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First Phase of Functional Stress

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The Compensation phase is taking you to the outside envelope of normal function, pushing the body to the edge of the functional buffer cushion. When you are in the Compensation phase you are demanding that organ reserves be thrown into the battle. You are dancing on the metabolic engine red-line. But you can do it. For a while. On occasion.

Guess what. Burn the candle on both ends too often and you can go over the edge into a functional problem. When the time of high demand is through then it is important to recharge the batteries. My guess is that you already knew that. But most of us ignore it anyway. After all, we are still feeling good.

Physiologically, the period of extra stress is coped with by additional adrenalin and cortisol, lower sex hormones and higher nutritional turnover. The toxic load is stable but at a higher level than in the Optimal phase. This means more cellular and possibly genetic damage can occur, though repair pathways are still keeping up and are not deferred for long. During these times maintaining healthy habits of sleep, meditation, exercise, rest and good food are especially important. Ironically, these are the times that these smart habits get dropped.

Of course, emergencies occur that demand that we postpone what would ordinarily be best for us. But realize that your performance will not be up to par if you don't recharge. Remaining on continuous "war footing" will eventually take its toll.


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