Inflammation/Infection (Reaction) Phase 2

The second phase of organic pathology

The plot heat up. This is the body's blitzkrieg. This is a hot war. By heating the body some pathogens are impeded and the immune system fighting the outside toxin is accelerated.

For a short time the cellular supply of antioxidants can keep up with its own the arsenal of chemical warfare that it unleashes. But unless these antioxidants are quickly resupplied the hydrogen peroxide, superoxide radicals and other toxic bullets brought to bear will drive up toxicity in the local environment very rapidly. For this reason bowel tolerance to vitamin C can double or triple during this Phase as the body tries to minimize the damage it inadvertently does to itself to rid itself of the outside invader. The pain of the inflammatory event may produce enough gain to justify this slash and burn approach. If so, the body may move back up into one of the better functional states.

However, if the habits of the person were marginal then they return to the prior Dysfunctional state. If they had been in an Optimal state and this acute episode was a normal response to an acute challenge, then they can regain the Optimal state again with a little R & R and nutritional, phyto-nutrient, acupuncture, or healing food help. Those returning to the previous Excretion or Dysfunctional stage have an opportunity to learn an important lesson. They can choose to change lifestyles and pursue healing interventions and over time reenter the promised land of the band of Optimal health and the path of Living Longer and Living Stronger.

The Excretion or Inflammatory process can be stopped by drugs such as anti-inflammatory's, anti-tussives, or anti-febrile's. Andy sometimes, even without the drug suppression of the body's strategy, the inflammatory process just ineffectually fizzles out short of the goal of scouring the original toxin out of the body. In this case, the theory says the body may move into the next lower Deposition Phase or enter into a decidedly indecisive phase of chronic inflammation. This "in-between place" is useless and harmful. There is good sense in attempting to halt chronic inflammation, even with drugs. But natural interventions that don't "throw out the remodeling blueprint" are usually better as a first line support. Interventions ,like cortisone, can produce dramatic turnarounds. But often, the reprieve is temporary and the toxic side-effects as bad as the chronic inflammation. Although the breadth of biomedicine is awe-inspiring the culture of Industrial medicine often does not respect the basic truth: the doctor is just midwife to the healing the patient delivers.

The body continues inflammation because the biofeedback loop still indicates the job is incomplete. Other approaches using nutritional, energetic and herbal methods can actually help the body stop the Inflammatory Phase program in a more normal way and thus complete the detoxification mission.


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