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Critical Chemicals PageTable of Contents

1) Biochemical Bottlenecks, Minerals, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Immune Enhancer's Right for You

2) Rethinking Simple Nutritional Deficiency

3) Rethinking Simple Biochemical Excess


Biochemical Bottlenecks, Minerals, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Immune Enhancer's Right for You

See also the discussion on Acupuncture Correction of Biochemical Problems

We test a neuromuscular response to a wide variety of nutrients and important hormones and neurotransmitters. We test with energetic filters to include all 27 (to date) body systems. We have divided our test into deficiency-which requires supplementation, and excess- which requires avoidance.

However, our interpretation of a positive (meaning there is an issue related to that chemical of some sort, good or bad) response by the body to a nutrient has evolved over time. Initially we only tried to differentiate deficiencies and excesses. What became apparent after testing many people was that the body was trying to communicate other categories of response that went beyond the thumbs up, thumbs down. The plot got thicker, and more interesting.

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Rethinking Simple Nutritional Deficiency

We were often finding the need for fairly high quantity of a nutrient, yet supplying that nutrient in a large minority of cases did not remove the supplement needed test response. We have come to learn it may not be an absolute deficiency of a particular chemical. But a functional network deficiency, not just of a specific nutrient, but of the network of relationships that spread out from a web work of nutrients.

Thus an individual nutrient deficiency can be related to the following circumstance:

  1. A long-term deficiency
    1. The treatment intervention is to supply the nutrient and make sure the maintenance dose is available in foods consumed
  2. A current high need because of a problem, i.e. an inflammation.
    1. The treatment intervention is to correct the problem and use a short-term synergistic group of nutrients to repair the damage and bring function back to optimum levels.
  3. A genetic uniqueness that requires a higher amount, perhaps for life, to overcome enzymes with less affinity for combining and catalyzing substrates
    1. The confirmation test, if available, is through salivary genetic testing
    2. The treatment intervention is to optimize the networks that are adversely impacted by a suite of supplements, herbs and a course of acupuncture biochemical pathway corrective treatments .
  4. A functional network deficiency: a network of sub-optimal functioning that the body attempts to compensate for by requesting larger doses of certain key hub nutrients
    1. In the case of a functional network deficiency we think that the specific biochemical or nutrient is acting as a challenge probe into one or more web-like networks of biochemical pathways it plays a part in. If any of these pathways is sluggish then the nutrient that is a critical component in that pathway will respond with a test showing deficiency or excess.
    2. If a strong deficiency, or high nutrient need is found, then it is because that amount is needed to therapeutically overcome the biochemical bottleneck, the weak link.
    3. If an excess is found it can because a build-up behind a sluggish pathway is increasing the concentrations of a given set of biochemicals.
    4. In this case the best approach is to correct the failed network link or biochemical bottleneck, which we do by herbal/acupuncture methods as opposed to only temporarily overcoming it by an orthomolecular (supplement based) approach alone. We have combined the supplement approach with an acupuncture system for a treatment called biochemical acucorrection.
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Rethinking Simple Biochemical Excess

In the category of Excess our previous interpretation was there is too much of the element. This can be confirmed with other testing methods. Yet the filter we using to test for excess is usually used as a test for "toleration/intoleration". We know from other examples, such as protein quantities needed at a given meal that the amount that is tolerated may be far below the effective or needed amounts. This doesn't mean protein is excess or bad at the lower amounts and suddenly good at a higher amount, rather it means that the person cannot digest or use protein properly.

So our thinking about supplement testing now parallels our understanding of food intolerances. A specific case made this clearer. A client had an iron intolerance. Was this an excess? Yet, paradoxically, it was also effective to supplement at higher amounts. An apparent deficiency. Was the test reflecting two biochemical pathways, one deficient and the other in excess? After I explained the contradictory facts that made interpretation difficult he told us that he has a genetic problem with transforming and using iron which creates an anemia. Once we understood this we used a treatment of a biochemical malfunction and reduced this problem's intensity.

What we came to make of this is that the intolerated test may probe yet another class of problems in biochemical networks, biochemical malfunction. In this case the probe related to the test biochemical predicts a local toxic effect related to supplying the biochemical. It is, in fact, locally excessive because the network incorrectly handles the input. In the example above, iron is not handled properly and this creates problems locally because poorly biotransformed iron can be damaging. But its global significance is related to the deficiency of correctly assimilated iron into hemoglobin, myoglobin, bile salts, etc.

So the intolerated test alone seems to indicate two possibilities that must be distinguished:

  • a simple excess of a biochemical or nutrient
  • a malfunction in a biochemical pathway where addition of the nutrient would increase local toxic load but may be needed in greater and correctly transformed versions globally

In the second case we have been using a very low dose supplement approach combined with the biochemical acucorrection acupuncture treatment to correct the toxic biochemical malfunction.

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