Neoplasm/Necrosis Phase 6

Sixth and Final Phase of Organic Pathology

Cell death, or even worst, cancer, is the dreaded finale in this unhealthy tragedy in 6 Acts. As this sequence of events that started at the Optimum Health phase shows, there were a lot of good opportunities to intervene and avoid this destination at the 6th Phase. This sequence can also be run backwards in the direction of health.

The good news that there is almost always a predictable and detectable sequence of events that predates the onset of cancer or necrosis. The Reckeweg theory provided a framework to develop a diagnostic technique that tracks the organ, tissue and Phase. Years of monitoring this data in people shows us that cancer seldom arrives out of the blue. The 6th Phase was preceded by the 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd,and 1st Phases. Cancer is not a random event like a cosmic rain of asteroids that suddenly hits us unawares and without recourse. Rather, it is an understandable and predictable destination of a course long mislaid. It can be avoided. The tissue correction work we do on clients is directed to exactly this end, to avoid the 6th Phase and move all pathologic tissues up to the band of Optimum Health.

I think of cancer cells as cells that got tired of living in lousy dangerous toxic Neighborhoods, with no running water, no trash pickup and crummy grocery stores. They got fed up with playing the gunslinger just to survive while simultaneously trying to be the dedicated community banker serving the needs of the whole body. Something had to give. So they either try to reboot their old embryological program and return to a stem cell state or they commit suicide, called "apoptosis" in cells. Most undergo apoptosis.

But if the cell tries to return to a stem cell state the high toxic load can distort the dedifferentiation process. Several factors contribute to the process going haywire: the lack of a strong electrical regeneration control signal, the presence of oddly behaving enzymes from mutated DNA, normally suppressed sections of DNA expressing weird proteins and RNA, and damaged oxidized cellular machinery from long deferred maintenance. These factors short out the regeneration process at a dangerous and indeterminate state. This half-baked state is in-between a healthy rebooted stem cell and an ancient bacterial cell unwilling to commit suicide for the greater good. As such, cancer is understandable and even predictable and avoidable. It is also very dangerous. A cancer cell: growing, selfish, dividing, bent on self-survival with no concern for its former community. The only option seems to be to kill them, right?

But what if cancer cells could be redeemed and normalized?

This is not just speculation but has been repeatedly observed in animal regeneration models and anecdotally in humans. It is based on a critical line of research that is not in step with the War on Cancer mentality at the NCI. It is not yet, unfortunately, available. Despite its promise the idea that cancer cells can normalize seems unthinkable. The resources needed to explore cancer cell normalization, are not forthcoming from mainstream Industrial medicine controlled sources.

The Rosetta Stone Institute [], founded by Michael Gandy, L.Ac., plans research on this hopeful cancer cell normalization approach as part of it's Regeneration goals. They need your financial help to do this. Please visit our website for more information and to find out how you can help make this dream a reality.

Normalization is a radically different approach to Industrial medicine's slash and burn strategy to kill the cancer cells faster than it kills normal cells. Yet the "return to a stem cell" program the cell was trying to carry out is deeper than the cancerous defective mutated gene program it launched instead. Cancer cells, despite the mainstream industrial medical opinion, still seem to possess embedded intelligence which makes it possible to communicate and reason with them. Instead of toxic chemotherapy it should be possible, with the right message, to induce the cancer cell to properly dedifferentiate back to a benign, helpful adult stem cell. If the message we give it is to " dedifferentiate and become an adult stem cell", and we support that transformation out of the cancer program and back to the Regeneration program, while we detoxify the environment, then we might be able to normalize cancer cells.

Another line of in vitro energy research, performed by Dr. Glen Rein, supports this cancer normalization approach. When healers working with cancer line cell cultures visualized and intended the cancer cells to "return to a state of universal harmony", the cancer division rate slowed twice as much as with the intention to "destroy" the cancer cells, though both approaches slowed the cancer significantly over controls.


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