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Geometries of Health & DiseasePage Table of Contents

1) Disease: A "Non-optimum Solution Space": Or How Being Sick is Less Intelligent, Less Complex

2) An Example of How Disease is a Stupid Place We All Can Get Stuck In

3) Leap of Faith Down to a Healing Place: Getting Grounded Before Worrying about Getting Enlightened

4) Fear, Panic, Fright: Many Levels of Reality

5) Mind Metaphors: Holograms & Networks & Standing Waves
Complex Correspondences of Mind, Emotion, Body, Spirit & Environment


Disease: A "Non-optimum Solution Space": Or How Being Sick is Less Intelligent, Less Complex

The unstable homeostasis of the dis-ease state lacks the fullness of flexibility, power, stamina, creativity and endurance of the optimum state. Mathematicians might call dis-ease a "non-optimum solution space". A marble caught in a bowl high on a shelf is not at its lowest potential gravitational energy--but from the point of view of the marble, small explorations would not discover that fact. Only a big leap into the unknown might demonstrate how far it is from it's resting state.

For a marble trying to find the lowest potential gravitational energy, being caught high above the floor is a "non-optimum solution space". To get down to the floor it has to acquire enough upwards energy to escape the sides of the bowl. This makes finding a better solution difficult. It takes a leap of faith or at least a leap over the sides of the bowl, requiring extra kinetic energy, for the trapped marble to crest the lip of the bowl and free fall to find a lower ground state. The marble might just bounce down into another non-optimal bowl on a lower shelf, or might make it all all the way down to the floor.

If a person is the marble, then only by leaving the comfort zone over the lip of the bowl of illusion, only by encountering some painful change and letting go of some sacred cows, will he or she find if a better resting state, a state closer to clarity and serenity is possible.

The BioImaging® method identifies how far from groundedness, the Zen, the zone, each system has to go. BioImaging® identifies the obstacles that hold you back from growing, the soul shrinking choices to reconsider and to let go of, but does not prescribe the path of growth you might choose to take. If you say you are interested in growth, if you chose to walk your talk, than come discover how far and where you need to grow. Find where you need to leap out of your comfort zone that is really not comfortable or at ease at all. It is only after you leap and hit bottom that you know where you are and how fast you were going nowhere. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


An Example of How Disease is a Stupid Place We All Can Get Stuck In

Let's imagine somebody did something that led to circumstances that led to our feeling both ashamed and angry. Let's further imagine that we obsessively run through the related events of the past and fantasize doing something to get even in the future. In this case we are in a state of consciousness like the marble in a bowl on a high shelf. When we are caught in a non-optimal state with extra excited stressed energy held in a potential form, that requires extra energy upwards to make a leap of faith, hopefully, towards greater serenity and groundedness. We have several options to get out of the bowl trap keeping us from our ground state of clear serenity. We have to simultaneously be able to let go of our anger and shame in an act of forgiveness.

Or we can continue to twist in the wind rolling constrained by the sloping sides of our bowl on a shelf. We can deny or bury these feelings and try to shake up our lives in the hope that a change of location or new mate will make a difference. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Leap of Faith Down to a Healing Place: Getting Grounded Before Worrying about Getting Enlightened

The most effective option is to generate the state of consciousness that jump us out and towards our goal to get on the ground floor of a new way of being. This requires us to be able to step outside the consuming state of being we have been stuck in. This might be propelled by humor or coming face to face with the future stuck within our destructive emotions.

if we stay stuck on a shelf rattling around in a cage of our own devising and illusions, If we do not find a healing path, the body, then our mind and spirit becomes less optimal, less "intelligent". We then behave in either a more predictable rigid brittle and "solid" way or a more chaotic and "gaseous" way. Without healing we lose the easy fluidity and flexibility of our ideal "liquid" optimum way of being. The liquid capacity to self-organize and grow responsibly is our birthright. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Fear, Panic, Fright: Many Levels of Reality

Fear, from the lens of the nervous system, is a neuronal discharge in the limbic system. This chemistry is parallel to but different from the actual experience of fear. Reality is different yet parallel to the endocrinal and neuromuscular reactions to fear. The specifics of Fear are different in each of us. Yet a metaphorical core is shared by each system. Most of us, if we aren't a sociopath, have similar pathways and we can recognize in each other when we are afraid. For most of us fear is a narrow dark tight heavy sinking energy. On the other hand, panic and fright are quite different--though the word "fear" may be used. A few of us have very different pathways, different chemicals, different thoughts, different reactions when in fear. Some don't feel fear or don't recognize it in others. These people are worth studying as well. Our love bird, raised safe in a cage or with other small birds and no predators, seems to have no fear at all. This has almost made him lunch several time as he fearlessly flew down on the floor to confront our two cats fussing and strutting like an avenging Napoleon. Fear has survival value, at least until the choice for action has been made, then it becomes an impediment. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Mind Metaphors: Holograms & Networks & Standing Waves

