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East-West Healing Arts Center
4165 Fruitvale Ave.
Oakland, California 94602

Phone/Fax 510-531-4325,

4165 Fruitvale Ave. in Oakland, California is between the 580 and 13 freeways which makes for easy access from Berkeley, San Francisco, and Livermore. It is just west of Oakland's Montclair District, near the Caldecott tunnel, so we are also convenient from Orinda and Walnut Creek.

Our California Satellite Clinic is located in a beautiful quiet residential area with a big sitting yard and orchard in an accessible part of Oakland, near the Morman Temple just off the Fruitvale Exit off Highway 580.

580 Method: Take 580 to the Fruitvale Exit and turn up the hills (East). Go through the light at MacArthur Blvd., when you reach the Tennis Courts on the left side, look for a road sign on the right indicating Fruitvale continues by jogging to the right one block then turning back to the left. (If you miss this jog you will continue up a steep hill on a street called Lyman.) Once you start going up the hill on Fruitvale you will be in a quiet residential area. Go past the stop sign at Tiffin and look for 4165 on the left side.

Highway 13 Method: Go South on highway 13 to the Lincoln Exit and take a right downhill on Lincoln. You will pass the Morman Temple on your left. Go till you reach the stop sign at Tiffin and take a right. [If you go to far and get all the way down to MacArthur Blvd. then take a right and go to Fruitvale Ave. and use the directions from the 580 method.] Once on Tiffin it will wind around a bit. Take a Right on Fruitvale Ave. and go up 1/2 block and look 4165 on the left side.

Once you are at the Clinic

Go down the steps to the front door but continue to your right side down the steps along the side of the house. At the back of the house look for the door to the clinic. Go inside to a small sitting space. After you fill out the forms such as a progress report, please knock on the inner door that opens to the clinic area to let us know you are ready. (Let us know if you need to use the bathroom which is in the clinic proper and I or one of my interns will let you in.)

If you have extra time go outside and enjoy a large deck, sit or shoot some baskets. Or go out into the sunshine of the yard and orchard area and listen to the rippling sounds of the small creek.