Food & Airborne Allergen/Toleration & Acupuncture Desensitization

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1)Food Allergy & Intolerance

2) Food Intolerance Testing: IgG, IgE & Tissue Toleration

3) Acupuncture Food Desensitization

4) Good Attitude = Success Treating Kids

5) Airborne Allergies


Food Allergy & Intolerance

"One man's meat is another man's poison". But it is also true that "yesterday's meat can become today's poison" if your immune system "thinks" that the meat is now no good for you. There are several ways that the immune system can come to this conclusion. Fortunately, we have an effective process that can eliminate the digestive problems that originally cause the food intolerances to begin with and then "re-educate" your immune system to get rid of your current reactions to foods.

Eating foods that cause your body to be toxic, or cause the bodies stress and immune system to react can cause a laundry list of symptoms. From itching, acne, red skin, tiredness, mental dullness, ADD, spacyness, abdominal problems, asthma, migraines, the list of conditions that food plays a contributing role in is very long. Hidden food allergies exacerbate airbourne allergies.

Some foods cause classical allergies. These dangerous reactions are mediated by Imunoglobulin E (IgE) allergic reactions. These can cause a lethal anaphylactic shock. Industrial Medicine considers this the only form of food allergy. However, other forms of sensitivity and reactions to tiny amounts of food are widespread. We call this larger potential range of problems Food "Intolerances" as opposed to simple "allergy". In the case of intolerances another class of imunoglubulin, IgG, can create an immune reaction in your gut and within your bloodstream to particular foods. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Food Intolerance Testing: IgG, IgE & Tissue Toleration

Our food testing panel panel looks at over 300 foods, additives, condiments, and spices for those you tolerate and those you do not.

It is a very accurate test, not perfect. It is more sensitive than the elimination diet approach-- and much quicker and much less trouble.

In our experience biofeedback testing is much better than scratch testing. Scratch testing uses a mechanism to test foods or airborne allergens that is suspect, looking for reactions when food or airbourne substances are directly exposed to our tissues or blood. After all, we don't normally inject food directly into our bloodstream. Although a "leaky gut syndrome" whereby large food particles slip between the "leaky" junctions between intestinal cells, does allow foods directly into the interior blood compartment of the body.

Serum IgG testing is a better test for foods but is not perfect either, both missing obvious problems and identifying false positives.

Our previous in-house biofeedback testing had rare false positives but did have false negatives, especially for marginally reactive foods.

In the winter of 2005 we developed and began using a new high sensitivity, specific organ food test, that has reduced the number of false negatives in our biofeedback food testing process. We feel this new high sensitivity food test is better than any other approaches in terms of accuracy, speed, convenience and cost.

After an accurate avoidance list the most important thing to have is nutritional coaching to implement the information successfully. Margaret Shockley, N.C. at East West Healing Arts Center has a great deal of experience counseling people during the avoidance period. Eventually, many of the foods that are real foods, as opposed to processed pseudo-food, can be reintroduced after acupuncture magnet desensitation.

The food testing process is quick, cheap, and accurate, but It is not perfect. One of the main missing's we know of are that Fruits that are a problem for people only when raw, but are OK when cooked, will not always show up on the energetic biofeedback testing that uses vials of preserved samples that test are thus "cooked". The processing a food receives changes a body's reactions to it in some cases. Fortunately, this problem can be circumvented. We can simply have you bring in a piece of raw organic fruit that you suspect may cause reactions in to test.

Many other fascinating food reaction patterns have emerged that we have learned point to other problems. A reaction to DIll Weed, Dill Seed and Tumeric for example, is usually clustered with sluggish liver detoxification status. Often the Food Toleration test gives indirect confirmation of the original screening tests or may indicate areas for further diagnostic testing by energetic or traditional laboratory means.

After you receive our list of foods to avoid we also ask that you look at ALL the foods that you CAN eat. Often our daily habitually consumed food are not well tolerated. But the glass is half full, not half empty. The cost of this visit includes a half hour consultation with our nutritional counselor, Margaret Shockley, N.C., to help you understand which complex foods contain intolerated foods within them and what good tasting substitutions to your habitual foods you can make.


Acupuncture Food Desensitization

This higher diagnostic sensitivity seen in our new food intolerance test has also led to the development of a more rigorous food allergy acupuncture (needleless method) desensitization process. This method is quite different from NEAT or other TAT, EFT, etc. acupressure based desensitization methods. We think our protocol is much more accurate in testing for problem foods as well as more effective, in most cases, in desensitizing you to the food. Although the aforementioned methods can work well, we have had a number of clients who have had these less specific protocols come to us still reacting to the food.

Our higher success rate is in part also due to the much more complete approach we take towards improving digestion, excretion, assimilation, regenerating intestinal walls, probiotics, and improving intra-gut communications. We are currently determining if this new acupuncture treatment, in this larger context of improving the gut itself, will even work for those with celiac-sprue reactions to gluten.

