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A Simple Energy Medicine Model of How Phase State Changes (Solid, Fluid, Gas) in Complex Networks Metaphorically Describes States of Mental Health: from OCD, Autism, Schizophrenia, to Psychosis

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Below we use solid, fluid and gas, different states of matter as metaphors of health and disease. Each phase is best described by it's own, very different, way of thinking, it's own science and mathematics. Contact us by phone to find out more at 541-535-4325 or email us.

Chaos & Phases PageTable of Contents

1) Fluid Phase: Flexible Complexity

2) The Rise & Fall of Fluids: Death of Complexity by Fire or Ice

3) Solid Failure of a Complex Fluid System

4) Gaseous Failure of a Complex Fluid System

5) Solid & Gaseous Oscillation

6) Fluid Healing: Letting Go Letting it Flow vs. Resignation & Cynicism

7) Bose-Einstein Condensates & Spontaneous Healing: The Rare 4th Phase

8) Organizations that Work with Star Shaped Networks

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Fluid Living Complexly

Living systems have a kind of distributed intelligence that creates a special kind of Complexity. A massively linked parallel array of small PCs, each a hub connected to other hubs, each working on a part of a complex problem, is able to rival a supercomputer. Each bit of the system has a bit of simple, but intelligent, programming that allows it to make local choices. From the study of Cellular Automata, game theory, and fractals we can see how simple repeating rules can come together to create a complex pattern. I call this the Fluid phase. The mathematics of Chaos, Complexity, Networks, and Cellular Automata are the new kids on the scientific/ mathematical block that are best positioned to study complex dynamic systems. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


The Rise & Fall of Fluids: Death by Fire & Ice

On the other hand, poor rules, a lack of intelligent choices from the level of thought to genetic expression, can lead to two classes of failure of rich and intelligent networks. Fluid Complexity can change phase to at least two much less vital phases of network organization: Rigid Solid and Random Gas. Each has properties best described by a different science and mathematical approach that predated the study of complex systems. Finally, the reconnection, the healing, of both types of failures can occur in two ways: The evolutionary method is a competitive and co-operative game where the fit node gains links to become a hub along with other intelligent hubs. These hubs grow rich in links, and if they stay comparatively fit and innovative and useful the rich get richer. This is a gradual re-building of the Fluid Phase. This creates a series of interconnected spider webs.

There is another method, a rare successful revolution. In this case a node becomes hub and eats all other competition until it is the only one left. This creates a star shaped network. This is a winner-takes-all, the 4th state of matter, the Bose-Einstein Condensate. To contact us: phone 541-535-4325 or email us.


 Solid Failure of a Complex Fluid System

The first failure is of boring rigidity and predictability. A game that is rigid is no fun. It has no playfulness and not much intelligence. If we are captive players of such a game then it is unhealthy. We know a baby left without interesting interactions with humans will be scarred and crucial development stages may be missed. Factory jobs are inherently repetitive and not healthy for complex humans. Saturn attempted to build interest and emotional investment, an echo of the craftsman pride, in their innovations in car making. However, some employees opted for higher pay and less connection, the short-term fix seduction.

We are equally captive to an internal patterns that we cannot break out of. We have seen that when people make "soul-shrinking" decisions during crisis or trauma they tend to shrink the available options of their being. When enzyme systems are stressed and maxed out they are less flexible and less intelligently responsive. I call this kind of unhealthy circumstance in a network the "Solid" phase. It is representative of reductionistic thought. It is describable by Newtonian physics. Newton developed a 2 body (billiard ball) mechanics as a way to describe very simple systems. It is useful to understand the unhealthy human in the solid phase using Newtonian concepts. This is a special case of breakdown of the Fluid phase complexity of health. Contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.



 Gaseous Failure of a Complex Fluid System

The second failure is the failure of chaotic and pattern-less fission. I call this the "Random Gas" Phase. This is to be distinguished from the early stages of turbulent gas or Fluid which have a deep complex "non-linear" pattern. If Life can ride this knife edge of complexity then all can be well.

