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The East West Healing Arts Center, located in Oakland, CA, and in Talent, OR (between Medford and Ashland, OR) is the originator of MindMapping®, BioImaging® and innovators in theoretical and practical development of the next medical paradigm.The ability to filter and specify the body system to be analyzed into 27 categories is one of our foundational technological achievements. We provide excellent natural medical care and nutrition counseling & coaching. Contact us by phone to find out more at 541-535-4325 or email us.

27 Life Languages Page Table of Contents

1) BioImaging® Beyond Biomedicine & Alternative Medicine: A New Medical Paradigm that will Includ Our Energetic Physiology

2) 27 Known Energies or Languages of Our Energetic Physiology

3) 27 Information or Energy Fields?: Self-organization's Answer to Entropy & Disease

4) Organ System As Example of Self-Organization

5) Other Systems: Belief-Spirit, Emotions, Acupuncture, Chakra, Genetic, Enzymes, Endocrine, Neurotransmitters, Scalar, & Immune

6) Metaphors of Disease: Migraines as a Model

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Beyond Biomedicine & Alternative Medicine: A New Medical Paradigm that will Include Our Energetic Physiology

A new medical paradigm is slowly emerging that will give reliable access to extraordinary healing.

The new medical paradigm is a synthesis of new discoveries and extension of ancient insights. The synthesis of a new understanding of our energetic physiology by modern science will yield significant advances in clinical treatment. It will require an innovative interdisciplinary scientific effort to achieve.

Today two very different medical models are proposed as forming a "complementary" relationship. The first is biomedicine (or Industrial Medicine)--which has not incorporated the ultra-low-information biophysics of our energetic physiology into its world view-- and "alternative medicine" which acknowledges and exploits our energetic physiology for better healing, but has inadequate tools to describe its character in modern terms. Similarly, alternative medicine is centered around enhancing the self-healing response while biomedicine attempts to force the body to go in a given direction.

This philosophical conflict makes for "uneasy bedfellows". Instead of leading to a real debate about fundamentals it is playing out as a conventional economic battle of warring political and marketing forces. Typically, when two groups with very unequal political power attempt to form a coalition, the more powerful and politically skillful group will set the agenda while they adopt a few cosmetic changes and language from the minority partner to appease and co-op the less powerful group. This has been the predictable predatory and monopolistic response of Industrial medicine. They have too much money on the line and too little interest in the long-term health consequences to do anything else. The old turf war mentality will continue unless a new medical paradigm and technology outflanks the entrenched interests with benefits that outshine those provided by Industrial medicine. This is the role and goal of the Rosetta Stone Institute. These benefits would then need to be clearly demonstrated and well marketed.

Beyond this silly turf war, what is needed is a new synthetic paradigm and new measurement tools that bridge both approaches into a single world view and technology.

The situation in medicine is analogous to that in physics in the last century when the forces of the strong nuclear, weak nuclear, electrical and magnetic and all were seen as separate and independent forces. With the advent of the "standard model" these 3 have been brought under one interconvertable understanding. Perhaps another synthesis will include gravity, relativity and quantum physics into a simple elegant unification. Ironically, string theory, once the shunned and ignored contender for a new synthesis, has now become so dominant, even though it has shown no signs of being a vehicle for accomplishing real physics, no other more practical approaches to the consolidation of the mighty domains of gravity with the small quantum are being pursued. Once again, a monopoly on assumptions of truth stifles real creativity.

The analogy is not perfect. Instead of looking for a reductionistic formula that describes all fundamental forces we are looking for the shifting patterns that underlie complexity and chaos. Self-organizing systems form complex networks that have only recently began to yield their secrets. The systems of life have emergent properties and system behaviors that are not predictable based on reductionism and knowledge of the component parts. BioImaging® is our attempt to decode and work with our intelligent self-organizing systems to optimize healing.

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27 Known Energies or Languages of Our Energetic Physiology

The key systems we analyze in our BioImaging® medical technology are shown in the graphic at the top of the page.

Our current technology that is used to reveal problems in each of these systems is now several generations removed and expanded from its origins in European electroacupuncture research (i.e. EAV, VegaTest). Our system branched off from Shimmel's VegaTest approach as modified by Roy Martina, M.D. many years ago but owes much to their pioneering work. The information and energies involved in our energetic physiology are much broader than acupuncture alone as my current incarnation of the technology makes explicit. With access to additional human and technological resources this approach will offers much to our understanding of humans and healing.

