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(Tui Na) Loren Berry Orthopedic Massage

The East West Healing Arts Center clinic, located in Oakland, California, and in Talent, Oregon (between Medford and Ashland) provides you with excellent natural medical care, including Berry orthopedic bodywork, Applied Kineseology, tui na, musculo-skeletal acupuncture and nutrition counseling & coaching. To explore if acupuncture is right for you contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.

BodyWork Page Table of Contents

1) Loren Berry Orthopedic Corrective Bodywork-Surgery Avoidance

2) Bodywork & Acupuncture Synergy: Marriage in Chinese Heaven

3) Unique Structural Correction of Soft Tissue Positioning

4) Loren Berry Range-of-Motion Structural Correction

5) Internal Bodywork: Visceral Repositioning: i.e., Heartburn & the Dropped Stomach, Gas, Bloating & the Ileocecal Valve...


Loren Berry Orthopedic Corrective Bodywork

Loren Berry was a gifted hands-on healer whose feats were legendary in California. He integrated both Swedish and Tibetan structural correction traditions with his own training as a engineer and long-time student of the subtle anatomical mechanics of the body to form a most powerful and rapid healing system.

Loren Berry was an virtual institution in California in the middle of the last century. He helped so many legislators in Sacramento with their aches and pains, he was instrumental in getting the Physical Therapy licensure approved. Hundreds of students, many of them medical doctors, came to seminars he grudgingly agreed to give.

He preferred spending his time building bridges or correcting bodies. Fortunately, a small group of dedicated protégés apprenticed with him over many years and systematized his diverse and powerful techniques. This group of talented practitioners still teaches a small hand-picked group of sponsored students a curriculum covering the many unique aspects of Berry's work. His influences are eclectic to say the least. Loren, who loved a good adventure, as a young man took a tramp steamer to the Orient. Upon arrival at the docks a group of Tibetan monks were waiting for him. They had foreseen his coming by whatever way they do that sort of thing. They immediately recognized him and escorted him to a monastery where he was trained in their techniques.

He was very clear that the body is the healer, the practitioner was just the facilitator.

We have incorporated this powerful method of soft tissue and bony member correction within our own powerful energetic medicine technology based on Chinese medicine and muscle testing to better access the body's wisdom. Together they form a deep yet rapid therapeutic intervention.

To discuss how our orthopedically oriented corrective work can help you contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Bodywork & Acupuncture Synergy

Few people are aware that Berry also studied acupuncture and would also use needles in some cases. I combine Berry bodywork with acupuncture correction of the neuromuscular acupuncture channels. This allows distal acupuncture methods to quickly reduce pain and inflammation and stabilize muscles before the local mechanical correction is made and to help corrections to hold. Sometimes an intervention on the emotional level gives the neuromuscular system a better release of adhered patterns.

Correction of the structure usually involves three distinct parts. First is finding a tension along muscles, tendons and fascia. This is from problematic molecular cross-connections that bind up smooth movement. They must be gently "de-adhered" . This also presses 'wrinkles' out of 'bunched' fascia sheets. This is useful in countless painful, swollen, stiff and weak conditions. A similar, though much more subtle, method can free bound up nerves, veins and arteries.

For example, a woman in her early forties eight years previously had a surgical procedure that used the 'bikini cut' entry. This had left her with a surface numbness the size of a softball around her right thigh and groin area. Using the nerve de-adhesion technique as modified by our own work, within 30 minutes the area became sensate and she could feel touch again for the first time in eight years!

In another case, a woman had had a mastectomy and the scar area had been burning and sharply painful for ten years. After one session, most of the neuralgia was gone and de-adhesion of the scar tissue to underlying tissue made the whole area more pliable. This also made breathing easier.

