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The Chakra system is an ancient psychoenergetic model from the Indian subcontinent. The observation by sensitives of 7 major vortices of energy along the midline has been beautifully captured by paintings of Alex Grey shown above right. The East West Healing Arts Center clinic, located in Oakland, California, and in Talent, Oregon (between Medford and Ashland) provides you with an excellent map of your particular Chakra psychoenergetic pattern, or ChakraMap®, as well as natural medical care and nutrition counseling & coaching. Contact us by phone to find out more at 541-535-4325 or email us.

The most insightful in-depth consideration of the meaning of Chakras in the psychological context is a highly recommended book Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith, also the author of the best basic primer on the Chakra system Wheels of Life. The West has tended to attribute our entire mental life to the brain. The Indians knew better, and modern research has shown that the brain, although critical, is not the whole story. The important psychological relevence of the Chakras emerges when you realize that our Mind is distributed throughout our neural net--not limited to the brain itself.The Chakra psychoenergetic system overlays and interacts with individual neurological plexus--which are like mini-brains clusters. Each has a developmental role to play which is discussed below.

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Individual Chakras

Chakras are energetic centers that are closely entwined with our psychology and neurology. The Chakras relate to developmental progress of a maturing infant-child and relate to excesses and deficiencies or warpings, emotions and thoughts adhered into the energetics, that give rise to Illusions that disable a person for life-- if not corrected. The idea of the "innocence of children", properly understood, is about avoiding the illusions of the developmental stages of maturity, rather than an avoidance of the developmental stages themselves.

Each Chakra has it's special developmental role in the following areas:

1st) Access to Survival skills including attracting money and objects

2nd) Access to Appropriate Emotions and Passions, including Possessive Love and Sexuality

3rd) Autonomy and Independence, the ability to leave the Nest, to chart own's own course


4th) True Compassionate Love- non-attached love, often misunderstood in the West as describing detachment or coldness


5th) Truth and Communication vs. Secrets and Lies, the power of the voice, singing, listening and words


6th) Vision and Strategy, an ability to project oneself clearly into the future, and finally


7th) Ability for Deep, Clear Understanding or a less filtered Direct Knowing of Self and World.




The Big Chakra Picture

The basic Chakra roles are just part of the story. These roles and energies, classically depicted as "lotus flowers" with different numbers of petals, weave together in complex ways.

Chakras are ideally clear and clean, without residual damage from traumatic poor programming, they are a deep part of our intelligence. When malprogrammed they create illusion appropriate to the pyschoenergetic role of the given Chakra. To attempt to ignore the illusion, without really dealing with it, is a simplistic reaction that sets up a mirror image, a second illusion--or shadow. The self-mutilation seen in many religious fanatics creates a hall of mirrors within the psyche. People who deny their shadow selves are simply more deeply lost in illusion. They are also dangerous. You may become blamed for their confusion and unwillingness to take responsibility for themselves.

Of course, developing maturity, without illusion, requires guidance and discipline (from the Latin disciplina: to teach) and nurturing the ability to be non-attached, but well aware, of many transient signals from the body. This is different, from denial. It is a difference that makes all the difference. It allows one to look deeper at what is behind the signal. Ignoring the vessel of spirit, the body, is a good way to warp spiritual development and to put greater energy and attention upon the problems one denies. It creates one's personal hell on earth.

The overall downward flow of 2nd and 6th Chakra energies should produce a grounded or embodied person with integrity, but if warped "flaky", ungrounded and rootless person. Some people mistakenly feel that to be grounded, to take care of the flesh, to protect, respect and learn from the signals from the body, is somehow "less spiritual". When these

The overall upward flow of the 5th and 3rd Chakras determine the capacity for Enlightenment with stability. The opposite case is someone who never looks beyond what is given, what they are told. They drift through life "asleep at the wheel".

The overall unifying flow of the 7th and 4th Chakras give Unity to and balance, the weaving between the stretching up and the rooting down, held by Compassion and Knowledge.

