Directions Page Rural Talent Clinic

Located Between Ashland and Medford

Directions and What to Do Once you are at the Clinic

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East-West Healing Arts Center
751 Holton Road
Talent, Oregon 97540

We are about equidistant from Medford and Ashland. The Talent, OR exit is just 21 miles north of the California border on I-5. From the 1-5 highway go to the Talent Exit #21 and turn Southwest, towards the town.

Go to the second traffic light which is old Pacific Highway #99 and turn left.

Go one block to the Rapp road signal light. You can only turn one way--to the right. Reset your travel odometer to "0".

On Rapp you will pass the second stop sign at the 1 mile reading. The street changes name to Wagner Creek Road. You will make a dog leg left. Go to the 2.5 mile reading and look for 3 street signs on the same pole all pointing to the road that goes off to the right only. One of them will say "Holton Road".

If you follow the main paved road it will become Holton Road. At the 3.1 mile reading look for 751 Holton Road on the left. You will see the front pond from the street.

You will then go down the driveway of the Grumpy Goose Farm. This farm is located in a gorgeous valley surrounded by the Siskiyou mountains. It has a small stream, and we have built several small ponds for our waterfowl and fish.

At night coyotes yip, the occasional mountain lion and bear prowl, but our trusty llamas Buckbeak and Juliet keeps our sheep and goats safe from predators. The farm is our expression of living lightly on planet earth and a model for creating healthy organic foods. It is also our way of giving our kids a great place to grow up connected to nature and to the concept of work, responsibility, fun and movement. All are part of Living Longer and Living Stronger. Your kids will enjoy visiting too if they come for appointments.

Park in the parking area in front of the house. Go towards the house and through the breezeway between the garage and clinic wing, which is closest to the parking area. In the back yard you will see the garden and a sitting area. You will also notice "The Net", a series of cargo nets strung through the trees. If you are bringing kids of appropriate age then this might be an irresistible climbing temptation for the monkey in all of us. If you are the driver and have to wait and you feel adventurous, then bring a book and climb up into the world's largest hammock.

You can enter the exterior door into a small waiting area and bathroom. Fill out forms and we will get started soon. If there is a wait I recommend you go out the back door and watch the geese and ducks on the ponds out back. But don't go through the gate into the pond area without an escort, the farm is not named "Grumpy Goose" for nothing. If you are a friend of geese then you can sing to them and they will serenade you at a volume that is truly astonishing.

Or go out into the sunshine of the front yard and listen to the rippling sounds of the stream in the groove of trees. (It is a working farm so just be careful where you step.)

The site was also chosen as the future home of the electrophysiology research department of the Rosetta Stone Institute®.

See the Research section of this web site to get a short preview of our exciting medical research we are undertaking at the Rosetta Stone Institute®.