Cooking with Nutrition Classes


Margaret Shockley, N.C., teaching her fun and informative 8 Weeks to Eating for Health and Pleasure Class


Intuitive Eating

Learn the meaning of the intimate messages your body sends you every moment of every day. Cravings are no longer a rebellion of your body, they are understood as important signals that can guide us to what's missing in your diet and life. "Symptoms" become the fine-tuned language of body love. Learn to use those messages to listen to your body and build your health and well being. The East West Healing Arts Center holds classes at various venues in Southern Oregon's Rogue Valley, including at our Center located in Talent, Oregon (between Medford and Ashland). Margaret can provide you with excellent nutrition counseling & coaching in person or over the phone. Please call Margaret Shockley, N.C., at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Eating For Health & Pleasure

Where to start on the next step to wellness? Maybe it's learning how food effects our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing by chemically and energetically altering our bodies. Combining scientific knowledge with ancient wisdom, Margaret teaches the basics of nutrition -- protein, fats, carbohydrates and fiber -- what do they do, where do they come from, and how do I prepare them for maximum nutrition?

Sacred Hearth: Nourishing Body & Soul

Join us for fun and profound explorations of your relationship to food, life and transformation.

Please call Margaret Shockley, N.C., at 541-535-4325 or email us.