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Energetic Medicine Page Table of Contents

1) The Body as Energy, Information Stored in Holographic Compression, Interconnected via Networks: Electromagnetic, Subtle, & Scalar Fields

2) Specific Bioelectric Energetic Conditions Found for each Phase of Cellular Detoxification: from inflammation to Cancer

3) The Next Medical Paradigm, New Physiologies & Ultra Low Energy Biophysics & Challenges of Measurement: Sensitive Biological & Quantum Sensors

4) Electromagnetic Fields Interacting with DNA, RNA Causing Specific Genetic Expression

5) Electroacupuncture: Voll's EAV & Shimmel's VegaTest Depend on Acupuncture point's Higher Electrical Conductivity, Muscle Tests Depend on Your Sensitive Nervous System

6) Understanding the Strengths, Limits & Weaknesses of Kineseology: Beware Bias of the Muscle Tester


The Body as Energy, Information Stored in Holographic Compression, Interconnected via Networks: Electromagnetic, Subtle, & Scalar Fields

Modern physics supports the notion that we are energy. The matter in our body is in many kinds of motion, radiating many kinds of energy. It is not surprising that Life uses every kind of energy it can harness to do work. The work-play ranges from communication, sensing, playing with or defend itself from the environment around the life form. As a rule all work is directed towards reversing the march of entropy against the lifeform's organizational integrity.

Many parts of the electromagnetic spectrum as well as electrical currents, potentials and the scalar component of the electromagnetic field are all used as sensory and calculating systems to give Life a survival edge over the forces of entropy, chaos, accident and other hungry critters. BioImaging® taps the phone lines of this internal calculation to understand what the body-mind considers to be it's work and play. I think Life is Play and Play is Life. Play requires rules, imagination, resilience, and intelligence.

Our skin is not really the boundary between us and the world. Our "personal space" is in one sense a psychologically comfortable distance around us, but in another sense it is our energy fields around us. Some of these decrease in strength exponentially with distance. Some may not show the same pattern. Our fields, and others we swim in, are important to our feelings of well being. Theoretically, they extend outwards without limit. But immediately around our physical body is a field that seems to be not just an accidental radiation of our body beneath our skin, but is an energetic extension of us, in relationship with the environment and other energetic fields surrounding us.

Take a human out of the normal electromagnetic (EM) field of the earth and serious metabolic problems soon follow, as NASA has learned. Not only does the earth's field shield us from harmful ionizing radiation, its strength, direction, micropulses within a day and changes over a month are constantly being monitored unconsciously by life forms, including humans. Although cell phone manufacturers, power companies, and communications centers from commercial to military don't want to hear anything about it, many of these fields, termed electro-pollution, cause serious adrenal stress responses among other complex negative reactions.

Dr. Hans Selye was the pioneer in research into stress in the thirties. He defines stress as the non-specific response of the body to any extraordinary demands made upon it. Researchers of stress have made it clear that stress can disable or kill you. Electromagnetism, of certain frequencies and during certain time windows of extra biological vulnerability can be very stressful, causing the cascades of adrenalin, cortisol that are clearly associated causative factors underlying many diseases.

The Soviets, at the height of the cold war, beamed EM energy at our Moscow embassy and apparently gave several occupants of the ambassadorial office similar cancers. Another Soviet EM experiment using the earth itself as an EM resonator was targeted at Medford, Oregon and could be picked up easily using a radio receiver tuned to the correct frequency. Because the powers that be in the West did not their own experiments, communication and power arrays, and capitalist industry hindered by regulations on electro-pollution, the Soviets did not actually break any or our own laws as they give a succession of ambassadors to the USSR cancer. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Specific Bioelectric Energetic Conditions Found for each Phase of Cellular Detoxification: from inflammation to Cancer

The energetic status of individual cells, or of tissues, can be studied in the BioImaging® process. The graphic below shows how the health status can be tested and categorized. Knowing which tissue is in which category goes a long way towards diagnosis.

Not surprisingly polarity and voltage have strong associations with either health or disease. Foods, biochemical's and electromagnetic fields that alter the electromagnetic properties at cell membranes and nuclear membranes have the ability to radically change how the cell works, for better or for worse. For example, cancer cells, in the 6th Necrosis/Neoplasm phase in the graphic below, have a very sustained negative charge.



There are various ways to attempt to use energy to gain information about the body. THe simplest way is to pass a lot of powerful energy through the body and see how the energy is bounced or altered. Industrial medicine uses ultrasound, X-rays, and MRI's in this way. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


The Next Medical Paradigm, New Physiologies & Ultra Low Energy BIophysics & Challenges of Measurement: Sensitive Biological & Quantum Sensors

Energetic Medicine, which focuses on biologically moderated ultra-low energy biophysics, is different than imaging or destructive use of high energies in biomedicine. At the Rosetta Stone Institute we are undertaking scientific studies to bring this kind of biophysics into the mainstream. Although there are too many variations to come up with hard and fast rules, I think some basic tendencies apply:

  • We tend to use much lower levels of energy similar to the physiological amplitudes used by the body itself. We use it as a query to an intelligent system capable of response, a probe vs. as a bullet that we study as it ricochets around. Electrodermal testing uses more than physiological levels but not by orders of magnitude such as the industrial medical procedures. In future, as our understanding of the energetic physiology increases, these levels should be brought down to physiological levels.
  • We tend to be interested in what the body knows and try to use biofeedback systems to monitor the body's response. Given that we assume the body is an intelligent system usually best able to predict how to support the networks that it is comprised of, then finding out what the body thinks would be effective or tolerated, or not tolerated, is very important.
  • We are receiving far too little support from traditional academic, scientific and medical resources. THis is not uncommon in fields with no obvious benefiting Industry acting as a patron of science. This has crippled the research effort and contributed to inconsistent quality of research in this struggling field.