But a game that becomes not just somewhat chaotic or having "elements of chance" but completely random is no longer a game because there are no rules or patterns. Life only works in a "far from equilibrium" situation, in the same way that a miner can only become rich in mining if there are concentrated veins of minerals or you can only become rich selling energy if there is a concentrated localized energy source that you can exploit. As the game becomes random, as entropy wins, self-organizing life can't find a foothold.

The random gas phase is homogenized and at an equilibrium of energy, mass and information. It is certainly not much fun to be a captive of randomness for more than a short while. When a network becomes random there are no significant hubs to count on to make the 6 degrees of separation phenomena work. These networks have a special kind of vulnerability. As links are cut from hubs these systems become unstable and then, like a final straw breaking the camels back, suddenly collapse. The resulting isolated nodes are inadequate for intelligent response.

People who are constructing "random gaseous" networks are prone to a schizoid or hysterical "coming apart". They lack a core structure to rebuild the system around. They can only be reformed by laborious development of a new set of hubs, recreating the developmental stages of childhood. This kind of pattern is often seen in the dysfunctional family of alcoholics or addicts where the unpredictable and chaotic reaction kills off complex and rich relationships and the children are damaged random networks. Our biochemistry can also have wild fluctuations and randomness characteristic of a gas phase.

The mathematics of statistical behavior of gases is used for studying these kinds of systems. It is useful to approach the unhealthy human using statistical gas concepts only in the special case of this kind of chaotic breakdown of the Fluid like complexity of health.

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  Solid & Gaseous Oscillation

In the book The Forth Turning the authors, Neil Howe and Bill Strauss, argue that civilizations oscillate over a century of generational changes between the two extremes, a summer and winter, with two moderate midpoints, a spring and fall. Very different psychologies typify each generation according to this sine wave idea.

Perhaps these oscillations of four generations are also oscillations between the two most common dysfunctional phases. The question is why do these extremes act as attractors that go on to characterize an entire generation only in "civilizations". Subsistence economies and cultures didn't have this pendulum swing, as far as the anthropologist have been able to determine.

Over a century of four generations the oscillation moves full cycle from a more solid and rigid generation only to find in their grandchild's generation the pendulum swings to the more chaotic gaseous phase. Within an individual's lifetime you could argue we usually move from gaseous tendencies as a child to greater rigidity over time. Taking a smaller time scale we move from solid "consolidations" of each developmental stage only to push out of the envelope by entering a deconstructionist gaseous phase that will eventually itself consolidate. Contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Fluid Healing: Letting Go Letting it Flow vs. Resignation & Cynicism

To move the system in a random gas or rigid solid phase back to Fluid/boundary health is the same challenge faced by an ailing business that wants to recover market share or an underused web site that wants to become a big player. It must grow faster and slow the destructive breakdown of it's network. And it should grow in a robust way with several hubs that are well connected. In a similar way the mind needs to be flexible and strong. Our habits of eating should have many diverse layers of knowledge and fulfillment so the body's cells are bathed in chemical resources and the waste products are promptly removed. A complex approach to healing is necessitated by a breakdown of complexity in disease.

This does not have to take a long time. Just as Google went quickly from a garage based idea of an innovative super-fit search algorithm to actually capturing the greatest share of the network in search engines. However, several other big players still compete. Several strange attractors have their sphere of influence. This multiple big hub picture is the current ideal of networks, it has rapid connectivity yet is robust and resists damage.

