Acupuncture Virtual Drugs & Vitamins for Biochemical Bottlenecks

At the East West Healing Arts Center we are pioneering an acupuncture method to change specific targeted aspects of the body's basic biochemical function. By treating the body's response to a supplement, drug, or naturally occurring biochemical such as a mineral, hormone or enzyme we can achieve many positive outcomes. The East West Healing Arts Center clinic, located in Oakland, California, and in Talent, Oregon (between Medford and Ashland) provides you with excellent natural medical care, including acupuncture and nutrition counseling & coaching. To explore if acupuncture is right for you contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.

Virtual Drug: Improving Biochemical Pathways Page Table of Contents

1) Acupuncture Creating the Effect of a "Virtual Drug"

2) Acupuncture Creating the Effect of Well Tolerated & Utilized "Virtual Vitamin" or "Virtual Hormone"

3) Improving Biochemical & Genetic Pathways

4) An Anomaly that May Challenge the Central Dogma of Biology & Expand Known Evolutionary Mechanisms


Acupuncture Creating the Effect of a "Virtual Drug"

The "Virtual Drug" is one of our newest ideas. Prior research using behavioral entrainment showed that the body can associate a psychological event with a physiological event. Pavlov's always rang a bell just before feeding his experimental dogs. His dogs would eventually salivate at just the sound of the bell alone. The dogs "associated" the bell with the food.

A similiar interesting experiment in behavioral entrainment showed that by slowly replacing the "active ingredient" in a capsule, the drug, over a couple of months, with an "inert placebo", the subjects would still show the effects of the drug--even with NO DRUG REMAINING in the capsule. This certainly makes the whole drug notion of "active ingredient" obsolete. It is the educational, or entrainment relationship of a chemical with the intelligent learning body that is the "active ingredient". Industrial medicine treats the person as a stationary target, in fact they are dynamic.

This drug entrainment result is probably a part of how the powerful placebo effect works. When a person fully believes a pill/intervention (in reality a "placebo") will have a given result, and they associate that result with swallowing a pill, the body makes sure that that result takes place.

The idea that the body can learn how to create drug-effect equivalent effects that mimic the physiological changes forced by the drug, is a very interesting concept. Why not facilitate the placebo learning effect with an energetic interventions that aids the body's learning curve? This accelerated learning of the body-mind goes beyond behavioralism to a kind of Energetic Cognitive acupsychology.

In our treatments we use magnets (N or S) and metal pellets (silver or gold) at specific acupuncture points that the body indicates through biofeedback testing as specifically related to achieving the desired "virtual drug" result. The person's body identifies the unique acupuncture points via biofeedback testing. These acupuncture points are the "energetic mirror" of that individual's learning response to a particular drug. This treatment seems to speed up the entrainment period. In some cases, it immediately eliminates the need for additional entrainment or the necessity for a weaning off period. Once the body has taken on the drug's function and shifted the association of that behavior to stimulation of points on the body, no more drug is needed from that point forward. We have seen this work in cases of ADD, menopausal hot flashes, adrenal fatigue, and blood sugar dysregulation. In other cases, a more gradual weaning off the drug is required--while the body learns through association and a truly active intervention, the acupuncture, to substitute it's own activity for the drug.

Virtual drugs are an area of active investigation. We are not yet coordinating with doctors to wean clients off drugs that are for life-threatening conditions or are known to have adverse side-effects upon cessation of use, such as some high blood pressure or psychotropic medications. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Acupuncture Creating the Effect of Well Tolerated & Utilized "Virtual Vitamin" or "Virtual Hormone"

No one is born with a acetaminophen deficiency. However, we can become imbalanced and in excess or deficiency of biomolecules that are critical for life. This area of interest is the "VIrtual Vitamin". This acupuncture treatment allows the nutritional or drug chemical to be fully, or better, tolerated, without discomfort at even higher dose. It also allows the chemical to achieve positive effects at much lower doses.

Some of us are marginal in their own internal production or reception of critical biomolecules called hormones, i.e. women have about 40% less serotonin than men. Which brings up another treatment related to biochemical correction called "Virtual Hormones". A great deal of ink is being spilt over the loss of DHEA or melatonin with aging, lower testosterone in men which age, and lower estrogen postmenopausally in women. But as the cancer promoting effects of HRT in women has became generally recognized, the attempt to supply mares estrogen to shore up a woman's estrogen deficiency has been shown to be simplistic and problematic. This result was not news to us. Our testing for years has shown HRT and birth control hormones adversely alter almost every woman's hormone balance. The body seems to do a better job of balancing our own hormones when given a little help from our Virtual Hormone treatment.

The balancing of critical biochemicals ranging from hormones, neurotransmitters, metabolic energy molecules to nutritional minerals, vitamins and amino acids seems to accomplish several beneficial health goals, and reduce or obviate the need for drugs.