Some machines purport to directly measure the energy fields surrounding the body, verses an indirect measurement of a field by detecting a shift in an organism which has built-in ability to amplify weak signals. Perhaps some instruments can directly measure subtle fields generated by the body, but it is unclear, in principle, how they can work given apparent inadequate amplification and isolation of the signal to noise. Their simple unshielded antennas, especially considering the amount of electro-pollution"noise" that pulses everywhere except in specially shielded sites, is immediately suspect. Moreover, the lack of clarity about our basic energetic physiology.

There is one instrument that might be able to directly detect some fields, though not subtle energy fields. The Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID) is an amazingly sensitive and expensive gadget used to study magnetic fields passively. At this time field analysis of our nerve generated electromagnetic field can only be accomplished using an expensive SQUID device.

The SQUID uses supercooled magnets in buried and shielded rooms and is able to monitor the physiological levels of magnetic fields of the brain. There is no other non-biological system, no other machine sensitive enough to measure these tiny magnetic fields that we are aware of. And even the SQUID is not yet capable of separating a human's subtle and very weak component fields. Other subtle energy fields, such as the scalar component of an electromagnetic field is even harder to detect with known electromagnetic instrumentation.

This is why our research focuses on direct measurements of voltage, rather than the much weaker field. And this is why clinically I tend to prefer working with biological sensors with built-in amplification systems. Life is constructed of non-linear systems that are exquisitely sensitive and able to amplify very weak signals. It is also a lot cheaper. The downside of biological sensors vs. instrumentation is that it is seemingly less "objective".

And it is correct that muscle testing methods to access biological response is subject to multiple difficult to control variables. For example, this testing is subject to assumptions, both overt and covert. However, as Teller at Stanford University has shown experimentally, even "inert" physical processes, if you measure carefully enough, can be altered by mind and thought, just as the strong version of the Copenhagen compromise in quantum mechanicals suggested. Only when the mind is considered is the wave-particle paradox explainable (sort of). The more sensitive the system the easier it is to alter, thus the notion of an achievable "objectivity" may be an incorrect assumption of the old Newtonian paradigm. Yet we do want accuracy and repeatability.

Given that it is questionable whether devices available in the marketplace can detect the body's fields and separate out the signal from natural and man-made electro-pollution, it is hard to imagine they can determine the details of the biological field and then invert them or modify them, create cancellation fields or any of the other effects claimed by the inventors. Don't get us wrong, we think all these things might someday be done. We are not convinced they have done it. Given that the diagnostic assumption is suspect, we don't know yet what the medical effects, if any, would be. We would love to believe convinced otherwise because reliable instrumentation that can confirm alterations in the body's energetic systems would be of immense value. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Electromagnetic Fields Interacting with DNA, RNA Causing Specific Genetic Expression

The body responds to electromagnetic fields from the outside at very deep levels, including the level of genetic expression. In an unpublished communication with researchers at Temple University in Philadelphia have preliminary evidence that they can alter RNA sequences produced by spleen cells by varying the EM field. Thus it looks as if EM fields they can selectively turn on and off gene expression. We are waiting for this work to be published. This is very exciting and just a wee bit scary given our cavalier attitude to EM fields. Life is a very sensitive system, non-linearly responsive to certain frequency and amplitude windows at certain times and not others that are difficult to predict. Of concern is that the period surrounding cell division may be an "open window" time of high EM field sensitivity which raises the specter of mutation, cancer, etc. Unfortunately, the 60 cycle AC field is one of those windows and the biological reactions to it is Stress. We are sending out messages to the body and clueless as to what we are doing. Maybe some of the paranoid schizophrenics who believe they are receiving radio messages are not so crazy after all.


Electroacupuncture: Voll's EAV & Shimmel's VegaTest Depend on Acupuncture point's Higher Electrical Conductivity, Muscle Tests Depend on Your Sensitive Nervous System

Another class of instruments developed out of Germany's research into electroacupuncture. Acupuncture points are characterized by a higher electrical conductivity. Instruments that use this fairly robust and easy to measure property of acupuncture points have become common. A change in conductivity after a subtle intervention, indications of a biofeedback response, is more difficult to reproduce. It is a test akin to a lie detector. Some testers seem to be able to see just such a difference in conductivity when the patient is holding an effective remedy. Roy Martina, M.D., accomplished in both muscle testing and electrodermal testing has adapted an electrodermal system, based on Helmut Shimmel's VegaTest protocol, to a kinesiological, or muscle-testing, based transducer of the biofeedback message. Others, including those at Live Longer Live Stronger, have since adapted the original VegaTest system extensively to a new generation of energetic medical testing that goes considerably beyond the original technology.