Rebuilding a human network to it's healthy optimum because we are evolutionarily tailored to respond to what makes us fit. These approaches will have natural appeal. In opposition, the sapping power of resignation and cynicism to divert us should not be underestimated. It takes clear intent and commitment to build a network that Lives Long and Lives Strong. Especially when there are many networks that are invested in selling you things and ideas that are destructive to your network of health. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


 Bose-Einstein Condensate & Spontaneous Healing: The Rare 4th Phase

Spontaneous healing is the demonstrated capacity of a living system to access revolutionary resources that are beyond the normal evolutionary "Fluid" improvement. Often the belief of a person in his or her own cure is paralleled by amazing rapid physiological congruence with the belief of cure. This kind of network of healing is a star shape. A single powerful strange attractor hub dominates the network in the center with spokes linking the nodes around it. This goes beyond solidity to create virtual identity throughout all nodes. The Complete Cure belief, the star, links to a cascade of congruent actions in all other systems from the bioelectric to genetic and tissues.

This is seen in the rare cases of people who are told a drug will get rid of their cancer, and it does rapidly and completely. Except it is the belief itself that is the main mover in the cure. To dismiss this as a mere placebo ignores the power of this state of consciousness. The monolithic belief creates a monolithically regimented order moving the body to a host of actions that can remove a cancer.

The problem of the star shaped network is that if the central star is attacked, if the central belief in cure is broken, then the network collapses again completely. The Condensate phase is not stable or robust but it demonstrates what is possible with unity. This has actually happened in documented cases of spontaneous healing that ping pong the person from illness to health as absolute faith waxes and wanes.

Since few people believe in themselves absolutely then the belief, erroneously in many cases, is in the drug. Andrew Weil described a case of spontaneous healing of cancer where the cancer then later reoccurred rapidly when the patient lost belief in the drug. Then the cancer again disappeared when the belief was rekindled into a flame. When they read in the newspaper that the drug really was useless then they relapsed again and soon died.

Another example of the condensate state comes from an "Island" network example. In cases of multiple personality, a schizoid state, there is evidence that when the personality changes the physiology changes too. One personality may be a diabetic and another have arthritis. When in the arthritis state the diabetes disappears. These cases are clear-cut extreme examples of the importance of the Condensate state, our mind-body connection and the common denominators psychoneuroimmunology has found in chemical messengers and receptors that cross disciplinary lines as easily as if they were just made up human distinctions and not hard and fast reality that Industrial medicine has them be. It also emphasizes the fluid energetic nature of reality.

These examples tell us that our consciousness has the power to coordinate a massive system wide reorganization of our living network from the top down. However, if this reorganization is to be healthy one the star shaped fundamentalist network should be shifted as soon as possible into a multi-hubbed evolutionary network of Fluid complexity to avoid the pathological long-term over-simplicity of a single attractor, i.e. a pendulum eventually stops at the bottom as gravity wins.

Another way of describing this over-simplicity is that our internal conversation about what is "so" is subject to change without notice. We may love our spouse but when we get mad at them we do not love them. If marriage was dissolved the instant the experience of love got misplaced by one or the other partner then no marriage would last long. A couple with a healthy habit of working things out, living in a supportive community that calls the individuals on their "stuff", can better maintain and grow the inter-network of loving family. But marriage and health are bigger than a conscious conviction. They are held in a broad network of many strong hubs within us and in our environment that nurture growth. A single belief, no matter the power of the Condensate in the moment to effect rapid dramatic change, is not enough to sustain us over time to Live Longer and Live Stronger.

This is not to say that this strange quantum "condensate" state, equivalent to certain network behaviors, should be ignored. The ability to tap into the physiology and psychology of spontaneous healing should be pursued vigorously. To do this I feel research first needs to be directed to the bioelectric system, an ancient electrical communication system entwined with the conventional nervous system, utilizing the myelin sheath and glial brain cells and intracellular ion channels. This system is closely connected to states of consciousness and the ability to regenerate. The non-profit Research and Development Rosetta Stone Institute is conducting such research into Mapping the Energetic Physiology of Humans and I encourage you to support our efforts.

How conversion of a star shaped network to a multiple hub network can be made without collapsing the star prematurely is an open question. Microsoft's Windows is an example of a Condensate state in the computer world of operating systems. No one knows how a competitor can break the 86% hegemony that Windows has. People seem to behave in lockstep that a common operating system is the convenient and best way to go. It occurs as a fait accompli and only the computer nerds are exercised about it. The sheer complexity of the technological changes in our culture has most people appreciating a safe area, devoid of choices. An area where authority decrees that this is a given and we don't have to decide on something most of us have no reasonable chance of rationally doing.