For example, the B vitamins are often poorly tolerated, especially B2 riboflavin. For these people these important B vitamins can cause malaise or nausea. After treatment these symptoms typically cease immediately and the person can well tolerate several times more vitamins to bring their dosage up to therapeutic levels. We feel that after treatment the body metabolizes and works with these vitamins more effectively. Since these natural biochemicals are catalysts for thousands of important chemical reactions the potential for significant health benefits is clear.

We use both drugs, essential nutrients and naturally occurring critical body biochemical's as probes to identify weak links in important biochemical pathways. These pathways include hormones, energy production-metabolism related chemicals, immune system biochemical's and brain neurotransmitters. Biochemicals that are not being handled properly, either too slow or too fast or in an abnormal way, can create bottlenecks with dysfunctionality, or an excess on one side piling up and a deficiency on the other side. Treatment with the acupuncture points often resolve the issue and can up or down regulate enzyme pathways. Some evidence suggest that dysfunctional molecular pathways are improved which raises even more interesting possibilities discussed below. The intervention usually helps normalize the body's biochemistry and improve many symptoms, i.e., ADD, ADHD, depression, tics, PMS, infertility, frequent colds, etc. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Improving Biochemical & Genetic Pathways

In some cases a person has an enzyme that has been sluggish, or malfunctioning, since birth because their genes code for a less active, or incorrectly active, enzyme. So how can the acupuncture treatment improve the function of a critical pathway unless it alters gene expression? We don't yet know the mechanism for biochemical correction, but the specific targeted biochemistry, and related symptom, can improve.

Perhaps the improvement is due to non-genetic effects such as posttranslational (non-genetic) modification of these chemical or an improved delivery of co-factors and substrate so mass action can improve biotransformation throughput.

Or perhaps a general physiological improvement, such as improved blood circulation, improves many reactions non-specifically. This does not seem to be what we see clinically but it is easier to imagine than an alternative possibility: that somehow the treatment conveys information that allows the genetic code to correct itself. It turns out that some controversial research into "directed mutation" makes this a legitimate line of speculation.

The idea that acupuncture, which in part works through an electromagnetic physiology in the body can change gene expression is not unthinkable. We have extensive experimental evidence that energetic information, such as specific frequencies of electromagnetic fields, can induce specific genes to express themselves and produce their related enzyme. Glen Rein, while at the Heart-Math Institute, showed how the intention of trained meditators could uncoil DNA in a petrie dish into its active genetic translation mode. Can the even more precise energetic intervention of acupuncture points selectively uncoil and translate a particular gene?

Except for the Y chromosome you have 2 versions of each gene. 1 version on the chromosome mom contributed and 1 from dad's chromosome. You can have 2 good genes, 1 good 1 bad, or 2 bad. (Bad is an oversimplification. Non-optimal for the current environment would be closer to accurate in most cases. But sometimes they are really just bad and non-functional.) If 1 of these chromosomes has a good wild type gene and 1 a bad, this is called a heterozygous polymorphism. In this case the 1 good gene makes up for the bad gene unless the system has been overstressed. Perhaps acupuncture allows the better gene to be preferentially expressed?

But can a treatment improve the pathway if both copies are marginal or even dysfunctional bad genes? This is called a homozygous polymorphism. This problem seems much more difficult theoretically. The whole area needs research which is why we have created the If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


An Anomaly that may Challenge the Central Dogma of Biology & Expand Known Evolutionary Mechanisms

The following section is speculative, but fun, and who knows, it might even be true.

There is a very strange anomalous, yet repeatable, experiment that can be performed with e coli lac- bacteria that may show a rapid focused identification of, and self-directed mutation of, or self-engineering creation of, a critically needed gene de novo. This bit of creative genetic engineering was accomplished even though there was apparently no "good" gene to use as a template. It invokes the possibility of an intelligent cellular consciousness analyzing the challenge in the environment, simulating a solution, then implementing the gene that will create the protein that will solve the environmental problem. Is the computation involved in this simulation biochemically based or some kind of energetic "RAM" computation? Directing a successful attempt to improve genes in an individual response to critical demands of the environment implies significant computational power--a level of intelligence.

Let's look at the experiment in more detail. E coli bacteria, all without the gene for lactase enzyme, thus without the ability to "eat" lactose sugar, were put in a culture media where lactose was all they had to eat. This was not the usual case of natural selection where a few bacteria already contain a pre-existing gene for making a lactase enzyme and are selected for and increase in numbers, while all those without the necessary lactase gene die. Supposedly, none of the bacteria had lactase, or even enzymes close enough that they could break lactose apart so it could be digested. The sudden appearance of a new gene, that coded for an efficient lactase enzyme occurring in the same generation as the lethal intervention would be an unlikely, though highly fortuitous, mutation.