Karl Pribram, a famous neurologist, found that the brain/body in many respects works like a hologram. A holographic brain distributes the information about a movement or the memory of an experience throughout much of the brain in a way that is very efficient, space saving, mathematically complex and creative.

The mathematics of networks, hubs and links, is another model that mathematically explains a great many phenomena from cells to the nervous system. Together each system in the body is a network which, whether in in health or disease, has a consistent holographic metaphorical quality. The pattern is repeated and spread like ripples through different systems using complex encoding languages, like Fourier transforms, are used to compress, code and decode holographs.

If the same thoughts and feelings are perpetuated over time this can set up a resonant standing (semi-permanent) wave. These waves can spread from the mental fields to the physical fields, thus causing overt disease. These waves explain psycho-somatic and somato-psychic disease, the problem of the "mind-body' split.

Likewise, fMRI studies show that the issues we obsess over occupy ever larger and larger amounts of plastic brain real estate which in a viscous cycle leads to more and more obsessing and more and more brain real estate being dedicated to a pain or a perceived slight. We thus have a physiological feed-forward amplification of a molehill into a mountain. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Complex Correspondences of Mind, Emotion, Body, Spirit & Environment

This is not the oversimplified one-to-one correspondence found in typical neurology or even in pop psychology. For example, not everyone having knee problems = movement in life difficult = fear. Nor do shoulder problems always = weight of the world = worry. This kind of easy simple correlations sell popular pop psychology books. In some specialized anatomical areas such as the thalamus, one-to-one associations of brain regions to specific functions are even true. Especially in the older "first brain" regions of the brain related to autonomic functions.

Nonetheless these authors are pointing to insightful observations or philosophical/ medical/ psychological beliefs that have been embedded into our language at different times. Clichés are commonplace truths, but no less true for that. We "shoulder" responsibility. She has a "lot of gall". He is "phlegmatic". Sometimes these psycholinguistic insights have more than a grain of truth. Indeed, a slightly greater statistical likelihood may apply between certain correlations, but this is not the simplistic one-to-one correlation usually suggested .

Chinese medicine, too, has Systems of Correspondence (SC) that make tentative and likely links between many things in the microcosm and the macrocosm. The linkage is a common metaphorical quality. Emotions and organs for example. The Liver is said to be linked by the Metaphor of Wood or Wind to Frustration or Anger. And this is, perhaps, more frequently seen in hepatic conditions than other emotions. These broad brush linkages are guides to meditate on. Guides to find the common metaphorical quality that more often links them, as a network is linked, not as a Newtonian billiard ball collision causally determines the geometries of impact.Yet, exceptions are not hard to find.

For example, in migraines, a condition always associated with inflammation in the Liver or Gall Bladder, the common pathway for migraine is always Fear at the level of Spirit Map in the hepatic area. And yet the overcontrolling response of the Liver in migraines is consistent with the metaphorical Chinese Liver character, even if the classically associated emotions of anger or frustration are not driving the aggressive overcontrolling response to a perceived onslaught of change (In the TCM SC: Change --> Wind --> Wood--> Liver organ).

Chinese medicine has the subtlety of shading to see these as variations of probability not as hard and fast givens. Rather, the ripples spread through the different systems of the body, mind and spirit with a subtle metaphorical and symbolic consistency.

There is a metaphor of disease that is common to all who share it, just as all migrainuers share a Fear based belief system rooted in the hepatic system. The metaphor of disease is the new paradigm's closest approach to the ICD-9 coding of a person as a disease. The metaphorical quality of the real disease pattern is like the Platonic form of a disease pattern beyond the symptom and sign complex. But just as the Platonic form of a "Chair" accommodates a bewildering array of real-life chairs, from stuffed to rocking to straight-backed and formal. So, too, the common pathway of a disease form is also uniquely wrought by our own filters and holdings. Both the common formulaic and the individual uniqueness of a person's disease or stress are the material for our diagnostic analysis.

If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.