In another, similar case, after a lumpectomy during pregnancy, breastfeeding was very painful for this young mother. The mammary ducts were subject to frequent obstruction and mastitis. Two de-adhering sessions allowed her to nurse "pain free" for the first time. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Structural Correction of Soft Tissue Positioning

The second part of the method is a rapid correction of position of soft tissue elements. Think of a cable within a pulley. When you pull the cable it moves easily. Now imagine the cable has jumped out of the groove of the pulley. Try to pull the cable and it is stiff. Structural elements such as muscles, tendons and ligaments are like cables and fluid filled sacs called bursa and bony shelves and ridges act like pulleys. When, 'out of the grove', movement will be stiff and sometimes painful. Putting these "cable elements" back 'in the groove' involves some force and is often momentarily uncomfortable as these are usually inflamed. Afterwards, however, the area usually feels immediately better. Many injuries heal more slowly or 'get stuck' short of 100% recovery because the alignment of soft tissue is incorrect.

We saw a teenage baseball player recently who couldn't throw the ball without pain and lots of "crunchy" sounds in the shoulder. He had a dislocated shoulder and several rotator cuff muscles and tendons were pulled out of their normal relationship. After three visits his shoulder felt freer than it had in years. We gave him some pre-game exercises to improve the beginnings of a slouched posture that would leave him vulnerable to similar future injuries.

Another adult male had weak ankles that dated back to repeated basketball injures as a kid. He was very vulnerable to sprained ankles as an adult and had reluctantly stopped playing ball. The injuries from childhood had never healed and the soft tissue from the foot to the upper calf was still out of position. Correction finally allowed the old childhood injury to heal and he now has strong ankles and plays volleyball several times a week. Whenever he gets hurt he come in and we make sure the soft tissue heals quickly and properly. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Berry Range-of-Motion Structural Correction

The third part is most unique to the Berry method. The skeleton is held in place by soft tissue. To correct the bony elements you must correct the soft tissue that supports it. The Berry method uses a series of rapid end-of-range-of-motion stretches performed by the practitioner while the client remains relaxed. These movements "wrap" the soft tissue by a unique pre-tensioning technique and recreate a natural spiral tension found in moving bodies. This corrects the position of the soft tissue in such a way that the skeleton, including vertebrae, hips, shoulder joints, and ankle joints, are also corrected and tend to maintain that way afterwards.

This third part requires letting go and trusting. Letting go is one of the most under-used and useful acts of healing. But not everyone is willing to trust the inherent strength and resilience of their body, or willing to trust the time-tested technique and experienced practitioner. You must decide if you are willing to try this incredible rapid directed force method. Often the client feels an immediate relief from old tensions. The following days of greater grace and fluidity of motion may also bring some soreness as the body adjusts to the realignment of the structural integrity of the body.

In summary, the Berry method 1) removes adhesions that create irritation, tension, poor circulation, and reduce strength and flexibility. 2) Aligns the soft and hard tissues across joints in the body to make movements 'roller bearing' smooth and quick. And 3) corrects the alignment of bony members by correcting the alignment of soft tissue structures that hold them. The result is a reclamation of the strength, flexibility, relaxation, and fluid ease of movement we had as kids. We then recommend activities, stretching and exercise that will maintain the newfound freedom of movement.

Berry work also involves another method. This method involves gentle visceral repositioning and functional improvement of the movement of fluids through the body. The fluid movement technique seems to be a previously lost Tibetan massage of the Chinese systemic organ called the "Triple Burner". This is a complex of non-vesicular fluid exchange regions in the body. This method also involves a kind of re-plumbing via a visceral massage of the intestines, and the "body tubes", including the ureter and common bile duct, to encourage drainage of toxins from each organ. Please contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Visceral Repositioning: The Dropped Stomach, the Ileocecal Valve, etc., etc. etc.

Viscera too can be improperly positioned. This impedes function. Visceral correction can also have dramatic effects. For example, the Stomach frequently will shift out of it's proper place. This may contribute to hiatal hernia, heartburn and nausea, and also throat problems as the esophagus is pulled in the neck. Visceral correction can often correct these medical problems. Ileocecal problems often result in gas, bloating, abdominal pain and discomfort.

The other "solid organs" such as the Spleen and Liver have visceral techniques unique to each. The bladder and uterus and pelvic floor are often malpositioned after childbirth.

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