have. Learned Illusions can be learned, and unlearned.

Others illusions just come built-in with our neural hardwiring. The Gestalt observation that we can see either foreground or background, but not both simultaneously, has profound implications for how we handle data and our lives. This is illustrated visually by the wealth of artistic/Escher-like visual experiments of the 19th and 20th century. Most of us have seen the dining couple suddenly shift to a skull, the handlebar mustached man become a horse, the face within a face. You can't connect the totality of one at the same time you do the other.

Kinesthetic illusions have also been developed, moving hands pressed against each other over chicken wire gives an odd oily velvety feel. Taste illusions are exploited by food chemists to create the illusion of real food when they are selling fake. Audio semi-illusions of binaural beats or the American Indian and African slow divergence of multiple rhythms were exploited by shamans to alter states of consciousness.

Technology has extended the range of our senses to include radio frequencies and infrared light and also added new filters which mean new vision and new potential for distortions by neural filters evolved on the Serengetti and the jungle. Before Newton's "toy" mirror telescopes were introduced to the Royal Society, the ground glass lens of Galileo were used. Galileo's telescopes always added a penumbra of colored light around the object they magnified. This is a good metaphor for technological malprogramming that might skew and distort the object we attempt to focus on. The classic book Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television was a wake up call about the problematic way technology might be shaping/distorting us. Some concerns about computer games have been found to be legitimate, some not, but we have entered an era where our evolutionary hard-wiring, our built-in neural plasticity, and our capacity for writing bad internal code--malprogramming, form an explosive mix, for good and ill.

The greatest filter is our own mind-sensory network. Mind is an amalgam of many filters, which determines what we do, and do not, allow ourselves to see and the interpretations we make about life. Our experience of reality is, literally, a recreation symbolically in our mind of the inputs of the moment. This recreation, itself recreated in remembering the events, are highly mutable by filters. We can, literally, alter our vision at the level of either firing or not first nerves receiving a photon of light in the retina. We can thus truly "not see" something we can not believe can be. It is said the Caribbean"indians" literally could not see the unimaginable ships in Columbus's little fleet.

It is a truism that we all have different realities. Why not choose to see it all, chose to interpret the miracle of life as a reality full of challenge, love, powerful expression, and realization of your calling on the planet?

When under stress we often take on a limiting thought wrapped around feeling, i.e., "I can never do this", "It is just not fair", "I will never be loved for just me", or "I'll show them!". These transient thoughts and feelings can, with malprogramming, become permanent filters that form repetitive stressful themes in our lives. These illusions of our filters bring much suffering. They become permanent when they become "energetically adhered", a learning process specific to a traumatic or stressful event, to an acupuncture channel, a Chakra program, or to the structure of our body. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Orientation to Specific Mind-Maps: EmotionMap®, SpiritMap®, CharacterMap®, EthericMap®, ChakraMap®

Filters can be taken on at any age. A sweet tempered 3-year-old boy went to the park and was roughed up several times by some older boys. These 4-6 year old boys had some significant emotional problems. Thereafter the 3-year old wanted to be a girl, wear dresses and avoid boys. He also clenched and ground his teeth at night. He had decided boys were mean and he didn't want to be mean so he didn't want to be a boy anymore. His EmotionMap® found a persistent fright from the earlier confrontations. The flower that testing found indicated is related to the need for male (yang) assertiveness. These feelings are not just experience in the mind but are part of a energetic and body response localized in the left Spleen acupuncture channel. At night the parents would touch the skin along the Spleen channel and the grinding would immediately stop. The flowers have helped the boy be assertive yet keeps his empathetic and sweet temperament. He slowly has allowed new good relationships with boys to replace the earlier (previously unchangeable) interpretation, the old filter, that boys were mean and bad. This illustrates the "infectious" nature of toxic habits. By the time we are adults most of us have collected a broad array of toxic filters.

Sometimes the filters are simple phobias. One man in his early thirties had been afraid of heights from childhood. After one double-session of acupuncture his inappropriate fear was gone and remained so three years later.

On the other hand the toxic issues within the filters can be huge and involve a person's whole life. One wonderful and talented woman of fifty, despite academic credentials, always just barely scraped by financially, no matter how hard she tried. She always had explanations but the bottom-line result was consistent.