Nobodies body likes gluten very much. Unfortunately, Industrial Foods have increased the gluten content in wheat, and they put wheat in almost everything processed. This constant exposure to gluten is partly responsible for the higher levels of intolerance to wheat we find with each decade.

Gluten is not the only problem with wheat. Hybridized wheat's genome is much larger than the original wheat ancestor. Many of these genes code for problematic hyperallergenic proteins. Older traditional wheats such as spelt and Kamut, with a much smaller genome than modern hybridized wheat, are much less reactive in general.

Everybody shows poor tolerance to the isolated chemical gluten. However, in the context of a complete grain the offending chemical is part of a package that may offer positives to the body so that the net effect is tolerated. When we see all the gluten containing foods fail the toleration test we do a further test to check for the level of glutin sensitivity +, ++, or +++. Usually we find the person with ++ or +++ has celiac sprue. We are still evaluating to understand to what degree acupuncture desensitization can eliminate the reaction of someone with celiac disease to the glutin molecule. We know it can help a lot, but not whether the person will always continue a negative inflammatory reaction. We do see a higher rate of resensitization to gluten after desensitization in those with celiac disease. Our best guess is that it works sometimes. Unfortunately, their is no reliable immunological test for confirmation that immune activity has ceased.

We already know from people who were desensitized using the old acupuncture method that it was capable of preventing a dangerous IgE anaphylactic reaction. We found out that it was capable of preventing these reactions when our clients accidentally ate food they had always had violent reactions to in the past. In many cases, these were foods that had put them in the hospital when they unknowingly consumed it. Please note we did not recommend that they test if the food desensitization treatment worked! To do that safely we would have recommend emergency precautions be taken beforehand. The ability of acupuncture to specifically alter the immune system is a testament to the potential healing scope of the acupuncture system. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Good Attitude = Success Treating Kids

A positive "lets explore some new foods and see what tastes good" attitude is very helpful. Finding a food companion is great. Spouses that are supportive and helpful make a big difference. Cynical family reactions are toxic.

For parents it is essential that both parents adopt this "can-do, fun new adventure, no big deal" attitude. When we are treating your kids with asthma, airborne allergies, ADD, ADHD, autism, eczema, hives or digestive problems, etc., we get best results by cleaning up foods first. The hassle of changing food habits is of minor importance to the bigger long-term goal of eliminating or improving these life impacting diseases. As adult parents you have to look beyond the immediate gratification tendencies of children to the bigger outcomes that delayed gratification can produce. Adults can understand this, kids can't usually hold onto this idea for very long. Both parents committed to "lets just do this, this is not a big deal" are a huge factor in how well kids take on changes in eating habits.

And kids can surprise you. By the time our daughter was 3 years old our she had seen the relationship between eating sugar and feeling bad. This was clear to her because we did not eat white sugar at home but she occasionally encountered it outside or during celebrations and it could provoke an observable and uncomfortable effect. She chose, from that early to avoid sugar at 3 and now, at an athletic 14 years old, she still avoids it.

She doesn't feel at all deprived!

In fact, she knows her health and strength are enriched by skipping these anti-nutrients. She also has learned to cook many healthy delicious desserts which we all enjoy.

We have seen many infants with chronic ear infections eliminate all ear problems by avoiding food sensitivities. After the initial treatments with herbs to get rid of the current infection, we can usually predict which families will be success stories by the degree of easy positive commitment to dietary changes shown by the parents. This is harder for the parent to model if they themselves have unresolved issues around food, eating disorders and sugar craving themselves. In these cases we sometimes just move the whole family into a food program so that everyone can give mutual support. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.

Airborne Allergies

We have developed a course of treatments effective for desensitization to airborne allergens. Over a course of acupuncture or magnet treatments to re-educate your immune system we can greatly reduce or completely eliminate the allergic response.

One case several years ago first illustrated the usefullness of having actual samples of the allergens to inhale, in addition to the prepared samples we maintain in vials that allow us to identify the airborne allergens.

We were treating an elderly sedentary woman with an extensive list of health problems who had had a constant runny nose and bronchial congestion and cough unremittingly for 4 years. This occasionally evolved into bronchitis and sinusitis. She was noncompliant in avoiding allergenic foods or with taking herbs. In other words, I expected she was going to be a bit of a challenge.

I chose to use a general immune treatment that had worked fairly well for several difficult patients in the past. WIthin minutes after a magnet based needleless acupuncture treatment was complete her allergic reaction noticeably improved. She was just preparing to leave when her daughter arrived to pick her up. She came into the treatment room to help her mom wearing a coat that turned out to be full of dog hair and dust from their house. She tossed it down near where her mom was sitting and immediately her mom began once more to sniffle and cough.

We resumed the testing and treatment process. We used the sample of the allergens on the coat, that had provoked a recommencement of the allergic reaction, as an additional challenge. I used magnets on two acupoints points to quickly desensitize her to the inhalent challenge allergens. This woman has continued to be free of all allergies after this single lengthy intervention. We began to apply this challenge method to others in a step-by-step process.

If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us