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There are 7 systems related to Mind Mapping, a sub-special category of our BioImaging® technology. Energetic mapping of our States of Consciousness is still in a developmental stage. It is an important area to Map. We suspect spontaneous and accelerated healing, as well as rapid learning and "savant" capabilities, can be accessed through certain altered states. We know from research into those with multiple personalities and depression, that mental states, emotions, down to deep neurological, immunologist and physiological patterns, are organized by a given state of consciousness. The East West Healing Arts Center clinic, located in Oakland, California, and in Talent, Oregon (between Medford and Ashland) provides you with excellent accessments of your Mind-Body state and innovative treatments using a comprehensive suite of natural medical care and nutrition counseling & coaching. Contact us by phone to find out more at 541-535-4325 or email us.

A schizophrenic person with diabetes in one personality may not have diabetes but asthma in another personality. A very depressed person cannot access memories of joyous times and so finds it harder to find joy. They literally cannot recreate the "joy" pattern in the brain. This leads to an absence of "joy" neurotransmitters. What comes first, the depressed thoughts or the depressed chemistry?

By using effective drugs as "state of consciousness probes" we have been able to use the "Virtual Drug" method to effectively treat many psychological problems by substituting acupuncture, without side-effects, for drugs that have unacceptable adverse effects, in people with depression, OCD, ADD and multiple personalities.

Fortunately, other lines of research throw light on the "states" subject. Nonetheless, it awaits more development from both the perspective of mainstream science and from the perspective of energetic medicine. This consciousness state system seems to have a great deal to offer practitioners of medicine and education.

Altered states may have a relationship to both a new understanding of the Nervous system's second propagation and computational system and to acupuncture. It may play a crucial role in a variety of extraordinary healing events from spontaneous healing, regeneration, to accelerated trance healing of wounds received during "spirit possession" in rituals from Taiwan to the Santaria in the Caribbean. Clearly, Buddist, shamanic, yogic, and martial arts traditions have intuitively explored this realm and it's practitioners have shown unusual capacities. This argument is developed below. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.

One of our goals of the development of Electrophysiology Lab of the Rosetta Stone Institute is to further our scientific understanding of our consciousness while expanding and validating energetic medicine tests. Energetic medicine is still in a state of infancy in developing tools to assess and explore the role that our diverse states of Consciousness play.

Although it is traditional to think of consciousness states in terms of EEG related categories, alpha, beta, theta and delta, mostly coming out of sleep and dream research and study of meditators, the story is far more complex. For example, using the few energetic medicine tools we do have, we have found specific frequencies using energy medicine techniques that, using electrical stimulus on the forehead, put insomniacs to sleep in seconds. It is not clear how this electrical stimulation induces sleep. We know flicker rate frequencies can set off epileptic seizures or migraines. Others frequencies seem to be able to reverse these phenomenon.

These observation do not fit in well with the current trend in cognitive neuropsychology. This field, at this time, is very linearly focused and reductionistic, i.e, a one-to-one correspondence between brain region and function. This limited view does not model the capabilities of adepts in yogic mind traditions. It ignores the groundbreaking work of Karl Pribram the originator of the hologram, or better yet, the holomovement brain model. Further, this model of brain function seems to ignore the plasticity of many parts of the brain (some small critical regions do seem to be very function dedicated and irreplaceable). This is seen when different parts of the brain "dedicated" to vision are used by the blind for other senses. Or by chess masters who recruit huge so-called "specialized" and "dedicated" regions for the processing of the internal map of the chessboard. This phenomenon is like linking up a room full of PC's to increase available RAM and do parallel processing of complex problems.

The interesting observation of the rarities of the autistic savant and of savant capabilities that arise in a few people with degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimers all call for a much more inclusive model of the mind.

As noted, current trends in neurology ignore groundbreaking observations of the interdisciplinary work in the field of neurolinguistics, by neurologist Dr. Karl Pribram, who found many parts of the brain participate in large scale wave function processing similar to the Fourier transforms used to produce holographic photographs and represent power functions of frequency based information. Given that sensory, motor and cognitive information change over time, he called these patterns "holomovements". Thus, cognition and memory are highly distributed over large areas of the brain and encoded in a very complex way. This requires large coordinated regions of the brain to recreate the "re-membered" state, the more graphic the memory the greater the number of neurons, every time this skill or memory is accessed from a huge number of "members". The way we re-member, or re-organize the members in a similar way to the original event, is another way of describing a particular "state of consciousness". The whole brain model, or whole body as mind model seen in psychoneuroimmunolgy, is not the kind of linear activity most neurologist are currently examining.

