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Margaret Can Help you with your food questions and changing how you eat, no matter your location, through her Eating for Health and Pleasure Phone Consultations. Contact Margaret by phone at 541-535-4325 or email her.


How to Eat for Health and Pleasure

One cannot work well, one cannot sleep well, one cannot love well,

unless one has dined well. Virginia Wolfe

In today's fast paced world we often loose sight of the more important concepts of preserving our health and enjoying the pleasures of life. We eat on the run, grabbing whatever comes to hand, forgetting that we are feeding our futures when we feed our bodies. We've forgotten that eating is a primal pleasure that gives us a feeling of wellbeing and satiation. Without these feelings, we often feel as through something is wrong, something important is missing. Our bodies constantly send us messages of distress, anxiety, even panic, distracting us from the joys of life. Fatigue becomes our constant companion. The East West Healing Arts Center clinic, located in Oakland, California, and in Talent, Oregon (between Medford and Ashland) provides you with excellent natural medical care and nutrition counseling & coaching to help you reconnect to your joy of living.

When I design a food program that truly works for your body, teach you to shop for, prepare and eat those meals, much of my clients' dis-ease disappears. Symptoms that seem intractable begin to resolve, anxiety that seems to come from nowhere begins to fade, and cravings that seem disconnected to anything become an opportunity to understand your body's needs and provide what it's asking for.

This is my consulting approach ­ create a nurturing relationship with you to find out what will work for your body, then from my training and experience provide the knowledge and wisdom that will encourage you to make the choices that work in your life.

Services available by phone and email from anywhere in the world:

1) Dietary design ­ what foods will promote health and wellbeing for you; how to add these to your diet. What foods would your body prefer to avoid.

2) Meal design ­ how to build each healthy meal to promote blood sugar regulation, erase brain fog, and maintain healthy energy all day, then sleep well at night.

•  Interesting and exciting recipes that promote your health, including recipes that avoid wheat, gluten, sugar, dairy and other foods to which you may be sensitive.

•  Gentle, ongoing coaching to remind you of your health goals and how to achieve them. Help you find the sticking places and how to adapt both my recommendations and your shopping, cooking and eating habits to maximize your health and pleasure.

I enjoy working collaboratively with other practitioners, and have extensive experience translating the dietary recommendations of western medical doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors, nurse practitioners and midwives. I enjoy working with teens and young adults who are exploring what it means to maintain their own health by understanding and respecting their body's special needs.

Please call Margaret Shockley, N.C., at 541-535-4325 or email us.