Cost of Services Page

Costs are based, in part, on Session Length and Complexity. Energetic Medicine Sessions Vary from 0.5-1.5 hours.

Medical Session Types and Examples


Initial Medical Evaluation (~1.5 hours)
Typical Test / Acupuncture/Bodywork (~0.75 hour)
Typical Extended Test Evaluations (~1.0 hour)
Food Quantity Template/ Acute Acupuncture (~0.5 hour)

Nutritional Services, Consulting and Classes


8 Weeks Class-- Eating For Health and Pleasure
4 Weeks Class--Live Longer Live Stronger With Great Food
Consulting Charges per hour
$20 / Class
$20 / Class
$75 / Hour

*Prices are current as of 6/2007 and are subject to change without notice.