Admittedly, this is a very difficult area to study. In the Jan. 22, 2003, edition of the journal Neuron Pulvermuller's group used fMRI scans and found that as adults silently read various action verbs the related motor areas that would be assessed if the person was actually performing that act-- light up. For example, when the word "lick" was read the pronounced blood flow in the sites of the motor cortex associated with tongue and mouth movement. The scientist conclude that these results challenge the theory that isolated, language-specific brain structures discern word meanings. Instead they propose, as Pribram did a generation ago, that word understanding hinges on activation of interconnected brain areas that pull together knowledge about that particular word and its associated actions and sensations.

The mind is a distributed function. The brain is a necessary but insufficient anatomical substrate for the emergence of mind. To understand something is a whole brain recreation of a state related to the history of sensing and doing. And not just the nervous system is involved in this recreation. In dreaming, although the body's muscles are disconnected, (incompletely in sleepwalking or in dogs as they tremble and twitch in the chase of that elusive cat) the rest of the brain and hormonal and immune system stages a dramatic replay with the same, or more pronounced, shifts in brain chemistry as when the event occurred.

It is this holographic sensory-motor whole body phenomenon that is rigidly assessed in replaying traumatic events. These events are associated with high hormonal and neurotransmitter signals in such a way as to make them crystalline "read-only" holotrauma patterns. We use a multi-faceted process of bringing in new neurological and body sensations, visualizations, motor movements, thoughts and energetics, literally new interferance patterns, into the holotrauma so that it's crystalline frozen nature is broken. Using specific technology we can make a CD-R a CD-RW. This allows the person more normal recreational access by separately resolving the overdone emotional and hormonal charge. What happened is still what happened. But what what they make it mean is now open for new and more empowering choices. That makes all the difference in the world.

The gap between our neuroscience and the reality may even be wider than this dispute between the linear-brain and non-linear-holographic camps would indicate. Its interesting to note that our nervous system is an amazing computational system. But it has been hard to understand how the system creates the sense of integrity and continuity over time. It turns out that what were once thought of as the "water boys" of "Team Brain", the astrocytes and glial cells, play a far more complex role that we are not even close to unraveling.

Glial cells and astrocytes outnumber neurons 10 to 1. They secrete growth factors that help determine which neural paths, which learning, will become a highway and which will be downgraded to a back alleyway. We know that habitual activation of a pathway leads to "bulking up" of the dendritic connections. We are what we focus on.

Glial cells are the brain's version of Schwann cells whose myelin sheaths wrap the neurons and allow messages to "leap" at high speed in some high priority nerves. Now things get interesting. Becker has found that these cells are important in conducting the DC currents that have roles in regeneration. When the DC current is altered across the brain, presumably by the Schwann cell's brothers the glia, profound alteration in consciousness levels occurs. A deep state of unconsciousness, identical to drug induced surgical anesthesia, can be easily created (why this has not replaced the much more dangerous chemical anesthesia is another story).

R.O. Becker has speculated, and other evidence exists, as well, that we really have 2 brains and 2 electrical methods of signal propagation. He suggests that there may be an older DC analogue brain within the newer digital neuron brain. This would expand the traditional notion of 3 evolutionary developmental ages of the brain.The traditional electrochemical propagation of nerve signals, a movement of ions across the membrane in a sequential way, is the well studied "digital brain". This is paralleled by a more ancient DC analogue brain. This only vaguely understood brain is closely tied to the determination of our shape, symmetry, and cell differentiation in utero, and thereafter in the ability to regenerate tissue after injury and with the electrical components of the acupuncture system.

Given that majority of scientist in field may not have recognized all the major players in the game, it is not surprising that our consciousness and states remains at best, murky.

Having said that, it is clear that basic awake sleep cycles are critical to health. Adequate sleep and strong melatonin levels are critical to prevent cancer and other diseases. Dreams play a reprocessing and organizational role important in cognitive acuity, math skills for example, in memory and for overall psychological well-being. The nighttime activation of the reticuloendothelial system is part of an orchestrated neurological, endocrinal, and immune action to drain out accumulated biotransformed toxins out of the body. That is why we normally feel refreshed in the morning. And why someone with chronic fatigue syndrome does not feel refreshed. This "clean up" function is not activated in the biorhythm disturbed brain.

If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.