If the experimental screening eliminating pre-existing lactase or lactase capable enzymes and genes is correct, it seems that a de novo creation of a new gene occurred. It would seem likely that cells undertook a focused modification of an existing related gene, i.e. for sucrose, so that it could perform a new function, allowing the survival of that individual bacteria? But how would the cell know how to focus on a particular part of its genome ring? Are repair enzymes commandeered to double as new gene creators? Are prototype genes made then activated and the results of the enzymes somehow monitored? The possibility of this kind of biofeedback raises a host of research questions.

If the experiment is confirmed and alternative Darwinian counter-explanations are rigorously eliminated, then this implies biology has developed a biofeedback learning mechanism from the environment to the gene. This violates the usual one way understanding of the "Central Dogma" of biology. But then dedifferentiation of committed cell types was also considered heresy when Becker demonstrated it 30 years ago.

If such a mechanism exists, then those life forms with it, as individuals, not just as a species, have a powerful new mechanism for learning from the environment that we do not understand. We do know that single celled organisms are capable of gene specific "trading" of environment specific survival traits, even sharing currently helpful genes between entirely different "species". This is analogous to downloading applets on the web. Just as the brand of computer, the hardware, is irrelevant on the web, the concept of a fixed sexual "species" may really only apply to multicellular organisms. Is this alternative evolutionary mechanism limited only to e coli, to the entire protista kingdom? Beyond? If true, it has many implications, including the way we fight pathogenic organisms.

The existence of retro-viruses shows that half of the "one-way" only assumption made in the Central Dogma is wrong. Information can move from RNA-->DNA, which is chemically understandable. However, the remaining environment-->protein-->RNA steps, the RetroRibosome, has not been found, but then who is looking?

If you are familiar with Darwinian evolution and Lamarckian Evolution, this looks a lot more Lamarckian than Darwinian. This experiment may provide anomalous evidence for a "Lamarckian" mechanism of evolution considered "heresy" by the Darwinian crowd. Certainly massive evidence clearly confirms Darwin's evolution by natural selection of reproductive success. Natural selection is a mechanism of evolution--is it possible there is more than one evolutionary mechanism that nature has experimented with?

Could both mechanisms of evolution be true? Modern experiments leave no doubt that Darwinian reproductive selective success and isolation of sub-groups is the prime mover in evolution. But is there a mechanism as well for Lamarckian evolution on-the-spot? If so, this would be a nice skill to possess. Occam's razor, looking for the simplest explanation and throwing out the more complex, may be OK for physics but biology sometimes goes in for flamboyant redundant complex systems. Because it happens in bacteria doesn't mean it happens in humans, but remember that two different forms (at least) of symbiotic bacteria are the original source of our animal cells.

This kind of inherent intelligence in living systems is a consistent extension of well established systems of DNA repair systems. If we can use acupuncture to access and activate this kind of intelligent attempt at self-repair of genes then many things become possible.

We have some limited clinical evidence that suggests that the amazing possibility of self-directed gene splicing might be operating in this new acupuncture technique. We have seen a number of people who process folic acid slowly and require many thousands of micrograms of folic acid to use mass concentration to attempt to push a sluggish MTHFR enzyme to better efficiency by increasing the concentration of the substrates it must work on. Or if the enzyme is completely inactive you have to give a form of reduced folate that bypasses this gene and it's enzyme. Interestingly, in patients with the genetically poor versions of the gene and its sluggish enzyme the acupuncture treatment seems to improve ability to use regular folic acid and thus reduce the amount of methylated folic acid needed. Perhaps we are just improving other related pathways, not the genetically compromised ones, but it is interesting. We still ask these clients to supplement the special form of folate, but they seem to thrive with a much smaller dosage.

Genetic screening for this folic acid problem is not a bad idea. If not addressed it can significantly increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, colon and breast cancer and depression. A good research project would be to take those who are genetically homozygous for the slow MTHFR enzyme and to use the biochemical correction acupuncture treatment. Then follow related markers like homocysteine and even repeat the genetic testing to see if the gene profile has changed, which would be unexpected, to say the least. If the need for folic acid is reduced it may mean that the gene repair mechanism is being accessed and the gene improved. If so, this mean we have a built-in self-directed intelligent mutation and splicing program from environmental analysis to DNA polymerase and repairase to correct problem genes. If we can successfully correct a homozygous genetic polymorphism, with a MTHFR mutation in both genes, what is the healthy gene template for the repairase enzyme to use to construct a more efficient enzyme? What is the intelligent biofeedback mechanism that tracks whether the mutation works, and if not, to go back to the drawing table? These are very exciting questions in Knowledge Based Medicine that are unlikely to be even considered in Industrial medicine.

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