Her SpiritMap® described a distortion that went back to her childhood where she had taken on the belief that she should 'stay in her place', and that she will never be anything other than 'weak and marginal', and even though she 'puts up a good fight, she ultimately will fail'. This reflected structurally in a sunken ribcage, slumped shoulders and marginal vitality. On her path to removing this filter she regained vitality, increased in activity, as well as shifted her paradigm to allow her to generate a good income.

The Interpersonal Field is the intersection of our own field with others. The constellation of the our 12 Character traits and the interaction with the Other's 12 Character traits creates a riverbed to guide the flow of water in the relationship. The flow may be tranquil or rough. To Map the Interpersonal field we do a CharacterMap®. The main pitfall of the Character traits is that they lose flexibility and become "fixed" for all comers. In this way we lose the intelligence of the system which should give us an "intuitive" sense of whether or not to trust a given person, as opposed to always being to trusting or always distrustful. When fixed the Character becomes a CharacterStat. We go through great contortions to live with each other without the benefit of a robust and flexible set of adaptive character traits. Often as one character becomes a CharacterStat a domino effect can pressure other traits as they attempt to use their less appropriate programs to compensate.

A pregnant woman in her early thirties was going through a rocky time with her husband. Her CharacterStat setting, a fixed quality of her Character in relationship to Power, was for her personal Power to be set very low, no matter whether it was appropriate for it be Low in the given situation. The Power Character is reflected in the Kidney Divergent channel. This, when fixed at a Low setting, in turn, tends to make the energetic supply to the Kidney organ system also Low.

The Interpersonal field Power Character was further complicated by an adhered emotion. The emotion we mapped was Grief, a sadness that feels inconsolable and permanent. This was the central feeling for her and probably for the husband who shared the toxic Interpersonal field distortion. The thought given by the flower remedy related to a domineering and tyrannical power relationship. Overtly, this was her husband's role, but she was co-dependent in maintaining his dominating role by her own subservience. She failed to claim a co-equal role in the marriage for other historical reasons that were clearly represented in the complex CharacterMap. Biofeedback testing found a flower related to her critical Interpersonal Character quality of "Power" was related to the archetype of the King and of his Servants. If her husband was a demanding 'King' it was because she had been a willing 'Servant'. But this stymied and limited his spiritual path too. His challenge was to transform the willfulness of the King to a powerful willingness to serve others as the Jesus archetype did. This, in fact, was his successful role in the outer business world. But as is so often true, these roles are hardest in our family life.

Another flower found in the complex CharacterMap described a kind of 'psychic sponge' tendency, which shows up as being overly emotionally vulnerable with a tendency to environmental allergies. Another flower discussed a type of overwhelming fatigue as one fails to find a higher source to tap when the physical level can not meet the demand. Not surprisingly, fatigue and a persistent nasal and bronchial allergy were the presenting physical symptoms. During the treatment her voice and attitude shifted from a tentative needy overwhelmed child to a strong woman as her fatigue lifted and her allergies stopped.

The Energy Medicine discussion examines the energetic fields that make us up and extend beyond the physical boundary of our skin. EthericMaps® examine the emotional/thought equivalents held in the fields that surround our bodies. Interestingly, this seems to be the only map that can contain toxic energetic patterns acquired from other people we have had contact with. Although this is a rather odd, even superstitious notion, if any field is going to be influenced by outside forces this one seems to be the best candidate. It is not clear why a temporary distortion would become "adhered" and attain continuity over time, given the field shape and quality must be generated internally. Just a vulnerability of the system? Perhaps. It reminds me of the esoteric notion that we are vulnerable to that which "resonates" within us, even if it is the shadow self and not our conscious self.

The ChakraMap® is an analysis of the current state pf balance in each of the seven core Chakras. We also look for emotional and thought adhesions to a Chakra. Sometimes a configuration of paired Chakra dyscompensation patterns are found. In this case one of the three lower Chakras is tag-teamed with an upper Chakra for a more complex pattern. This is always complicated by stuck emotional/ thought patterns in both Chakra's.

Finally, the ability of the whole Chakra system to flow energy downwards so it can be grounded and embodied, is evaluated. Then the reverse case of enlightenment, the ability to move energy upwards to a larger web of connectedness is analyzed. Then the ability of the Heart Chakra to create an Integration of these up and down flows through an active Compassionate Heart.

If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.