This Language of Life (LOL) technology helps decode and unravel some of the mystery of life in health and disease. Similar though unique LOL is expressed by all mammals, perhaps by all life. The model of studying our energetic physiology by drawing upon modern insights from the domains of self-organizing systems, information, networks, and field theory can help us fuse the mind body dichotomy. It puts meat on the bone of the familiar phrase "Mind, Body, and Spirit". If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


27 Information or Energy Fields?: Self-organization's Answer to Entropy & Disease

From the three general components of "Mind, Body, and Spirit" we have discovered the body itself distinguishes at least 27 systems. There may well be others waiting to be described. These systems are also considered as "energetic information fields" that can be queried for present status. These fields are reflections of self-organizing systems which are characteristic of life (but not limited to life). These systems are the anti-entropic (negentropic) answer to the thermodynamic heat death of the non-living aspects of the physical universe. There is a dance between the reductionistic entropic thermodynamics of the non-self-organizing aspects of the universe and the inductionistic anti-entropic creation of complexity aspects of the the self-organizing universe.

The body's energetic information fields carry organizing information that body needs to respond to changes and to heal. These fields can be queried and if any imbalances in the fields are present they can be corrected by various means. This includes correction using "physical particles" such as drugs or herbs. But although food and drugs are "physical" their chemical reactions are actually information and formation exchange between geometrical electromagnetic energy patterns.

We also know the body's fields respond directly to the electromagnetic (EM). For the correction of the body's field to take place either a specific location on the body must be precisely targeted or a complex specific pattern must be applied generally to the body. The force's information is specified by a sequence of specific amplitudes and frequencies at specific times.

Although the body responds to particles and to the EM and also the scalar component of the EM field, we do not know what sort of field a field of complexity and intelligence might be. Are they immanent in the system design itself? Can the fields be generated via artificial means?

These fields alter other living systems but can they modify simple "non-living" physical systems? If so, how? If they can be generated independent of the original system, artificially, then how? Do the artificial material constructs acting as resonant waveguides have to be as microscopically complex as the original to generate such fields? Is this due to an irreducible level of complexity? Do you have to invent a new complex life form to mimic the fields of life? Can new complex cellular automata computer programs grow towards this goal? Can monitoring and modification of these fields can be accomplished via artificial means? If so, a computerized life field diagnostic and treatment technique is conceivable.

Humans have demonstrated the ability to monitoring and modifying another living being, but, unlike an artificial construct, they share the commonality of the same kind of fields by birthright. It is this system that is described in more detail below.

The life field systems range in complexity, materiality, and size from the Bioelectric, Chemical and Genetic to Cellular Organelle, Embryology/Tissue, Organ, Interorgan, Immune, Acupuncture, Non-Linear Scalar, Chakra, Emotion, Interpersonal, and Spirit/Belief levels.

The system is experimental and still evolving, but over time accurate protocols have been developed that allow us to assess the status within each field to various degrees of specificity. The completeness of the details vary between the different systems, from quite extensive to just skeletal. For example, the Organ and Spirit level system have been worked out in some detail and the Genetic system much less so, though a basic internally consistent interpretation can be made of the genetic information field that can be imaged on the body's acupoints. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Organ System As Example of Self-Organization

For example, a pattern of multiple Organ organic and functional pathology can be rapidly specified and localized for an individual. A person may concurrently have a cancer in the colon, abscess in the lungs, inflammation in the sinuses, and deposition in the coronary arteries. All of these would usually be reflected in an Organ analysis.

Moreover, once an Organ has been identified as problematic, the 27 fields within the organ can then be queried to build a complete picture. For example, what is the Organ level energetic terrain in Chinese Medical terms of "Damp, Heat, or Cold"? Or what Interorgan relationships exist between colon, lungs and sinus? What is the specific Chemical environment in terms of acidosis, mineral imbalances? What enzymatic problems or problems of Genetic expression? Which of 23 emotions are related to what type of thoughts and distorting which part of the body, etc?

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Other Systems: Belief-Spirit, Emotions, Acupuncture, Chakra, Genetic, Enzymes, Endocrine, Neurotransmitters, Scalar, & Immune

Similarly, problematic belief systems (Spirit level) can be accurately mapped and correspond to core repeating patterns that have replayed from the identifiable time of a key decision trauma. The Emotions, thoughts and Acupuncture or Chakra energetics involved can be precisely enumerated. A number of local therapists send clients in for this type of Mapping to save on time and to identify specific energetic therapeutic interventions.

We have the basic pathways to distinguish various genetic level problems from each other and can associate them with various diseases. At this time we cannot translate these energetic distinctions to specific chromosomes or specific genes although it seems simple enough to do so once "benchmark" samples of the chromatids are available. In the case of the Genetic system we do not yet have the decoding capacity, the "Rosetta Stone" to facilitate translation of the Acupuncture loci to the language of Western science chromosome number and position. Even so, we have discovered pathways for future development and decoding of the body's innate self-revealing wisdom even in systems which are currently understood only approximately. Therefore, a pathway for future discovery is blazed but awaiting resources for greater exploration.

