Deposition Phase 3

Third Phase of Organic Pathology

This is a watershed phase. Here the body shifts from a fast yang "proactive" counter-attack to a slow yin type " delaying action". The goal of a decisive outright win is abandoned and is replaced by a goal of yin preservation the body's structure and priority systems. The genes that are expressed at this phase are not the genes of the "best solution", of longevity. Cells are activating a complex and difficult group of genes so as to continue to try to perform their specialized jobs while also being active in the militia in a long drawn out war.

The up side of this phase is that tissues sometimes stay in this phase for years and so delay a worsening of condition. However, some tissues during the Deposition phase can become plenty troublesome. The most common problem of a deposit being laid down is that it will block or press on something important. After a toxic incident and inflammatory reaction coronary arteries can become congested in heart disease--atherosclerosis. Gallstones can back up fluids and cause pancreatitis. Kidney stones can block the urethra tubes and produce extremely painful events. Hypertrophy of the prostate can impinge on the bladder and alter urine flow. A benign tumor can press on brain tissue an alter behavior.

These Yin stages, or chronic conditions, require aggressive yet patient and persistent work to turn around.


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