Using biological systems, that's you and me, as sensors, we can amplify tiny energetic signals as messages and then respond intelligently to those signals. Rather than diagnostic machines, we are more drawn to starting out with simple biological detectors and simple neuromuscular reflexes that do seem to have the sensitivity required to analyze and interact with these subtle fields. Then, using a simple Yes/No digital language, in a single blinded testing system, we try to sample the body's more complex language and feed it back appropriately to double check and to heal. For example, we can capture the energetic state of an acupuncture point or a strong emotion and play it back to the body to see if there is a resonance with an equivalent internal state in real-time. This process has led us over time to develop a set of energetic questions to the point that we can download a huge amount of information that the body thinks is true. Usually the body knows best.

We like the muscle test as a transducer of an information bit, 0 or 1, yes or no. The muscle either has a normal strength or weaker "mushier" than normal quality. It is a way of communicating with the whole body through the lens of the neuromuscular system.

The answer to many medical tests are "emotionally charged". If you try to ask this question verbally it is hard to know how the tester's or the patient's feelings or thoughts will bias the answer. This liability can also be a strength. Language based kinesiology, although it is more subjective, can be very useful for testing beliefs and showing the person their own unconscious belief systems. We use this approach in some cases because we are interested in making evident the patient's beliefs, biases and anticipations. It can be very revealing if part of a larger therapeutic process.

Using a direct neuromuscular biofeedback to the energy or substance tested bypasses the conscious mind of the patient but leaves the possibility of the tester biasing the test. This can be minimized by making the response more blinded in the protocol but can't be eliminated. Avoiding anticipation or attachment to the results is the hidden and difficult aspect of muscle testing that can only be developed by time and growth.

A completely automated system, similar to GSR/lie detector testing has recently undergone some testing. It may be the first generation of completely objective testing using ourselves as bio-detectors. Stay tuned.

We have seen many thousands of remarkable, diagnostically rich and very specific findings that were later proved quite accurate. So much so that the chances of randomly coming up with the information in any of these many cases would be statistically remote. This tool is at the beginnings of its possibilities and already it can do a great deal. Nonetheless, we feel cautionary caveats need to be made explicit. Contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Understanding the Strengths, Limits & Weaknesses of Kineseology: Beware Bias of the Muscle Tester

We can attempt to understand the strengths, limits and weaknesses of kineseology. There are great potentials in using the muscle testing interface and also many traps. There are also many misconceptions. For example, a common misconception is that a normal indicator muscle becoming weak means the newly introduced variable, e.g. an herb or vitamin, is bad, and. conversely, a strong muscle is good. Weak does NOT mean "bad" and strong does not mean "good". If you are working with someone who has oversimplified muscle-testing in this way, we recommend you find someone with better training. THere is a way of achieving a "good/bad" question but it takes what are called "filters". In computer programming these are called "nested questions". A verbal question can also be a filter though it is subject to the significant biases mentioned above and also requires precise languaging. The mind at base, is very literal.

Unfortunately the muscle test method, which seems so easy, has become a point-of-sale technique for selling everything from magnets to homeopathics. We have seen very poor muscle-testing techniques in these situations. Anticipation is a huge confusing factor in muscle testing, and True Believers in a certain therapy tend to bias the test to the point of uselessness. So far, I have never had a sales person using these techniques incorrectly appreciate or accept the offer to teach them the correct method. It goes beyond simple overenthusiasm and ignorance. Bad muscle-testing technique is being used as a fraudulent marketing method. We have no toleration for this kind of fraud. It is a complex problem because it gets to the intention of the tester. Someone who is a True Believer in a product will always get the answer they anticipate getting.

If a muscle-tester doesn't regularly experience surprise, they are not achieving a non-attached, free of anticipation mind-set necessary for good muscle-testing. This non-attached mind-set is the most difficult awareness skill needed for the basic muscle test itself. With this mind-set muscle-testing can become a useful tool, such as a scalpel. But you would not want someone to do surgery on you, even if they can wield a scalpel well, without the medical background to use the tool appropriately.

Moreover, a number of pre-tests are essential to make sure the person and tester can neurologically give reliable test results-- even when the tester is not biased and can do proper tests. These pre-tests are never performed in sales situations.

For these reasons, and more, we consider kinesiology a type of tests semi-objective tools , like listening to the heart with a stethoscope, even when all the proper precautions are taken. Even though we know complete objectivity is an illusion, there are degrees of reliability and reproducibility. A good attitude is open and questioning with critical discrimination, skepticism without cynicism. We must keep in mind that the information may be correct, or not, and the interpretation may be correct, or not. Practitioners must have a grounding in a comprehensive traditional medicine with it's own signs and symptom patterns to further evaluate the information and interpretation the tool provides. A pattern of signs and symptoms that point to a conclusion is usually needed before the results of these energetic test are taken as more than a working hypothesis.

If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.