The same situation is true in the Enzyme and Endocrine/ Neurotransmitter systems though we map them to the Scalar point system rather than to acupuncture points. The "benchmarks" of the many bioactive peptides that have been isolated that mediate intercellular and intracellular communication begins to fill in the missing pieces of the Scalar system RST decoding puzzles. When we have a benchmark we can use the Scalar point system to map an equivalent topographical energetic "address" for each chemical structure. I have already done so for some Immuoglobulin classes (IgA, IgE, IgG, IgM). With these "addresses" we can selectively alter the production of a given chemical. This has been helpful for treating allergies and it might be applicable to autoimmune disorders once more basic understanding of this intervention is understood.

Energetic diagnostics are about translating to different languages and decoding hidden messages in the body and possibly discovering new medical benefits from substances (with "natural" substances my preference). Although we use a digital binary diagnostic testing (Yes/No) and discrete point system for therapy an analogue energetic frequency seems to exist around the body and around substances. Although we don't yet understand many aspects of these fields, it is theoretically possible that an automated field analysis of the body and of substance could be used for computer mediated diagnosis and therapy. This means that the cost to the patient could be reduced, the number of people treated increased, and the number of substances analyzed vastly increased. This means that the energetic diagnostics could have an impact on the ecology and population.

The ability to distinguish genetic problems in terms of an acupuncture point "address" means that I can identify a therapeutic strategy. Most recently this was successful for a man with familial hypercholesterolemia. Similarly we have found characteristic addresses for migraines, the porphyries, dyscrasia, etc. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.


Metaphors of Disease: Migraines as a Model

How can this model improve our understanding of illness? Interestingly enough, we have found, in the few illnesses that we have seen in sufficient numbers to generalize, that many common denominators link a given disease in many different systems.

We can take migraines as an example. In Chinese Medicine we often use metaphorical language to describe a medical condition because of the richness of associations that can be imagined. (This is in direct contrast to a Western medical taxonomy, which serves other purposes.) We have tried to fashion a metaphor for migraines based on the insights gained by study in depth using the Rosetta Stone Technology of a cohort of people with migraines. Disease as a metaphor helps us see the interconnecting web of issues at many levels and can allow for interdisciplinary communication.

For migraine the metaphor "Tit for tat Micromanagement by Paradox: Then Earthquake" can be applied at the level of several systems. We find that migraine patients have a inflammatory condition of Liver or Gall bladder (usually subclinical and chronic). Migraines also have characteristic abnormal Bioelectric frequency patterns whose harmonics connect the Liver and midbrain. These and other Chemical level problems are best treated by certain nutrients and herbs. A Spirit level disturbance is also localized somewhere within the hepatic system. The trauma component of the Spirit disturbance is always centrally related to the Emotion of Fear (though four other aspects of the mapped pattern are unique to the individual). In response to this Organ and Spirit level trauma which occurred in circumstances that left them unable to fight, flee or hide they paradoxically attempt all these tactics at once which causes a "frozen" reactive Nervous system. It is "frozen" in that in the interictal phase the sympathetic and parasympathetic autonomic system both express power excess (excess Yang and excess Yin). This is like driving with both the accelerator and the brake pedals depressed.

In a normal stable system the sympathetic and parasympathetic autonomic system see-saws up and down, trading dominance during the day as illustrated by the ba gua symbol. For a person with migraines this pattern is instead a tit-for-tat cold war arms race. This pattern is unstable so the body attempts to micromanage change to stabilize the system which in turn reduces the capacity of the system to handle change events per unit of time. The hyper-control paradoxically leads to hypersensitivity to change, just as only in a quiet room can a pin dropping sound loud. This is seen from the sensory and social system levels down to the chemical and nervous, e.g. perhaps the addition of Phosphate groups to G Proteins that mediate 2nd neuronal messages.

Eventually the non-coordinated tit-for-tat pattern, like blocks stacked too high, must be down-regulated. This is the actual headache attack. The headache itself is resetting the pattern down to acceptable levels. So a drug which stops the pain merely masks much deeper problems. Which aspect of the autonomic system that cascades up or down will determine whether the attack follows the classic (with aura) or common migraine patterns. This multi-disciplinary understanding leads to a very different treatment strategy then simply suppressing the pain of the attack. Likewise neurotransmitter deficiencies such as serotonin reflect the larger problem and are not the "cause". The attack, like an earthquake, is needed to relieve the built up stress if the basic more problematic web-work pattern is not corrected.

Ideally, every common illness could be understood as a multi-system metaphor that would allow practitioners approaching the person from very different ways to have a common language to communicate with. Hence the term Rosetta Stone Technology to bring the babel of different students of healing to the table speaking the same language. Otherwise, like in the fable of the blind men feeling different parts of the elephant and claiming authority for what an elephant is, the psychologists and the medical doctor and the herbalist seeing one patient will all try to heal a different patient.

At best we have a rough working vocabulary for Rosetta Stone translation of disease. Dedicated people in the future will fill in the needed translated texts of a 21st century medical paradigm. If this subject is of interest to you and you wish to learn more, contact us by phone at 541-535-4325 or email us.