Excretion Phase 1

First Phase of Organic Pathology

This 6 step organization of cellular or organ-wide strategies to detoxify and heal is based on the work of the German dentist, medical doctor and homeopath H. H. Reckeweg. What follows is a typical succession of steps our body will coordinate.

At first our body will try radical steps to remove toxins. Later steps merely try to hold or minimize and slow the progression of toxicity and regression of vital energy. The Chinese model of six stages first discussed in the Shang Han Lun in the 2nd century before Christ is a similar formulation of the struggle between the toxic and chaotic or rigid and entropic forces and the forces of righteous qi, the correct and organized potential of the human.

The first Excretion phase is an activation of a dramatic cleanup measure. I liken it to cleaning the driveway by squirting water out of a hose and flushing it to the curb. Sweat, tears, urine, mucus and any other physiological fluid whose increased production might flush toxins out of the body can be strategically used to detoxify. Note that sweat and fever (the next phase) are typical biologically stereotyped and coordinated proactive efforts to rid the body of toxins in a dramatic way. They are seen in colds or flu's. They are seen in a stronger way in children whose lower toxic load allows for a stronger program of detoxification. Similarly, diarrhea or vomiting are therapeutic attempts to rid the body of toxins.

Note that the first 2 phases produce uncomfortable feelings. But suppressing these attempts to drain toxins can prolong or complicate the course of a disease. The cosmetic industry sells sweat inhibiting products to Americans by promoting a fear of loss of sexual attractiveness if one's body has an odor--ignoring the fact that some odors are known to have an aphrodisiac effect.


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