Many of the cases of spontaneous healing seem to indicate that a person who is a believer in authority can better access this 4th Condensate phase. Certainly in matter Bose Einstein condensates are usually seen only in extremely cold conditions where everything is frozen solid. The authoritarian/fundamentalist would be a network that is or is at least trending towards the rigid Solid Phase. They may be better suited to accessing the Condensate phase. But if we later want to move the star network to a more robust multi-hub network then how can absolute unquestioning black and white conviction become nuanced into shades of gray? And vice versa? Faith is beyond reason. If we need faith and absolute belief to access this healing condensate phase then how is a liberal who sees several sides of an argument, which can lead to dithering in indecision, going to become unified into a simpler state? (Of course, liberals can also be fundamentalist and only willing to see one side as well. Scientist who are fundamentalist cease to be true open-minded skeptical scientist and instead become cynical technologists.) How can a liberal take a leap of faith? For them it would have to be a conscious surrender and act of flexibility simultaneously across most hubs. A tentative half-hearted "try" won't do. And after the spontaneous cure occurs how can a fundamentalist and literalist take on the flexibility to grow and respond intelligently to the new, a Fluid phase quality, without a "solid" need for authority to guide them?

In order to access the possibilities of spontaneous healing and savant capabilities a meta-organisation technology is needed. Obviously therapy, meditation and ritual indirectly address this need. Perhaps acting and clowning do too. The ability to shift state and change the organization of our body-mind on the dime would have immense application. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.



 Organizations that Work with Star Shaped Networks

Some organization models can be cited that seem to have expertise in making the transition of individual networks to the star shaped Condensate. The military "boot camp" may perform in this way. Communal suffering, peer pressure and an authoritarian structure seem to describe conditions for creating an integrated combat unit where individuals are routinely willing to self-sacrifice for the greater good as defined by the superiors in the organization. The various "boot camps" for kids with emotional or legal problems tries to adapt this approach to a non-combat situation, presumably with the goal of then transitioning kids from the star shaped single core to a more stable multi-hub personality. Finally cults and some extreme religious groups have developed techniques to create a Condensate. Ritual is an ancient means to alter state. In certain altered states a redefinition of normal rules and organization are more possible.

Cults are hard for most multi-hubbed personalities to understand because their recruiting appeal is selectively geared to the random Gaseous or rigid Solids with little attempt to justify or disguise their intentions to the multi-hubbed personality, who generally find them repugnant. But study of these organizations can lend light to a transition of surrender that, at times, could serve the multi-hubbed personality. The case of spontaneous healing is an obvious example. But others occur too. Cult appeal to the Random Network personality is for the promise of an internal core, any core will do, unfortunately. For these lost souls whose arrested early development, or shattered core from trauma leave anchorless the appeal of someone or some authority to take charge is evident.

A similar appeal applies for a Gaseous personality. Though the fissure of links might make these people an even harder challenge to reorganize, or more precisely, to keep together. In the Solid personality authoritarian structure is internally in place already. Perhaps a different kind of appeal, a coup d'etat would be needed for these folks.

Institutional experience of how to work with these types of organization could probably give us insight on how these less complex organizational forms can be shifted into Condensates. But some of these organizations also have insight on shifting to a multi-hubbed personality. The military needs leaders, officers, the religious orders need priests and bishops. So ostensibly these groups have a built-in means to re-organize the star-shaped obedience into a well disciplined multi-hub array. In the cult, the need for succession and concern for institutional permanence is not as clear cut. Often a group of jealous disciples will surround the cult leader and protect turf with intense political maneuvering. Of course all authoritarian structures are vulnerable to destructive shielding of the hierarchy from feedback and access from the bottom.

If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.