Degeneration/Dysplasia Phase 5

Fifth Phase of Organic Pathology

By the time the 5th Phase rolls around I imagine the cells are wondering why they hang around such a messy no good neighborhood where everything is falling apart. The long-suffering specialized cells may be wondering why they put their own needs second to the whole body if the body is failing it's agreement to provide general services: food supply, trash pickup, and defense. A kind of individualized vigilantism emerges as the differentiated and specialized body cells resurrect the ancient martial arts skills of its bacterial past. Genes, normally dormant in the multicellular organism, wake up. The cell changes shape and relationships with its neighbors. It is as if a pudgy workaholic banker pulls on cowboy boots and straps on a six shooter and goes out to the OK corral because nobody else will. Unfortunately, the banking and the day to day activities the cell used to contributes to the greater whole, is lost.

By now you can already guess the toxic load has accumulating even farther. The cellular utility services provided by the Body Corporate are getting worse and the cells are complaining.

The only good thing about this phase is that its not the next phase.


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