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Paired Chakra Dysfunction

The Paired ChakraMap is shown below. This is a particular subChakra Map describing when one of the lower of 3 Charkras on the bottom are closely paired in a dyscompensation with one of the top 4 Chakras. When this pattern exists as part of the larger picture of Chakra imbalance it usually plays an unusually significant role in the psychoenergetic disturbances of the individual. The key difference about a paired pattern is that, as a rule, the distorted Chakra program subsystem is also adhered to an emotional / thought pattern in each Chakra. This occasionally happens to a single Chakra, as well.

Total ChakraMap

The Paired ChakraMap shown above is a special subcategory of ChakraMaps. The Total ChakraMap (not shown) analyzes which of 7 Chakras has a disturbance. We find which Chakra is the ChakraFocus, the most important hub whose resolution alone can open a pathway for the other Chakras to be reprogrammed. This is ultimately, one of the lower 3 Chakras.

We look at any Emotions that may have adhered to a Chakra, and whether there is a traumatic age to the event that deranged the Chakra. We look to see if the Chakra is in deficiency, Yin, or Excess, Yang, state. The spiraled direction of Chakra pathology and the direction of healing of the Chakra's energy is important for a self-healing method. The movement of energy in the Chakra can be problematic in 3 dimensions. The clockwise or counterclockwise spirit, closing or opening spiral, and the anterior or posterior positioning of the Chakra.

I think of the Chakra like a shutter for an iris, it can get jammed open, or closed. The cliche is that you need to "open your Chakras". Actually, we find frequently the problem is that a Chakra's energy is jammed open, and always on. For example, we have had clients whose 2nd, feeling/sexual Charkra, was stuck open. They somehow "attracted" sexual liaisons, even if married and, theoretically, not interested. Rather than always open we are looking for appropriately open or closed as the situation requires.

A deficiency or excess can likewise distort the emphasis given to a particular Chakra program for coping with life. Each Chakra has influence over a particular key area of life. When dysfunctional it copes poorly. Often other Chakra's are leaned upon to fill the role. This has people engaging in sex using their 6th Vision Chakra and visualizing about an imaginary lover rather than being present. The possibilities for mischief and misdirection are endless.

We find the flower remedies for each Chakra (and the emotions in the Paired ChakraMap). These give a close approximation of the repetitive thought pattern.

The larger patterns of flow through the Chakras are also analyzed. We rate the energy flow from high to low, this represents Embodiment and the Integrity of the system, it's groundedness. If imbalanced, it relates to a problematic flow from 6th Vision Chakra to 2nd Feeling/Sex Chakra, or vice versa.

Many who are on an avowed spiritual path are most interested in the flow from the bottom up, the Enlightenment or Stability flow. However, this must be in balance with all 3 flows or the spiritual quest will prove weightless. I am reminded of the Zen aphorism,

Before Enlightenment

Chop Wood, Carry Water

After Enlightenment

Chop Wood, Carry Water

The Enlightenment pattern when imbalanced relates to the 3rd Autonomy to 5th Communication Chakra, or vice versa.

Finally, the Unity flow is related to the ability of the 4th Heart Chakra to bring a Compassionate tempering to the 1st Survival and 7th Knowingness Chakras. Imbalances relate to 4th to 1st+7th, or vice versa.

I also find 2 flowers that relate to the overall Chakra system as a whole. Often these flowers describe a central repeating pattern that is well-known to the individual, whereas some of the individual Chakra, Emotion or Flow Pattern remedies describe issues that take some reflection to see clearly.

Once any MindMap has been completed, once light is brought to the amorphous internal landscape, the next step is how to grapple with the issues that have been identified. The flowers are wonderful as they not only have a diagnostic role shedding light on the repetitive adhered thoughts but can be used therapeutically to help the person let go of the stuck pattern. We also use acupuncture, psychoneurological and energy psychology techniques to rapidly process any traumatic material. Knowledge of the spiral directions and flow blocks mean that hands-on techniques can help move the energy through the healing pathway.

Ultimately, the choice to step out of the pattern, once the shape of the prison it describes is known is up to the client. Sometimes the individual does not have the introspective habits, insight, or developed ego structure to see the journey through to the end. For these individuals we recommend a therapist who themselves have managed the journey of self-realization successfully.

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